Devin Nunes Now Implicated In Ukraine scandal | All In | MSNBC

Devin Nunes Now Implicated In Ukraine scandal | All In | MSNBC

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  1. it's funny how nunes tells the reporter that he wants to answer these questions because the accusation is demonstrably false. but then does not answer the questions and does nothing to demonstrate that the accusation is false.
    Congressman Nunes if you did nothing wrong and you know you did nothing wrong all you had to do was answer the questions and yet all you did was give political double speak which shows you do in fact have something to hide…

  2. Except for the republicans everyone else knew that Nunes is as dishonest and a liar like Trump. Remember he was talking to the WH when he was the chairman of the committee investigating Russia meddling.

  3. you guys are so far off base that you cant see the Democrats are just mad because Trump won and will win again in 2020.

  4. Devin Nunes has now become the poster boy of the Republicans. He is what their face. Utterly corrupt and shamelessly hypocritical. It's all about winning and maintaining control and all of it, from trashing the environmenrt to trashing the Department of Education to trashing every other institution that's made our country what it was, all of it just for money. They aren't a party serving the country. They aren't even a party serving their party. All they are is a party of opportunistic crooks, out for themselves and everything they can get. Take the head of the Senate as a perfect example. His wife makes sweetheart deals from her position in the White House to benefit her little pet turtle who, for his part, provides cover for the Traitor tRump. All for the money. And thank God for that because what we are now beginning to see is the result of there being "No honor among thieves." They will turn on each other in an instant when they realize that, if they don't, they'll be used as the fall guy. Manaforte didn't get it. Stone didn't get it. So, Rudy, are you listening?

  5. The only thing to do is make sure you're registered and VOTE, flush these Republican turds down the toilet and let them know their behavior will not be tolerated.

  6. I can't believe how Nunes
    treated the witnesses!!!
    And now to find out Nunes is one of the people, breaking the law!!!!! Nunes should be taken off of the committee!!!!! I don't trust the liar!!! ??

  7. Whenever somebody says "yeah, I'm going to answer that question, but…" They are not going to answer the question

  8. I love that clip of Schiff giving Nunes the floor and Nunes is like "wait what??" With his guilty wide eyes like he just got caught. Ahh priceless

  9. No wonder he's pushing Russian propaganda. I dont get how Trumpets and Repubs claim to be patriotic when they do things like this. Undermining our system, our nation for thier own ends.

  10. So the smug, gross, responses by NUNES, during the impeachment hearing this past 2 weeks, is about as hypocritical as you can get! NUNE'S defense of this president – is bad news for this GOP Representative! Love to see him in front of the committee to answer for his behavior in Ukraine! GOOD LUCK DUDE – when you shovel manure, you come up smelling like manure!! Nothing but BS – dude!!!

  11. Who's paying this despicable individual to represent Trump other than the US taxpayer? Could it be Trump's backer Mercer?

  12. Bar should be impeached too, & removed from office, Current and former law enforcement officials have said that, when presented with information about a possible plot to undermine the U.S. election, they had a duty to investigate, and it would have been wrong not to have launched an investigation.

    In the months since, Barr, through Durham, has pursued information related to a onetime associate of Papodopoulos, a European academic named Joseph Mifsud.

    Mifsud was publicly linked to Russian interference efforts in late 2017, when Mueller revealed Papodopoulos had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about the details of his interactions with Mifsud.

    Shortly after his name surfaced publicly, Mifsud told Italian media he did not work for Russia. “I never got any money from the Russians: my conscience is clear,” Mifsud told La Repubblica. “I am not a secret agent.”

    Since then, the professor has disappeared from public life, leading to a host of theories about him and his whereabouts. While court papers filed in Mueller’s investigation suggested Mifsud operated in Russia’s interests, Papadopoulos, conservative

  13. Another name to add in the "Follow the Money" investigation: Devin Nunes, R-Ca . and how many deposits linked to Russia have his name as direct or indirect beneficiary!!!


  15. Mr Nunes we the people can see the truth and we thank for your honesty and good work we need you to keep it up where is the evidence of wrong doing  Evidence

  16. Trump got caught trying to extort another country to manufacture a Biden scandal..
    Trump's crew got caught trying to leverage the same country for the same thing.
    Now they seem to be getting caught trying to manufacture their own Biden scandal without Ukraine.

    They are persistent… but just as stupid as ever

  17. The entire Republican party are corrupt. Anybody who is helping to cover up the misdeeds of other politicians with misinformation is complicit. You can't be a "reasonable" Republican and not actively call out the swamp in your own party.

  18. It's time to hold Nunes accountable!! He's been trying to get dirt on Biden for Trump!! He shouldn't be sitting on the panel. He should be answering the questions from the house. Time to go NUNES!!! ??

  19. Come on people, Dirty lying trump started all this!!! These other fools deserve what they get. Let`s start with dump trump!

