Directions and navigation with the new Google Maps app

Google Maps can help you find where you are where you’re going and how to get there first make sure you’re signed into your account this lets you save locations such as your home and work to get started search for an address or the name of a place then tap the directions button press the arrows on the side to reverse the route you can choose between driving public transit biking or walking you can even choose different route options select the route you want by tapping it your path to the destination will be previewed on the map sometimes you’ll be alerted to incidents on the road tap on the incident to learn more about it you can choose from multiple routes by swiping the directions info sheet to switch between options once you’ve chosen a route press start to get voice-guided GPS navigation to your destination Google Maps also has dynamic rerouting offering you faster routes as you travel you can choose to accept the new route or to stay on your original course start navigating and exploring confidently today with Google Maps for Mobile

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