DOJ Facing New Scrutiny After Softening Recommended Sentence For Roger Stone | NBC Nightly News

DOJ Facing New Scrutiny After Softening Recommended Sentence For Roger Stone | NBC Nightly News

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  1. So what is exactly the consequences of scrutiny? Probably the same for misrepresenting the Mueller Report, ending and preventing investigations and conducting political investigations. Unless future elections were somehow already predetermined, you would think blatant in-your-face miscarriage of Justice would be a political risk. Would Senators publically echo Russian propaganda if they thought there was any political risk ? Who exactly is enforcing campaign law and election security in this country ?

  2. Imagine that , Being charged with process crimes with a warrant that was obtained without following process 🤷🏻‍♂️ he should walk .

  3. Just imagine if a career criminal and con-man became president, and he systematically dismantled the DoJ, and then turned it into his personal  tool to use as a get out of jail free card for himself and his criminal cohorts. It's the kind of thing we thought only happened in 3rd world banana republics, controlled by despots

    Ex-Trump campaign official Rick Gates testified under oath in Roger Stone's trial that he was in the presidential limousine with Trump, and he'd heard Stone tell Trump about the WikiLeaks release of hacked DNC emails before the dump happened — a direct contradiction of what Trump told Mueller in his written testimony.

    In his under oath testimony, Gates described how he'd seen Trump get a phone call from Stone in summer 2016, and after Trump hung up, told Gates "more information would be  coming" regarding WikiLeaks..

    Going back as far as April 2016, Gates said, Stone told him that information would be released by WikiLeaks that could be helpful to Trump’s campaign. He reiterated this the following month. All this was before WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stated publicly on June 12, 2016, that he had pending releases related to Hillary Clinton.

    On July 22, 2016, WikiLeaks posted thousands of emails from the DNC — emails that had been hacked by Russian intelligence officers.

    After that, Gates testified, the top levels of the Trump campaign were very interested in what Stone knew about WikiLeaks. Gates said Manafort asked him to follow up with Stone to try to learn more about WikiLeaks’s plans. And Gates said that Manafort indicated he would update others on the campaign, “including the candidate” — Donald Trump.

    Gates also testified that he witnessed a phone call between Trump and Stone in late July, shortly after the DNC email releases began, while Gates was in a car with Trump driving to LaGuardia Airport. Gates said that after the call ended, Trump told him that “more information would be coming.”

    October 10, 2016 in Wilkes-Barre, PA: "This just came out," Trump said. "WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks."
    October 12, 2016 in Ocala, FL: "This WikiLeaks stuff is unbelievable," Trump said. "It tells you the inner heart, you gotta read it."
    October 13, 2016 in Cincinnati, OH: "It's been amazing what's coming out on WikiLeaks."
    October 31, 2016 in Warren, MI: "Another one came in today," Trump said. "This WikiLeaks is like a treasure trove."
    November 4, 2016 in Wilmington, OH: "Getting off the plane, they were just announcing new WikiLeaks, and I wanted to stay there, but I didn't want to keep you waiting," said Trump. "Boy, I love reading those WikiLeaks."

    Trump on April 11, 2019, after Julian Assange is arrested:
    "I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It's not my thing, and I know there is something having to do with Julian Assange. I know nothing really about him. That's not my deal in life."  😲

    Has the world ever seen a bigger liar than Trump?  I THINK NOT…..

  4. Why isn't anyone in Congress doing anything about all the illegal crimes going on in Washington by Trump and his croonies

  5. he's a harmless old man who was railroaded by the Clinton and Obama machine anyone prosecuted having to do with their hack on trump should be released and reimbursed the money they lost to the democrat party assassination of anything trump how about prosecuting some of those public enemy's under a microscope. the democrats and obama stole our faith in thinking we're all the same and there being justice is blind

  6. 1) AG Barr interfered prior to President Trump's tweet.
    2) Double Standard Justice is now called out
    3) Senate Select Committee Intelligence, James A. Wolfe was sentenced 2 months for leaking top secret information to a reporter he was sleeping with and lied about it to FBI / Congress
    4) the whole Mueller investigation was based on fraud and fraudulent FISA's which makes everyone prosecuted by Mueller / team illegal.
    5) those little f**ker's ran after being called out for targeting Roger Stone with 7-9 years in a double standard of justice! Don't worry, you'll see their names again but I doubt it will be them doing the prosecution!

  7. The days of Mueller’s thugs running roughshod over the DoJ is over.

    These 4 Mueller team holdovers misled their new boss, the US Atty of DC. The days of Weissman style tactics are over, thank god.

    They can go back to these tactics when McCabe is also convicted for lying to investigators.

    Until McCabe is convicted and the sentence is 7-9 years in prison for a 1st offense, the salty Democrats and lefties posting on here can go FO.

  8. When you have selective prosecution based on your ideology then you invite this type of meddling by politicians. On one hand you have Roger Stone being given a death sentence (given his age) for forgetting exact dates and lying to Congress. Then you have the head of the CIA, John Brennan and Deputy Director of the FBI, John McCabe, who both clearly (on tape) and repeatedly lied to Congress. Neither man was brought up on charges of perjury. So when these propagandist "news" readers feign their outrage the majority of the public ignores them.

  9. As far as sentencing, 7 to 9 years where the guidelines are 3 1/2 to 4 years is excessive, no matter who it is unless there are extenuating circumstances such as a threat against a witness.

  10. Prosecution facing new scrutiny for recommending an unprecedented sentence after telling DOJ they would recommend a shorter sentence which would be in line with the offense 😂

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