Donald Trump dismisses coronavirus as a ‘purely medical problem’

Donald Trump dismisses coronavirus as a ‘purely medical problem’

America will again and soon be open for
business very soon. A lot sooner than three or four months that somebody was
suggesting. A lot sooner. We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.
We’re not going to let the cure be worse than the problem. At the end of the 15
day period we’ll make a decision as to which way we want to go, where we want to
go, the timing and essentially we’re referring to the timing of the opening
essentially the opening of our country. We are going to save American workers
and we’re going to save them quickly. And we’re going to save our great American
companies both small and large. This was a medical problem. We are not going to
let it turn into a long-lasting financial problem. It started out as a
purely medical problem and it’s not going to go beyond that. It’s very
important that we totally protect our Asian-American community in the United
States and all around the world. They’re amazing people and the spreading of
the virus is not their fault in any way, shape or form. They’re working closely
with us to get rid of it. We will prevail together. It’s very important

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  2. He has no clue us will become epicentre of this he banned flights from country’s when us had cases first what a muppet

  3. November to March Coronvirus deaths 17,000 world wide!
    November to March Cancer deaths, 1,5 million world wide!
    We are trashing the world economy for a paper tiger??????

  4. American pride and patriotism is not effective protection from a deadly bacteria. Viruses do not know nationalities or borders.

  5. You can't 'skimp' on the cure thinking it will somehow avoid the hardship other countries have suffered to get rid of this.

  6. You'll be missed, United States. Love your Hollywood films… Thank you for those Marvel movies. ✌️✌️🖖

  7. The Covid19 virus was lab made in the US in Fort Detrick Bioweapon Lab in 2019 and unfortunately released to the public in Aug 2019 so they had to shut down the facility. Check the news.
    A few hundred Americans had already died from Covid19 by October 2019 but mistreated as normal flu death. Check the death numbers and "new flu" and "vaping flu" news, that's how the US tried to covered it up.
    Then the infected the US people visited at least Italy, China and Netherlands between August and November 2019. Check the main spreader patient name "Maatje Benassi" and all her lab worker relatives.
    China got hit massivesly in January and then discovered and researched Covid19 first and shared the warning to the world but the rest of the world just played lazy dumb until it's out of control everywhere so blame your own government as China gave 2 months of time for tour government to react.
    You don't see many genuine Chinese media here on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram because western media nozzles the information people can get and picture whichever country the way they like in order to get benefit. You will not be able to receive genuine news or facts here regarding foreign politics, think about it. Well pretty much the same for all countries, media lies and diverts.
    However, blaming it to China is the most direct way to redirect peoples anger and of course,huge US debt and economic failure.
    In fact, US has been the most evil liers for mor than 200 years on earth as they blame Spain, Mexico and China for the "Spanish flu", H1N1 virus and also Covid19 respectively, which was all US' fault. It's not a new trick at all.
    Also US is the origin of one of the most deadly virus – HIV and it has killed genuinely millions of people. No one blames this to America as people fear of the evil US.
    Easily, US called out all major wars in the past few decades and greedily gather profit from around the globe, despite millions of deaths, poverty, refugees they've created.
    What's more pathetic is that, US don't care about their ordinary people much, as all the wealth went into elites and politics pockets. US has recorded national gunned death toll astonishingly high even during peaceful times.
    Above are all facts and truth, no matter you've already aware of or not.
    Please bear in minds, US don't have bottom line, and they use the dirtiest manners beyond any imagination.
    World suffers because of the US.

  8. "Our country wasn't built to be shut down" Famous last word Trump, and capitalism won't save you… viruses don't discriminate.. in 10 days the world mortality of Covid-19 cases has increased from 4000 to over 400000.

  9. What happened to all the Trump supporters? Normally comment sections on videos like this are a breeding ground for ignorance and naivety.

  10. If everything goes back to normal which it won't because the rest of the world is in lockdown, the number of complications and mortality in the 40-65 age group will be catastrophic and the US health system does not have capacity to handle it. In Italy 50% of those in severe condition are <60 years. It's not thousands it's millions. 1250 ventilators from Mr Musk is helpful but inadequate.

  11. The end of the world pandemic this conrnvirus going make us turn to zombies and imma black rick of the walking dead 🏃‍♂️💪😈

  12. Trump is gimp like boris and macron and the rest of the puppets kiss that wall you f**king triators and its just the flu as well

  13. Just when I start feeling sad about having Boris Johnson to guide us through a crisis, I remember we don't have Trump and I feel much better.

  14. The same guy who blames video games for mass shooting. I don't get why people support this clown. Then again, people are too stupid if they vote period.

  15. The financial problems are here alteady, it does not matter whether we do lockdown for three weeks or three months. It will take a decade to recover from that and everyone here will pay for it, as usual 😉👍

  16. Scary a politician making what must surely be political suicide? …Then again I am a long term heavy chain smoker and the virus would probably kill me…but whats the alternative, I live and my children and grand children to come will have to live through a great depression far worse then ever seen before…IDK strange times and Donald aint no spring chicken either.

