DHS to announce major counterfeit bust

DHS to announce major counterfeit bust

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  1. whats wrong with people buying counterfeit shoes? i dont want to pay 300-1000 dollars when i can get a hookup from the same factory for under $100. Sorry not sorry nike 🙂

  2. All the goods that are counterfeit are more or less worthless unless you're an idiot, then you deserve it

  3. Oooh, I hope the Federal Reserve gets brought down next! They've printed $12 trillion since September.

  4. I bought a battery online for a cell phone that git caught up in that mess. Luckily it was through Amazon and they refunded my money. Still a pain in the @$$ though.🤨


  6. I canceled my amazon account for this reason Chinese are taking it over they learned how to manipulate it and get their things on top

  7. Stop the counterfeiting of goods, but end the people who counterfeit life saving/impacting goods. Maximum punishment for those counterfeiting food, medicine, airbags, vehicle parts, arms, ammo, protective gear, etc.

  8. Why don't they charge the people who are buying the counterfeit items? You can't tell me most of them that buy these knock offs aren't doing it to save money & know that they are doing it.

  9. Americans CREATE this criminal market!! Stop buying, stop consuming, stop indulging your cravings for more more more!

  10. Apple and Ralph Lauren produce their products in China using poor wages and virtual slave labour. If companies who produce high end products that only 10% of the world can afford. Maybe they should consider making their products in countries that have strict copy laws and quality assurance regulations and standards. If its made in CCP China the communist party own it. And if you complain they have concentration camps and re education camps or prisons when they charge you for spying.

  11. Donald Trump deserves a FAIR TRIAL from these dems! Call your Republican senator and ask that there be documents and witnesses in this trial! KAG2020

  12. Back in 2001 I think 2020 did a thing on chinese counterfeit goods.

    If memory serves, the figure back then was 1/3 of EVERYTHING was a counterfeit

  13. The Chinese are no better than the Ferengie getting rich stealing material possessions and tech from everyone else instead of producing it themselves.

  14. China, China, China…the home of patent violators and copyright infringement. A lawless nation.

    I buy NOTHING directly from China, and steer away from many Chinese goods sold in the USA.


  16. Bernie asking for a favor: Our signature in exchange for his Democratic Candidacy…Isn't that what they call Quid Pro Quo?

  17. Why don’t we cut out China as much as we can. Not only are they trying to hurt us with viruses but also harmful goods… just a sad place we are in right now

  18. You can’t trust buying a new k-bar you can’t tell the difference between American and Chinese until it breaks then you know it Chinese

  19. Billions of dollars spent in this country setting up screening processes to stop Chinese counterfeit IC chips. They send fake Toshiba, Micron, Texas Instruments etc.

  20. While counterfeit products are bad, normal people aren't going to buy designer items at the price they sell for anyway so not really hurting the company's foe the most part.

  21. The counterfeit trade is rampet from China possible because the Chinese government gets a kick back. China has probably turned it's back on these counterfeiter for decades. Now, our great President is going to bat for US. Now Chinese President Xi has to figure out how else are they going to make money. How about trying Capitalism & free markets. I think that's why it's taking so long for a trade deal. Trump is training Xi & others. That make Trump a great President & why Obama was such a failure. He was a coward & a traitor. Needs to be in prison now. The Obama years show the real failure of a corrupt administration. Trump 2020!!

  22. Counterfeiters is not the problem, the problem is consumer pride and ignorance. Why would anybody pay $200 for a pair supposed "quality headset" from a famous rapper, if that same rapper is getting it from the same sources of other vendors that their headsets are much lower or even worse, are the same counterfeiters In the first place…

  23. Nike is one major company that has been saling counterfit shoes like from dicks sport n goods i bought some 200 dollar nikes and yet the shoes were not a match same size but not exactly alike at all just the size

  24. COUNTERFEIT RICE!!!! They really do this !!! COUNTERFEIT EGGS !!! COUNTERFEIT BABY FORMULA !!! <— babies died because of this

  25. It's the well-being of one another, that's TRUELY of worth!
    MONOPOLY money is make-believe worth! Yet the bankers keep dishing it out!

  26. Rationalizing crippling copyright, patent and trademark laws. Get rid of copyrights. Get rid of patents. Get rid of registered trademarks. Eliminate all foreign trade. The economy will enter a golden era unlike anything ever seen before.

  27. My Adam Schiff Eraserhead on My Pencil sure looks like the REAL THING!My College Professor Stopped and asked It for an Autograph!

  28. when i see made in china, i vomit
    I live in Panama,central america, and i remember when things where made in USA, maybe not cheaper but you know it was quality 100%, but now all corporation are doing what is called planned obsolescence. when products even if they are not counterfeit they broke just after the warranty ends

  29. If there's a buck to be made you have to know these Asian countries along with Mexico will do their very best to get their share by way of copying these expensive name brand items. But…when it comes to drugs, there in sits a more dangerous problem.
    Nobody will ever stop this counterfeiting, so the junk police should be concentrating on the drugs and raw chemical shipments being used to manufacture dangerous illegal street drugs.

  30. Fake handbags and watches aren’t a danger to the Economy. They are lowering the bottom line of LVMH, Rolex et al. People who buy fakes wouldn’t buy the real thing so no damage to the economy is done. Medicine, airbags and safety relevant products yes, that’s a problem.

  31. That's why I don't order through Amazon – their entire supply chain has become infiltrated by Chinese counterfeit products – and, Amazon gets a free pass through customs !

  32. Big flea market in oceanside ca. full of counterfeit stuff, has been forced out last month to build homes. glad to see it!

  33. Yep, really sucks when you buy something designer for a low price and try to resell it for a higher price only to find out that it is a counterfeit by the original designer who is actively looking to prosecute anybody they can find who is trying to make a profit. This is how a lot of us who were so naive to the game gets to learn about it. Just seems like another racket to me.

  34. They are using our tax money dollars to pay the house for sessions of impeachment  !!!!  Crazy.      Imagine what we can do by now with that money for us citizens. 
    Calculation: Members of Congress Are Compensated for a session for day . $7,200.23 per Day
    A member of the U.S. House of Representatives earns $174,000 per year. So, given that the House was in session for 191 days in 2019, that works out to a salary of $910.99 per day. Each House member is also provided with a budget of $944,671 to cover staff costs and another $256,574 to cover office expenditures.
    After dividing those costs by 191 days in session and adding the resulting figures to the base salary, you’ll come to $7,200.23 per House member for daily wages and office costs.

  35. I stopped buying designer goods because so many people have counterfeits that look the same so there's no point anymore especially when people will just assume fake now due to all the inner city hoodlums wearing fake belts, fake jewelery, fake designer clothing, fake bags, etc.. it's pathetic. Now anyone I see wearing gucci or Versace i think "that's a broke hoodlum wearing fake crap"

  36. We just need to go back to, Made in USA, products! It was once like that and it needs to go back to that, creating jobs for American Citizens, building factories in all different states and boosting our economy greatly!

  37. Yeah the counterfeit is called the Federal Reserve where they print money out of thin air backed by our kids futures.
    there's nothing Federal there's nothing reserve about it.
    It needs to be destroyed completely

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