Deadly deliveries: Women share their near-death pregnancy experiences

Deadly deliveries: Women share their near-death pregnancy experiences

The last thing that I remember is I
heard someone say O.R. and then everything went black again. My mom had to ask me do you want to see your baby, and I just had no memory of anything. It
hurts a lot because sometimes the girls… They ask when she’s coming home, maternal deaths and injuries actually
started several years ago in the United States we were one of the wealthiest
countries in the world we have one of the most expensive healthcare systems in
the world and women in this country were dying at rates far higher than other
wealthy countries it’s estimated that about 600 to 800 new moms die every year
in the United States more than 50,000 women a year the CDC estimates suffer
very serious harms and what we learned is that a lot of the suffering is
preventable the day I have Lucy I remember I was
very excited but just you know just very scared of a new mom I just started feeling nauseous and bad
headache in snap and it was essentially check your blood
pressure over the weekend and if it’s over 150 it’ll come in on Monday
my wife Marie confirmed my blood pressure is over 150 right now and they
reiterated the same instructions we just didn’t know any better I
remember feeling like I kind of a surge of my head and I didn’t know what was
wrong these fingers will actually loosened up
a little bit but mostly it’s it’s a very tense grip so I’m just working on trying
to like release my fingers so to pick up almost a lot of times I just have to
kind of move my hands around they took grip things I was angry
because we we’ve worked so hard to up to this point to finally get pregnant and
be ready for the baby to come I just missed a lot of her baby and it was very
difficult for me I just went that back hmm
medical societies have worn for years that women whose blood pressures go
above a certain danger level must get immediate treatment and the result is
that women are suffering strokes needlessly yet we found that even being
a medical professional wasn’t enough to protect several of the women we
interviewed I was terrified yeah he started crying
he was healing you everything was gonna be fine that I’d seen a hundred
c-sections and that it it was gonna be okay
boy was she wrong yeah you know it was amazing to see when he was born and to
you know have him right next to me and to smell him and see him and touch him
and I just wanted to hold him and so it was just honestly just kind of anxious I was really scared because I knew that
that that I shouldn’t have been feeling that way to be honest it kind of just
turned into a big blur because I kept going just in and out of it the day
shift nurse came in and you know she didn’t feel comfortable with kind of
where my vitals were we’re going and how I was doing so she thought it was
necessary to call a rapid response basically remember I’m saying that you
know she was bleeding and that they were going to take her down to the CT scan she just kept getting worse and worse at
one point in time I walked into the ICU room and the doctor had pulled her
packing and I buried I’ve never seen so much blood they finally finally got her
stabilized to where they were transport her the two surgeons came out and said
that basically the only way that they could be sure to stop the bleeding was
to go ever distracted me I was definitely devastated by losing my
uterus but at the same time I was also thankful to be alive and that my baby
was okay we were thinking about names about a
month and she said what about sir really likes it really needs prayer and Sheila that means she’s like we did
it and she was smiling at that point that’s like okay good I got a smile out
of here she said she’s I’m just tired my head hurts a little bit the signs of
her looming disaster were apparent even before she was discharged from the
hospital with her baby nurses kept recording blood pressure levels that
were above the national danger level phone ringing on the organ and I said
hey honey I said you okay she said yeah but um she said my head
were there and they won’t stop let me cancel I had already told everyone at
the church and said hey listen I’m gonna take my wife back to the ER no that’s
enough you guys pray for everybody’s being seen but her and she
was looking at the wall I said sweetie look at me and she just kind of was
trying to look like that’s almost like she couldn’t get it together and I went
out there I ran out there to the desk and I said hey my wife needs help in
here I said can you can you help her it seems like a nightmare and I just
need to wake up just tried to be a little fathers ha all of this may be shocking to Americans
but it’s been an open secret within the hospital industry women who are
experiencing childbirth emergencies that very few of them actually got the
treatments they were supposed to get be very diligent and not just openly trust
what any one doctor is telling you the biggest thing is like I said just
not being afraid to ask questions not being afraid to speak up if they think
that something doesn’t feel or seem right I told us it mommy mommy went to heaven
and I said well she’s gonna stay in heaven and she’s just gonna she’s gonna
watch us I said you can’t see mommy I said bye mommy can see you you

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  1. Because the us is a piece of shit, they don't have a clot cart, a cart with tools to prevent clots, embolisms, and etc.

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  3. Long ago.. pregnancies was #1 cause of death among women. It still is. Women need to understand the condition is very fragile. You can't do the normal stuff you once did when NOT pregnant. Need to change your routine… eat well, don't over do it, use common sense. Stay away from large public places.. catching a virus or cold will lower your immunity. Takes longer for you to get over a cold.

    Get educated.

  4. My heart actually stopped my first CSection. My third, a woman two rooms over actually died the day after having her baby. I’m happy with my three children.

  5. The worth ethic in America has deteriorated because of a lack of morals. For instance, the golden rule which goes back to the Bible, isn't remembered or practiced like it was. It's the selfie generation which God talks about in the Bible. Yet, we don't want the ten commandements or God in our schools or on our monuments. "All peoples that forget God shall be turned into hell"

  6. I'm so sorry Marco for the loss of your beautiful wife. I also think these drs need to take responsibility for their neglected actions and to deny being interviewed is cowardly and you owe that to each patient. You should be ashamed of yourselves for denying this. I see why this happened to these young beautiful women. Never take chances in life with drs cause they don't know much at all. They're overworked and need to not worry about time with patients cause every patient's life is important!! They need more drs and waiting hours to see a patient is irresponsible. I've seen drs just walking around slowly taking their time as they reach and go through every patient's charts and they get bothered by the nurses with other patients and they need to stop and focus on the patient they're taking care of then move on. Emergency room is for emergencies and no matter how the dr feels or the nurse feels it should always be treated as such. I'm happy they got sued but it won't bring her back but it will go against the hospital, staff,& Drs and thats where you do your research b4 ever going to see these careless ppl. She did not have to die!!! Show your face if you're not guilty of your lack in taking care of these patients the way you should!! You deserve to be fired!! If you want to be a dr then DAMN IT BE ONE THAT CARES!!!

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