Donald Trump unhappy with Roger Stone prosecution: ‘It’s a disgrace’

Donald Trump unhappy with Roger Stone prosecution: ‘It’s a disgrace’

It was a disgraceful recommendation. – What do you think …
– They ought to be ashamed of themselves. What they’ve done to General Flynn,
what they’ve done to others. And then the really guilty ones,
people that have committed major crimes are getting away with it. I think it’s a disgrace. – … the department to change that? I’d be able to do it, if I wanted.
I have the absolute right to do it. I stay out of things to a degree that
people wouldn’t believe, but I didn’t speak to him. I thought the recommendation was ridiculous.
I thought the whole prosecution was ridiculous. And I look at others that haven’t been
prosecuted or I don’t know where it is now. But when you see that, I thought it was
an insult to our country.

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  1. The case against him was ridiculous and the way the State arrested him (media tipped off) was like they were arresting Osama Bin Ladin.

  2. Immoral, ignorant, criminal, these are Trumps better qualities. The WORLD is embarrassed at how ridiculously bad the so called US President is. What kind of country elects an imbecile from the swamp to…"drain the swamp "???? That is a special kind of ignorance.

  3. Sickening to see the level of stupidity in the comments below but then its the Guardian isn`t it.
    Lets get it right they went after and jailed Stone for political reasons not those explained in the video description….And the Democrats are guilty of most of those charges which I hope they will be held accountable for.

  4. The trias politica is the philosophy that there has to be a strict separation between three independent powers in every nation: for legislation, administration, and jurisdiction . . . America 2020 . . . my way, or the highway . . . sigh.

  5. Roger Stone: prosecutors quit after DoJ signals plan to reduce sentence ►

  6. He is right. Why aren't you rats at the guardian looking at the same sort of charges? You scumbags here have done and are STILL doing far worse than what Roger did.

  7. Let's not be fanatical, I like Trump, but if there is evidence to convict someone of guilt, then they should be prosecuted. Dont let hate cloud judgement, nor be hypocritical in ourselves when others are hypocritical in themselves.

  8. Ole piggy eyes ranting as usual to protect his friends. Deliberate interference in judicial process. Not only wants to be a king but judge and jury now.

  9. He needs to Pardon Roger Stone. Roger Stone is being attacked through the courts by the deep state. Pardon him and some others now. Trump does do enough for those that supported him.

  10. America is over. 4 prosecutors quit. Shameless manipulation of the Dept of Justice. Dictatorship now. Its over. King Oringe Era.

  11. Okay, there are decent reasons as to why Trump wasn't removed from office, but if he gets re-elected, I truly believe that there will be riots. A perfect example of the negative effect that too much capitalism can have on a country, personified by a billionaire running the most powerful nation on Earth. Shame

  12. Three election security bills blocked by the republican party. Four DOJ prosecutors resign over treatment of Stone… Does this sound like a democracy that values justice?

  13. The disgrace is this disgusting, impostor POTUS and his complete disregard for the rule of law: a perfect partner for Putin.

  14. If you are a Scumbag, Sex Pervert, all around Sleazebag, you will have tRumps support after all these are the same things tRump is!!

  15. Trump is a true American DISGRACE! He is nothing like that STUD Mike Bloomberg! FACT!

    This comment paid for by Mike Bloomberg™

  16. Fuhrer Trump congratulates Reich Minister Barr on their historic Judicial circumvention in behalf of fellow outlaw Benedict Arnold Stone.

  17. What Trump has done to the rule of law in America is not only a disgrace, but tragic. The country may never recover from it.

  18. N.Y.C. Freddy: Comment: Please wipe the 'slate' CLEAN – President 'TRUMP'! These individuals are Not guilty of 'anything'! [ Lieutenant Gen. M. Flynn / Roger Stone ! ] There are many (fatigued – disgruntled!) Americans who have never ever 'built' a 'thing' in life (successfully) and just can't handle 'maturity' as is displayed by our 'President TRUMP' does here via 'his' comment! (PURE – Fact) *I myself have had many 'issues' to deal with via U.S. Fed. Govt. items and 'nothing' in life is 'perfect' ! (As we move onward politically in this day and age!) Usually 'all' works out well! Honesty is worth its weight in 'gold!' = Grow up *America! PLEASE~! **Peace…

  19. Roger Stone, 67, US citizen, married, no gun licence or valid passport. Convicted of perjury generated purely by the Mueller probe. Normal procedure is for the police to contact accused’s lawyer and arrange for escort to custody. However, Roger Stone’s house was subjected to a dawn raid by twenty fully armed officers who had alerted CNN to record the whole event. Democrats like to accuse Republicans of abuse of power, but no one is as vicious and corrupt as the China-loving Democrat communists.

  20. The Press DO NOT represent "We the People of the United States of America." They are the mischief-makers in the land.

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