  17. I am in Europe, President Trump is far out ahead of the leadership in Europe. The American media treats him very unfairly. Nobody has the answer on how to stop or cure this disease. I agree with President Trump's suggestion to press forward with treatment using known medications instead of waiting for definitive medical evidence. The worst that can happen is there will not be more benefit than a placebo, but even the placebo effect is POSITIVE. Let careful methodical medical science work out the cure with unknown treatments and ramp up production of the anti-malarial medications with small and known side effects. The one failing both America and Europe share is outsourcing the manufacture of critical medicines to China and making both Europe and America vulnerable to Chinese blackmail if they should cut off the supply or hold the supply back for their own needs. The only government deserving condemnation is China, they knew about the illness months before telling anyone and punished brave Chinese doctors for trying to get the word out.

  18. If you end the current measures in 14 days then the virus will bounce back.

    ALL of the evidence supports this.

  19. Trump has a point the flu unfortunately does kill thousands of people each year, the 2009 swine flu killed in the region of 600.000 worldwide but we carried on with our lives, trying to solve this Coronaviruis by shutting everything down is creating a huge problem which will be felt for a long time, THE ECONOMY!!!!

  20. I feel so sorry for the hard working doctors and nurses who will be overwhelmed and overworked, some will be killed unnecessarily by this decision.

  21. Am i the only one scrolling on Netflix and seeing these movies from years ago basically predicting this pandemic ???

  22. A spoiled billionaire born rich while millions of Americans are food insecure, and who personifies everything wrong with the world. I hope the virus gets Trump.

  23. all american people need to open the eyes just listening this guy of course mr president i know you dont have coronavirus but dont worrie we need the money firs the coronavirus is nothing and dont kill the people 😡😡😡

  24. Trump is right: "the cure cannot be worse than the problem"
    in fact, in Italy, the CV19 is mainly an issue for retired persons:

    the average age of sick people is 63, and that of dead people is 81

  25. He is totally trying to avoid giving stimulus checks to Americans, thats why he is so eager to have us go back to work. They only want to bail out corps and screw over the average American. Trump your greed and alliance with Corporate America is so transparent and disappointing that this is how our President treats us. Corporations privatize profits and socialize losses.

  26. I hope Trump learned his lesson that this world does not turn around US. Instead this world turns around the sun and everyone is effected, not just US.

  27. Trump’s aptitude for ineptitude makes It an incredible miracle if America can survive the onslaught of the Coronavirus!
    PS: Absolutely No world leaders are using Trump or America as an example of how to defeat this pandemic!
    Absolutely Not One Single World Leader, or Country….Anywhere!

  28. Look at the two people behind Orange the Mongo: the one on the left looks like a deeply worried and ashamed child and the woman on the right looks mesmerized and drugged out of her mind to “pass the tide” in an effort to simply survive till the “next morning”.

  29. Imagine clueless Obama or corrupted Hillary in charge not Trump.. Obama would make long speeches and Hillary would let Goldman Sachs handle it..

  30. He is worried about the great American companies and not the great American people! Save the people they will build your economy again!

  31. President Jair Bolsonaro is in need of the American support of President Donald Trump to manage the country that leftists are against him and there is neither, nor 2, nor are several, I am just one person who follows the news on YouTube

  32. Congratulations to Trump's voters ! especially for those who are sick or over 60 years old. Death is a surprising gift for you for your supports!

  33. Aside from the fact that a virus is purely a medical problem, since it's the indirect effects on society that is an infrastructural and financial problem, by that he very clearly meant that a medical solution is the only true solution, which it is, and a financial workaround, like in the UK, is as yet unnecessary, which it is. He'd be dumb to Jaws-Mayor his way through the next few months, but anyone would think the Guardian were being uncharitable smear-merchants when it isn't even necessary. Gotta get clicks.

  34. I suppose its easy to sit behind a computer or phone and continually condemn world leaders who in a crisis are doing the very best they can. Instead of praising the very people we will need in the health care industry and finding time to be decent to one another regardless of opinions or political views. Even in the grip of a pandemic still the negative bullying and down right nastiness is evident all over you tube. Makes me wonder what humanity around the world is actually fighting for? This president and the uk prime minister are working around the clock and do not have the luxury to sit at home and condemn or be nasty as do the health workers. So many self centered humans out here. Makes me more and more ashamed to be a human being. For months and months the same poison.

  35. You closed when 500+ are death recorded we indian lockdown for 21 days when 500+ people are infected.
    Now I don't wonder why so many is dead and infected🤐

  36. Trump open Mar-O-Lago and invite all your friends for a great get together and play last man standing gets the ventilator

  37. I can tell that he’s doing a Great Job for handling the virus, with his fierce and honest speech that astonishes the Americans who are in danger to calm themselves. He’s truly a man of his words, he prioritize his citizens rather than the economy and his Re-election.

  38. The guy behind him looks like he'd rather get the rona than listen to one more trashbag word out of Trumps mouth.

  39. You realise he wants the economy up and running to ensure his reelection, right? This shows the level of indifference he has for his people.

  40. This imbecil got elected by imbecil voters. You could know in advance that the guy is a megalomanic imbecil. Vote Biden next time. Not that he is perfect, but he is not an imbecil.

  41. too late. the world remember donal trump the POTUS said its Chy Nah virus because it come from china.
    you are loosing your asian vote. haha.

  42. There is a statistic of signer laboratory (University of California San Diego)

    1 infected person has infected 2.5 people after 5 days and they have infected 406 people after 30 days
    With 50% contact reduction, the infection rate after 30 days is 15 persons
    With 75% contact reduction, the infection rate after 30 days is 2.5 persons.

    So America, go to work, go to the shops, go to the sports stadium.

  43. How does anyone walk this back grandpa needs to retire does he listen to anyone can he even see what is going on?

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