Devin Nunes Created A Fake News Propaganda Website

Devin Nunes Created A Fake News Propaganda Website

House Intelligence Committee chairman, Devin
Nunes, has had a really bad couple of weeks, to say the least. First, there was his Nunes memo that, after
a lot of conservatives were ready to release the memo, it finally got released, and it
did the exact opposite of what Nunes wanted it to do. Then, there were the reports that came out
that said that Nunes wants to build a physical wall, a barrier, in the House Intelligence
Committee offices to separate Democrats from Republicans. Then, on Sunday, of this past weekend, Politico
released a report showing that Devin Nunes campaign committee, Devin Nunes has been paying
for, essentially, a fake news propaganda website. This website, the news site, called the California
Republican has been paid for by the Devin Nunes campaign committee, according to a little
scroll at the bottom of that particular website. This wasn’t something that actually just popped
up over the weekend. This website has been in operation for several
months run specifically by a company, Tavlian, that Nunes’s campaign has been paying for
things like public relations and digital media expertise. Nunes, decides that the best way to fight
against the Democratic Party, to fight, to protect Donald Trump, is to launch his own
fake news website. If you scroll through the website, assuming
it’s still online, Sunday evening it crashed so nobody could access it. Devin Nunes is saying that they were attacked
and that they were overwhelmed with people trying to go to the website. We don’t really know which one is true. It seems more likely that they probably got
busted and decided to take the site down. Nonetheless, assuming you can get on there,
you’ll see articles attacking fellow California Representative Democrat, Ted Lieu. You’ll see them attacking Nunes’s political
opponent for this year’s midterm elections. You’ll see a bunch of puff pieces praising
Republicans for just how great they truly are. Do we need another website like that? Don’t we have enough? Don’t they have Breitbart, and The Daily Caller,
and Do they really need the chairman of the House
Intelligence Committee out there directing more propaganda to the American public as
if they don’t understand what’s actually happening in the world? It’s not illegal for Nunes to do this at all,
unfortunately, but it is certainly very telling about how desperate this pathetic little man
is when it comes to protecting his own political future as well as Donald Trump and the rest
of this administration. He will do whatever it takes, even if it means
ruining his entire reputation, his future, his past, his family, their name, everything,
as long as he thinks it’s going to benefit Donald Trump. Because at the end of the day, Nunes still
believes that Donald Trump’s going to take care of him somehow. That’s not going to happen. Donald Trump. Is going to take care of one guy and one guy
only, and that’s himself. Devin Nunes, you are not Donald Trump, therefore,
he will not take care of you when shit hits the fan, as it seems is going to happen pretty
soon. You can continue on with your little fake
news website. I really don’t think you’re fooling anybody
here, especially when they scroll to the bottom and see that this was paid for by a pathetic
member of a Republican Party that’s currently going
down the tubes.

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  2. Nunes is a blithering bumblefuck. His memo is a NOTHING BURGER. And the Trump administration is still dirty with mystery rubles.

  3. Devin just stop… please just..stop, you've humiliated yourself enough already, you're only embarrassing yourself and you're family, and I thought Sean Spicer has it rough, but Devin is just making things worse for himself. First, the memo scandal, and now this?! smh.

  4. Is Nunes Dumps illegitimate bastard or something? What's the point to all his B.S.? Nunes is scum and I hope he goes down big time. I am so sick of all the bullsh** deceptions and distractions!

  5. Now that's what I call a "Paid-Shill"… wonder if Nunes is running around so much because he can't stand to sit down with being poked in the butthole so much?

  6. At what point does this stop being free speech and starts being slander and libel? In trump world, is anything and everything fair game by calling it free speech!

  7. LOL guess that memo wasnt embarrassing enough for him. Oh well , the more stupid shit that he does, makes it that much easier to get rid of this moron

  8. That's all the right wing needs another propaganda fake news site misleading the Trump voters. Devin Nunes is afraid of being fired and will do anything to save his neck. He isn't intelligent enough to lie affectively and other saw this garbage he was putting out and said nothing, so much for the intelligent of the white house.

  9. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS (in the WH)don't worry you don't need SECURITY CLEARANCE
    The ingredients that a person must have to have to work with the DESPICABLE trump are: dishonest, cynic, liar, abuser of women (beating the shit of them, cowards), rapists like him, grab women by their genitals (like trump) and be a "professional kissing ass (brown nose)" that helps a lot, because the "CHILD SH*THOLE OF TRUMP" only gives work to the BEST and INTELLIGENT people. (like his daughter and son-in-law). I don't know what these two F***ING MORONS are doing in the White House that is called NEPOTISM.
    SAD, BELIEVE ME, MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPEACHMENT HIM ASAP, PLEASE.
    Honesty, never had a substitute. Unfortunately the past does not forgive!

  10. If allot of ppl were trying to access his website to the point it was overwhelmed. Then it's a "ddos attack". He's not generating traffic because it's suddenly popular with the ppl. It's just some hacker targeting his website in order to take it down temporarily.

    This sort of attack usually only hurts major services and companies such as the infamous ddos attack on the Sony playstation network. Nunes website probably didn't hurt much since he's not as popular (thank god).

  11. That a definition of majority of the Republican party, Trump's hand up their ass's. I hope all of you do not get re elected or get charged for obstruction of Justice.

