‘Disaster’: Trump May Face His Nightmare Impeachment Trial With John Roberts In Charge | MSNBC

‘Disaster’: Trump May Face His Nightmare Impeachment Trial With John Roberts In Charge | MSNBC

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  1. the whole thing is a joke there are no high crimes this thing is un real MSNBC is also a joke they and dems have been searching for a way to overthrow our current government this is Treason if the dems did not have the house there would be no Impeachment. dem tactic BLAME OTHERS FOR WHAT THEY ARE GUILTY OF

  2. For a president who has said he wants to be transparent and open to the people, many times. A simple fact that there’s nothing to hide and he is innocent, then let the witnesses come forward and say their piece. We the American people deserve the truth. The good part about our life and society now, is that the truth will come out no matter what trump does, so he should just come clean, and let the world see him for who he really is, a bad conman and a terrible person.

  3. “I can reveal that I believe it probably would’ve been four embassies,” Trump lied to the "Ingraham Angle."
    But on Sunday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he had not seen specific evidence that Iran planned an imminent attack on four U.S. embassies, as Trump claimed.

  4. Regardless of impeachment outcomes the larger picture will be the ferocious attacks by Trump and the Evangelicals to do Gods will by putting Trump back in power – a disaster for America and the whole world.

  5. Do you know where those witnesses at the Senate trial come from, they come from the body of witnesses that testified in the House impeachment hearing. This provides due process.

  6. MSNBC please be a generous patriotic company and allow live youtube shows during this dangerous period in our history. Thank you.

  7. In your first 47 seconds you make the assumption john Roberts cannot be fair and that he holds a grudge msnbc viewers must be really stupid

    Misleading the public daily

  9. But what’s much less well known is that to try an impeachment, every senator must also take a SECOND OATH of impartiality. The Constitution stipulates that senators, when sitting on a trial of impeachment, “shall be on Oath or Affirmation” (Article III, section 3, clause 6). It will be interesting to watch how the Chief Justice enforces this. If McConnell [and other Republican senators] violates his oath, will their vote count in whether or not the Orange Grinch should be removed from office? Moreover, how can an impeached POTUS deliver a State of the Union? More Chaos!! Panem et circenses!!

  10. Roberts May be a Republican but he most definitely is a patriot! Trump is a complete and total disaster and needs to be erased!

  11. How many more millions of taxdollars wasted on the coup?
    The homeless,drug infestation,filth,disease run rampant,the very state's,cities,the career politicians represent.
    PRESIDENT Trump, attempting to fight the influx of drugs,the wasted lives.
    All salaries should not be paid to politicians,and restitution of taxdollars to the American people,for the continual obstruction,coup and Corruption is annilated..

  12. lol… MSNBC know that Trump will be in the office till 2024 …. nothing will ever make senate republican to remove Trump , even the Chief Justice knows that this is a political hit Job by angry democrats …. they never give Trump a fair hearing and want a fair Trail in the senate … nice try

  13. What about those 30 US troops killed in the Iranian bombing of a base in Iraq? Oh that’s right you made it up, propaganda trash news org.

  14. Don't hold your breathe. In the Trump's era nobody does what they should do. I don't think he will live up to the expectations. He will let McConnell do whatever he wants.

  15. If the republicunts refuse to press charges against you satanic devilrats. Then they too shall be impaled and burned alive.

  16. If he deserves to be the chief justice, then he will be impartial and it won't matter won't Trump said about him.

    If that is NOT the case, then we have MUCH bigger problems than whether or not Trump is impeached.

  17. If witnesses are brought in, I want both Whistleblowers, Schiff and his Staffers, IG who changed whitleblower form requirements, Pelosi, son and husband, George Soros and his organization leaders, both Biden's, Kerry and Stepson, Romney, Chalupa under oath to testify. My Daddy always told me, if you're going to do something, do it right! Time to bust this scam wide open expose and then prosecute the real criminals BECAUSE 'NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW'

  18. The hypocrisy of the left is very disturbing. I hope Trump loses just so America collapses under their socialist regime! " Gotta Shotgun a rifle and a 4 wheel drive! Country Boy can Survive"✌

  19. Let the lack of evidence stand in the Senate! Roberts is NOT in charge of impeachment dumb msnbc! It's a vote by the Senate, NOT by Pelosi of Pelosi !

  20. Trump does not deserve a trial of any sort, build gallows and hang the scum then let the public throw cheeseburgers at his lifeless body

  21. U all are morons dems didn't let reps have witnesses in house they wouldnt let us ask questions an besides the biggest thing here Trump didnt do wrong u all need to stop watching the lieing news they lie twist fake video all kinds of things even obama an bush an clinton said the same thing about the news media also 4 u who dont understand the truth they said Trump told Ukraine investigate biden or no aid money but what I dont get is biden said those words not Trump biden told ukraine to fire a prosecuter that was investegating his son an him an the gas company before Trump even ran biden said to them fire him or u want get the billion in aid an they did fire him the prosecuter who was after currupt people but they try say he was currupt but never proved it or showed any evidence biden knew this ukraine prosecutior would bring out the truth go look at the papers urself there online search truth urself stop watching the news period

  22. Equal Justice under the LAW, but the Republican interpretation is is totally different. That for Republicans in the impeachment trial their oath of office is nothing but words not to be followed nothing to worry its only a Jumping Kangaroo Senate Show.