  20. I am sure he had a cow when he got outted as someone who should have recused himself. I hope the cow he had doesn't also get a twitter account. That would be two cows trashing that Richard Weed of a congress….cow-owner? Hey! Someone investigate how much tax-payer money Trump has diverted to farmers to offset his tariff farming tax. I am all for supporting farmers. I am against an imbecile making farmers NEED to be supported. Lets find out how much damage Trump's playing with tariffs (called in common speak "a tax on Americans") has cost the national debt and Americans.

  21. This guy is dumber than a box of rocks, how the people in his district think he is worth voting into office for all the years he has been there is beyond reasoning. WTF is wrong with this country? Why is half of this country thinking Trump is a good person and is working on behalf of the people? It just blows my mind, every day its something else, it's like a very sad soap opera that you can't stop watching. If Trump gets reelected God help us all!!!

  22. For all those who believe what they are hearing ask yourselves this:
    Why do they, everytime they mention the other side of the story, claim it as "debunked", "conspiracy theory", "right wing propaganda" ? Yet they never provide any supporting evidence.

    The guest states "Solomon has confirmed this" referring to Nunes being in the meetings, yet, when asked specifically, the guest states that John Solomon confirmed the meetings happened without bringing up Nunes specifically. They are cleverly giving you the impression that Solomon confirmed Nunes' presence without actually saying it !
    Please folks, be open minded, don't let them dupe you, listen to both sides. Read Solomon's actual articles, he is a great journalist, he provides links to documents, actual testimony and real evidence.
    Check out Dan Bongino show here on YouTube, he does a great job compiling all this information.

  23. It’s time to stand up, America. These folks are corrupted and “want” absolute power. It’s up to our citizens to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  24. The portuguese weasel Nunes is one of the better examples of Trump's deep state. You can smell the criminality on him. God Bless the good America!


  26. Since Trump he thinks he is above the law, Nunes assumes he is above the law because he is Trump's foot solider. We'll find out the truth!

  27. ??Oooh, My Goodnessss, It is past time for Hillary Clinton to go to jail!! The Corrupt Democrats and Republicans are doomed under Trump's presidency!! The Democrat and Republican Swamp-Rats, Swamp CockRoaches are jumping ship!! No more crooked government paid to play!! It is time to go back to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights!! **President Donald Trump the Great White Hope of America!!**
    How many corrupt lying Democrats does it take to impeach a Republican president?!! ???
    ***American Born Black Men For President Donald Trump!!***

  28. Trump has hired mostly criminals in his cabinet. He really has a mob complex! We need to clean out Trump and all his cronies NOW

  29. You really have to ask…..
    What does Trump have on all of these Republican Senators …?
    There is no way that they are swearing total loyalty to the point of being ready to go to jail to this sick, sarcastic, cheating, disloyal, obnoxious, dumb excuse for a president who throws each and every one of his people under the bus at the first chance…… unless he has something far worse on them….


  31. It's amazing that we have these very corrupt people in the halls of power and are able to identify their motives and actions, yet can't change 30-40 percent of our own citizens' views of any of this because those people live in a misinformation bubble. This is one way entire nations go bad.

  32. This really explains the weird expression Nunes had on his face when Sonndeland finished his everyone was in the loop speech??

  33. Ukraine oil CEO already has went to the news and said he was there. Nunes not only in the Muller report used a document to prove his lies had to walk it back. But this guy witness said yes he saw it. Was there.

  34. Dems are spying will be investigated SOON will be STOPPED !!!Spying is a serious crime ,spying on the white house is a breach of power and
    ABUSE of Presidential Privilege to and of his Privacy , Harassment and of Abuse of Power to the Max.. spying LOOK out you are in BIG TROUBLE..

  35. Ex-corrupt Ukrainian officials who were found guilty of corruption. They were probably part of their corruption for more years than we know. That is why they.have to shift the spotlight of off themselves. Oh look! Hunter Biden. Stop making excuses for him Chris.

  36. When I was young in my early teens I worked in a farm and late afternoon I did a few hours with the cows clean the stable give water and filled the food base with cow weed but to me mr. Nunes looks like he worked only with the bulls that makes him the B.S. leader

  37. if the allegations have merit on Devin Numes i hope the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York throws two books at him, and for breaking the public trust throws him in jail for along time

  38. It seems that every time Trump and his minions tries to smear campaign against Biden and son, the smear backfires. That's what happens to Devin Nunes.

  39. I think the Democrats and the news media would investigate more before releasing this type of information. One minute it's a certainty. Then it's not so much what it seems. This makes it easier to be able to say fake news. Next time get the information take a couple days researching all of the angles then you release it. Just don't run to release it. Because if anything happens to be even slightly different than originally reported it's fake news and ammunition for the president and fox news. Slow down!!!

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