Don Jr. weighs in on Trump’s legal team ahead of Senate impeachment trial

Don Jr. weighs in on Trump’s legal team ahead of Senate impeachment trial

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  1. Ahhh love it. She slipped and said when you’re president… I mean when you’re father became president! 😂 I guarantee someone just got triggered!

  2. you have to wounder why trump wants to even run again he does not need the money so why go threw all the lies and hatred did i mention all the lies about him God be with you Mr president Trump 2020

  3. Us voters understand and we're way ahead of you all these things you say a true , I can also say they will testify as if they have a trophy and our honorable like that golden pen..

  4. Maria must have gone to the TV host school of "Constantly interrupt and talk over the guest". It gets really annoying trying to hear a guest speak and be interrupted.

  5. We should hear from ALL the witnesses—on both sides. It’s the only way we can know the truth. As someone who has been a republican for many years, I think it is best that we know the entire truth. I am looking at both sides to be able to discern the truth because each side has it’s stance. I am concerned that we haven’t gotten it all from either side. I am also concerned about what has been coming out and the concealment of information. Information should be revealed—not concealed. I absolutely want to hear from Biden and his son, Hunter, but I want to hear from Bolton and others as well.

    I am getting more and more concerned about the actions of our current POTUS. I do see where he acts and says he’s above the law and can do whatever he wants. I’m concerned about how he has belittled and degraded our top military commanders. I am all for our country—protecting our borders and putting America first, but I am also concerned about the impulsiveness, abrasiveness and disrespect of our country’s servants.

    I do think that trump has done some great things, and perhaps we needed that shake up, but I’m starting to question if it is what is best going forward. I’m thinking that Mike Pence may be a more stable, level-headed choice to carry the torch. Let’s face it, if we are really honest with ourselves, honesty isn’t just saying whatever is on your mind. There’s too much deception and I have concerns. You should too. I think Mike Pence is the best chance of republicans winning this year.

  6. Parnas….
    He's fishing for a sentence reduction.
    If the "evidence" wasn't introduced in the house inquiry it's too late.
    "house managers" are unconstitutional.

  7. I believe Don is wrong.
    First: They should nullify this impeachment, based on lack of an impeachable crime/reason committed by our President.
    Second: a separate trial should take place where Biden’s should be the defenders, and NOT the President.
    And let’s say, the trial against the President starts next week, as planned:
    All 3 senators running for Presidency, Warren, Sanders and Klobuchar should be asked to recuse themselves because the existence of clear conflict of interest, and clear impartiality when they are supposed to vote on eliminating their opponent from the election process.

  8. Bill Clinton was impeached for an affair. So you think a president Blackmailing a foreign country, by denying them their funds, unless they cooperate is a JOKE!

  9. Nancy Pelosi delayed the impeachment because HER PENS (with her name on them) WERE'NT READY.
    This woman is sooo up herself.

  10. All around the world people want to hear testimony in court from Joe and Hunter Biden.
    We want that exposed , but the Democrat owned media and Democrat Party wants that hidden at all cost. Look how nervous they get when they hear the Bidens will be subpoenaed

  11. the only thing Trump has done that a Judge has Clarified with a Guilty, is when him & his Three oldest were stealing from the Charity's, so Trump got fined 2 Million & no charity's for him for 10 years & his 3 oldest got barred for a year, that was in the last 2 weeks, Thief's that they are & it was millions

  12. What world is Comrade Nancy living in after the funeral procession over to the the senate and a pimped out pen ceremony along with the high school photo shoot fellow impeachment pals all standing around.
    Auntie so happy to get a pen she worked so hard for it Nancy's making a fluff movie for hollywood not running a political party. What a Joke I'd be embarrassed to be a democrat after that crap show let this president finish the great work he is doing for America and stop the B.S

  13. Alan Dershowitz the pedophile will defend Trump at the impeachment trial. Yes that same Dershowitz that defended Epstein, that other pedophile.

  14. I will NEVER AGAIN vote for ANY Democrat! The party had gone TREASONOUS and totally LOCO…let them go out of business!!!

  15. The real crime is what the Dems are doing to taxpayers by wasting our money and their time with this impeachment sham.

  16. These leftist Social Democrats are and have lost it…when are we going to start identifying people like Bloomberg, Schiff, Pelosi, Soros, media agents, etc…as domestic political terrorists!?!

  17. In any time the economy follows the past president not the current one. No one can change the economy in a couple of years its a slow process coming and going. GET IT! If the Trumps and their supporters knew that they wouldn’t go waving their little red caps.