  23. “In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.” And Now the Entire World Including Rothschild-Rockefeller Controlled Opposition Trump.
    ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn
    (1918-2008) Russian novelist, Soviet dissident, imprisoned for 8 years for criticizing Stalin in a personal letter, Nobel Prize for Literature, 1970

    Why? Because of the Rothschild-Schiff Wall Street, Liberty Street Funded Bolshevik Revolution and creation Marxist Communism.

  24. What crime did Trump commit again? There isn't one. Trump will win again in 2020 and all you demonrats are going to meltdown!!!

  25. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    How many more times is MSNBC going to be discredited?

    Nice russian bot comment section though!

  26. Do you suppose that McConnell purposefully stated his partiality so that he would be recused from voting, in a cowardly move to affront the President whom he lambasted in the primaries but hasn't the nerve to outright condemn ? I think all Republicans, with certain exceptions, are cowards, and far less than brilliant.

  27. It doesn’t matter if Trump screwed Roberts daughter. There is no high crime or misdemeanor and he won’t tarnish his reputation to appease the dirty Dems made up charges

  28. Great, Thanks for giving Trumps incompetent zealots in the White House talking points and notes from John Roberts! Just what we need funneled fighting points for an incompetent president 🙄

  29. They can't touch him ! The don knows this ! For a fact ! They are all in on this wicked acts, against the almighty, and his seed ! Look how they mock the world God Almighty created ! They don't give a danm !

  30. Just imagine because of the POWER GREED currently leading Moscow Mitch, the DEMOCRACY can be turned into some kind of dictatorship. What will happen with the next presidents……

  31. Impeachment is a partisan goose egg. Articles are a joke. Trump will not be convicted. Likely to be dismissed entirely.

  32. I can’t stand the media. But let me give credit where it’s do. Regardless of how you feel about the content the way this clip was presented is exemplary. The way he broke down his points and backed it with receipts made me appreciate his references. I wish all the news was delivered like that. From the way this was presented I couldn’t tell which side the presenter was on. That’s commendable in my opinion.

  33. What a crossroads you've come to in the USA. Incredibly dangerous pivotal point in this event. The immediate and near future, will be determined by what happens in this impeachment.

    You have a chance to pressure your representatives for a fair trial. You could do that, or, sit on your a**es and get fatter watching TV. The choice is yours.

  34. Man, I HOPE justice Roberts forces the republicans to call witnesses. Trump would be finished. 100%👍🏾😉.

  35. Roberts first words upon taking the seat will be "Who am I? Why am I here?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk53qOhq40M

  36. The Democrat abuse of power. They still can't get passed the President elect. The kangaroo court is not working.

  37. Are we , or we are witnessing the warning by Webster
    Concerning " Party Spirit ". .. a danger working on the
    government, but acting with in the government is a
    1,000 times more dangerous… for then government becomes
    an organized party , a government against itself, in opposition
    to its very existence, such a case is hopeless … this is that
    which is written,by a man and by the Word of God Almighty.
    There is a Judgement Day and it is near….

  38. Justice Roberts is not "In Charge" of the Impeachment, he simply presides over it as the Constitution states. However, Trump is correct when it come to Roberts and Obamacare. Per the Constitution Justices are not suppose to be 'writing' law from the bench through judicial activism, and that is precisely what Roberts did with the disastrous ObamaNoCare. Constitutionally Justices rule on laws 'as past by congress'. The laws 'as past by congress' are either constitutional or they are not constitutional. ObamaNoCare was not constitutional 'as past by congress'. Congress publicly stated numerous times the 'mandate' was NOT a 'tax'. Yet Roberts joined the left justices in re-writing the law, from the bench, to make the mandate a 'tax' thereby labeling it constitutional because Congress has the power to levy taxes. To subvert the Constitution through judicial activism and re-write the law from the bench is itself UN-Constitutional and thereby the ACA remains unconstitutional as it has always been. Thankfully the Trump Administration stripped out the mandate which virtually kills this horrible unconstitutional law. Furthermore on December 14, 2018, Federal Judge O’Connor concluded in Texas v. Azar that, since Congress has eliminated the fine [aka tax] for not complying with the individual mandate, the mandate is no longer permissible under Congress’s taxing power and is thus unconstitutional. Because the individual mandate is “essential” to and inseverable from the ACA, the judge declared, the entire law invalid. The case was appealed to the 5th Circuit Court and in December 2019, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate [aka tax] is unconstitutional, however, they stopped short of saying that the whole law is invalid. I cannot wait until the entire horrible disastrous 'socialist' law is ruled unconstitutional as it should have been to begin with.

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