  12. Why do you keep saying pretty soon something is going to happen? You have been saying this for a year now and nothing has happened. You're like the guy on the street with the sign that says the world is coming to an end, yet nothing happens. Yeh sooner or later that guy might be right, but that doesn't mean saying it every day gives him the right to say "see I told you so." Seeing that Trump has navigated himself out of everything including #metoo, don't really see anything happening to him until the next elections.

  13. Trump has got these people running crazy. These are the same people who slammed this poece of garbage when he intially ran and now they are licking the balls of this man.

  14. Yes, the Republicans need as much propaganda as they can get. It makes it look more like several different sources have verified their bullcrap.

  15. I have told you guys that Nunes suffers from a brain eating disease known as "TRUMP"…Wow, the DOUCHE does not fall too far from the BAG!…..You decide which one is which….Nunes is" a mini stable genius"…a swirling vortex of crap! #MAGA!(MUELLER AIN"T GOING AWAY!)

  16. Some one needs to get this man a backhoe a shovel is not going to do the trick. Nunes is an embarrassment to our democracy if you think we deserve better than this the get informed register and vote for better than this

  17. 🙂 well folks : not to worry to much about here . In the near future to come , the wall that is
    🙂 trump's wall Will be built . At that moment trump will personally himself will throw nunes over the wall !!! 🙂 nunes will be devastated that he served trump with such dedicated fervor , Only to be deported ?? 🙂 trump will tell him 🙂 hasta la vista Mexican!!! 🙂

  18. Congress is completely dysfunctional, do you see how they'll remove members when it's convenient for them; for example, the sexual harassment cases, Al Frank and and so on. When other misconduct goes on, both democrats and republicans play the stupid game. This is why I'm looking forward to all of the progressive seats we could win in the 2018 primaries. At bare minimum 2/3 of Congress, probably more, need to be removed from their seats permanently and replaced with folks who want to do the job correctly.

  19. Yep, figures, Nunes needed to provide more lies to try and cover his ass and failed spectacularly as a result. Compounding lies is simply investing in failure.

  20. Nunes is an idiot and, like trump, is his own worst enemy. Like Cheeto Von Tweeto, his actions will bring him down.. Two rotten peas in a pod that need to be smashed.

  21. John Brennan is going down !!!!LOL No one else has this report . You are fake news propaganda news  what   Joke. So you have no proof just BS. LOL Keep on digging.

  22. Hes only doing this because no California company even by corporate standards would hire him as a lobbyist. If they did he would give 2 shits about Trump.

  23. Am I the only person that is annoyed with the term NOTHING-BURGER? I don't know why I felt the need to bring it up, but it just bothers me.

  24. Great. Just what we need. More lies and propaganda to warp the minds of all of the sheep dumb enough to support the Greedy Old Pricks. And man, did I ever insult sheep with that statement.

  25. Are all of trumps staunch supporters required to take "CRAZY" pills or something? It gets better by the day, these people have no morals!!

  26. Donald Trump is going to take care of ONE guy and ONE guy only and that's Vladimir Putin and he is going to take care of him sexually with his mouth and that one horse that Vlad was dating because Donny loves him some horse piss.

  27. I want to know when the people that are supposed to be representing the people of this country have to answer to all of their lies? It's disgusting and disgraceful to be lied to day after day by these politicians! It's about time the American people demand the truth! Everytime they get proven false they should get fined!

  28. Lying is always perceived as the quick and easy option for the weak willed, the desperate, the insane, the vulnerable-anxious-power hungry wannabes, and the lazy & stupid. Nunes is all of these and more- he's a Trump ass hole felcher and more- he's a coward and a traitor.

  29. Nunes doing what he does best. C'mon district whatever in Cali and get rid of this wackadoodle anti-American traitor (R or D – irrelevant, there is something seriously wrong with this guy).

  30. Politicians are good to wipe your ass with. They are supposed to use our tax money to improve our lives but all they do is rob us blind.

  31. Do NOT respond to comments from obvious trolls. The more you respond, the more likely their comments will be pushed to the top of the comment section, which will help:
    1. increase the visibility of their comments ,
    2. create an illusion that what they say here is the pervasive ideas or conventional wisdom of this country , 
    3. help them spread fear, hatred, hostility, and division in this country , and
    4.  possibly generate income for Russian bots on YouTube . 

    Please, let the trolls' and Russian bots' hollow, visceral, and baseless comments, which often come with racial, sexist, and/or incendiary slurs, sink to the bottom, please.

  32. The Republican cult zombies should be indicted for obstruction of justice. Please cage up that mediocre little animal Nunes!

  33. WOW are you a liar. Do you do it knowingly or do you just not ever read primary source documents? Does no one who follows you just…check the original sources? I get that you have to know something…it's fairly complicated to comprehend what's going on in the FBI/DOJ right now, in fact… but you're not talking about the story as a whole.

    Nunes' memo is very clear and crisp. IT'S A F*CKING FOUR PAGES! IT'S NOT HARD TO READ! He says–and NO ONE ARGUES AGAINST WHAT HE SAYS–that the FISA court used the dossier to spy on Carter Page.
    Got it?
    No one disagrees–at least, no one with any EVIDENCE. The FBI didn't disagree, they just didn't like being exposed.

    Your audience needs to get educated. You're dangerously disingenuous.

  34. Just when you think that Republicans can't go any lower, they surprise us with a new level of low. Nunes should just write guilty across his forehead because he isn't fooling anyone.

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