  18. Piglosi and her dem congress are hatching a new sinister plot= spread this around= the dem congress plans to hold phony impeachment hearings at the same time the senate is holding the REAL impeachment hearings. the dem congress won't even swear in witnesses, just let them accuse the president of all sorts of outrageous crimes- then as the left wing media puts up the logo-"impeachment hearings" they are supposed to then show the FAKE congress witnesses and not the real senate hearings. they are doing this to cause confusion with the American public who will hear all sorts of crime allegations, ad then will turn on the senate for ignoring all this "phony" crime evidence they think they are hearing

  19. The key to the trial is to get it moving before it gets too close to the election, where it may impact negatively, whilst having the guts of it sorted out will keep the voters focused on more important stuff…the Democrats should get the Supreme Court to strike out the impeachment for not making the threshold of breaching the constitution, to avoid a full destruction of the Biden campaign, thereby taking down the DNC election campaign with it.

  20. Hear the dems out on their so called evidence for impeachment!..Have questions asked and answered from both democrats and the senate!..Then, at that point if there's reasonable proof of wrong doing by our POTUS, take a vote whether witnesses should be called!..If NOT, simply take a vote to dismiss the entire case for lack of evidence of any true crime taking place, and let's finally get this behind us!..Let our POTUS do his job…Same for democrats, whatever it is they do!..It may take awhile for them to resume the jobs they were voted into office to do, Since the ONLY thing they've done over the last three years is attempt to remove a duly elected president, so, they might be a bit rusty for a time!.lol

  21. Can the Senate call Ukraine's President Zelensky to testify? This is about his country. This is about his presidency. This is about Biden's misdeeds in Ukraine. The Articles of Impeachment are about Trump trying to bribe Zelensky even though Zelensky said he knew nothing about it. Let's hear from the victim himself. Democrats would not want that because they would not be able call him a liar.

  22. If the Bidens are called I see no
    Reason why I shouldn't be allowed
    to testify as well. With what I
    Know of trump I could talk for
    an hour, there is sufficient materials to cover. Not
    Irrelevant, maybe, but still
    as much as the buffoon speaking
    In this FOX news vid. Soon to
    be expat family and friends. Morons for sale. Cheap.

  23. Can see how Don Jr. Would of debated with Don Sr. as a boy…just bring the facts to the table son. Art of the deal he lived it. 2024 mmmm

  24. Why is this bearded bozo not understanding simple things? Is it genetic?
    He's complaining that his side wasn't allowed to have witnesses but none of his witnesses are relevant to the actual case.

  25. To Don Jr', it wasn't a one sided sham! Your pop's broke the law and his refusal to present witnesses on his behalf and refusal participate doesn't make it a sham, that makes it a forfeiture of his rights for defense. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't make the problem go away. It only results is the other party getting what they want because you did not show up to say why that is wrong. The House Investigation afforded Trump every opportunity to present evidence and witnesses but he had nothing. The real sham is that the Republican party is participating in a cover up of his crimes and think that the rest of the country isn't watching.

  26. I didn't know anything about Joe Biden's son but now I want to know more. I am very curious as to how he landed such a cushy little job with little experience. I think most of us are very curious now that it made such a big stink.

  27. 80% of Black Americans say that racism has risen dramatically since Trump's inauguration. Trump cannot win reelection without them. Trump is a goner in 2020. Thank you God.

  28. Please GO TO CHURCH ⛪️ Today and pray PRAY & PRAY PATRIOTS 💚❤️🇺🇸💚❤️


  29. Democrats believe this impeachment is a permanent stain on president Trump when in fact it is historical evidence of a spiteful parasitic group of career politicians.

  30. All you Fookin Democrats are done for WE True Americans will not let anyone of you say in Office you all Will be Removed for the Good Are Country and People
    Leave are President A lone now

  31. Don Jnr , Mueller let his collusion slide by because he was apparently too stupid to know what was going on … Amazing how anyone can talk about ' sons coasting on Daddy's coattails … ' lock him up

  32. Next thing you know is that Nancy will want to impeach "Q." ("Nervous Nancy" has never been more of a mess than she is right now. Lot's of hideous things hiding in her own closet.)

  33. Imagine if Donald trump jr made money from his father routing military flights to trump turnberry? That would be crazy right?

  34. They will file to dismiss after hearing. They will not call Where's Hunter. They all cover for each others corruption. PERIOD.

  35. Nice photos with you and Lev Parnas! Lol, what a lie Impeachment started against 2016. Trump opened his big mouth and though he was invincible. He got Impeached because of his actions. Repubs treat their voters like they are dumb and those same voters get made at Democrats for calling them dumb. Eric Trump don't believe what you see or hear just believe me.

  36. It's obvious that Donald Trump, Jr. is upset about how President Trump is treated, which should be no surprise to anyone. Yet, reading some of the comments below, it's obvious that some people feel intimidated that Trump, Jr. is upset! It's no wonder that Democrats are so out of control! Many Republicans and Conservatives are so afraid of speaking up even when they face totally unjust treatment!

  37. Why does this clown never go on a non state media channel to get grilled. He’s lucky meuller said he was just too dumb to know he broke the Law

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