David Identified as Former Neo-Nazi on CNN Headline News

David Identified as Former Neo-Nazi on CNN Headline News

so the media tour has continued around
the interview we did with the alleged Kansas shooter Glenn Miller I was on CNN Headline News I was
dominant see grace this morning I was up early and went to Democracy Now last night though I was calling in to
the doctor Dru show on headline news I kinda like doctor drew even though I
think that their are very questionable conflict in interest in terms of the medications he recommends on his program
and the money he received from
pharmaceutical companies I used to listen to doctor drawn love line when I
was a kid I was really excited to call in OK and they put up an interview before me
with the former KKK former neo-nazi guy who is going to
comment on Glenn Miller in all the sudden they’re interviewing
the guy you hear his voice you see his name on the screen and my picture pops up as the former neo-nazi here’s a few seconds video from
the doctor Dru show last night now he was trying to steal it he’s what we
call an interrogation room changer Russia he changed when she got caught up
in at once you get out arm he tried to you want go for a long
time and then came back up and in the movement and started to make try
to make a name for himself but the the sketch I’ll be able Cup following
him so now you’re always trying to prove
himself more more at Frank are not correct immediately I of course panicked and
started getting tweets emails Facebook posts people
saying I should demand an apology people saying I should sue and the most absurd thing at all is that number one most neo-nazis former or
current wouldn’t look is clean-cut as I do in that picture but also how old
was I when I was the neo-nazi that I’m already a former neo-nazi and
commenting on it on programs apparently you were a neo-nazi when
you’re also a gay bullied teen who committed suicide right the II a
buncha people ask me about it said David what’s worse being the time when you were included in the
documentary as aid a dead teen who was gay and had
committed suicide or when you were identified as a former
neo-nazi that that time I was actually identified by
name in this one it was just my face right my name wasn’t mentioned so in that sense this wasn’t as bad but there is nothing I being a were I a gay teen who had committed she
committed suicide that’s a very tragic sad thing that’s
very reflective not have me being and evil are misguided
person but really above a horrible situation around bowling and LGBT rights that we have the thing
from yesterday agent just implies I used to be a Nazi and that seems to be
way way worse in the sense of being like evil and bad
you know yeah it’s a it’s quite quite the past you have I it’s really I think you should
takeovers that most interesting man in the world me so anyway send me your thoughts on
this check out the video we actually did post the full appearance on the doctor
Dru show which was like 15 seconds long by the
way showed so it’s the in fact I think on yesterday’s doctor
Dru show my picture was up as Frank the former
neo-nazi for longer than I was actually on the program as myself which is a
whole other issue that we could discuss but anyway that’s all online

48 Replies to “David Identified as Former Neo-Nazi on CNN Headline News

  1. Ohh, David is a gay teen who committed suicide, everything makes a lot more sense now…..But what is Lewis then….? 😛

  2. Hahaha, this is just like what happened to George Costanza at the end of the Seinfeld episode "The Limo" – http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/06/c7/08/06c7087979f362a63ce12f665755d1f9.jpg

  3. Holy shit this is creepy, you should panic. It would appear there trying to smear you really bad. If I were you I would be talking to a lawyer asap. 

  4. David, your blatant prejudice and ignorance is unbelievable. I personally know Frank Meeink and can attest to the fact that for the last 15 years he has been battling fiercely against racism and inequality. Unlike you, Frank is a compassionate and empathic person, a great father, and a good husband. How dare you say that people can't change or that formers can't be "clean cut," whatever that means. Do you know anything about Frank's story? Have you ever spoken with him or seen him speak? Read his book? Your judgement of him is exactly what makes neo-Nazis and racists what they are…ignorant haters. Your twisted logic stokes the fires of prejudice and inequality in this country. As a "journalist," you should know better and have a greater responsibility to disseminate news and opinion that is fair, objective, and just. As a former neo-Nazi and racist myself, I can attest to you that people can change. By no means is it easy to do so, but like any other addiction it can be combatted. In fact, I wasn't born a racist, it was a learned ideology that I adopted between 14-21 years old. I also learned to "unlearn" that horrific belief system when I was presented facts that I couldn't deny and was shown compassion when I didn't deserve it. To your point, when someone says that people can't change, maybe they are correct. Racism was a temporary learned behavior in between the innocence of youth and the wisdom of adulthood. I never did change the good person I was, I was just lost for 7 years. And "formers can't be clean cut"? I sit on the board of 5 professional organizations and have been nominated for 3 Emmy awards for my work in television. I'm also committed to diversity, peace advocacy, and teaching basic human goodness. What have you done besides malign a good man who does much more than yourself on issues of inclusion and diversity? Where is your compassion? Call the kettle black much? Unlike you, I have come to understand that prejudice is prejudice, no matter which side it comes from. Learn from your mistakes and make changes to make the world a better place for everyone. I think you owe Frank an apology for accusing him of something you, in fact, are guilty of.

  5. I used to love listening to Loveline with Dr Drew and Adam Corolla. Being older I now consider Dr Drew to be a hack doctor. Google it. 

  6. To me neonazi means that is new. Everybody knows nazis were bad. When a Jew finds out someone who is Nazi realizes is not bad, is generous, that's new. It is called neonazi.

  7. Dead gay teen and now a neo nazi. Sorry bud, but it just doesn't add up. Too many media "errors". Not buying it.

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  9. dude David Pakman got the coolest stories ever. Like first he committed suicide as a gay teen then he pops up years later to admit he was a former neo nazi lol.

  10. Looking at this, i am happy NOT to be famous. Being famous and having many pictures of you on the Internet is only going to create trouble and unwanted attention. I would not want that…

  11. Your smiling face is the magic rebranding the neo-nazi's have been waiting for.
    You look like a cute loveable sweetheart of a nazi. It could take the nazi brand into the 21st century, like using Aunt Jemima's picture on a bottle of syrup.

  12. So David Parkman ADMITS CNN is FAKENEWS
    Parkman is forced to accept to Donald Jay Trump's undeniable alternative truth.

    Parkman was a gay teen that FORGED a suicide in order to live as an undercover neonazi, according to CNN.

  13. You are an instigator whom goes by plenty of different labels.

    Your "clean cut" looks don't fool anyone.

    Your shows do nothing but instigate hate and negativity and your constant bashing of POTUS obviously is part of the plan to keep people seperated from truth and from joining together as one nation.

    Under a God of love, unity and peace.

    Keep stirring the pot. We can see through your bullshit

  14. We'll, of course he is, and we're both secret members of pro-homosexual faction that wants to castrate all non-LGBTQ infants

    But only the infants. Always the infants.


    Bond! What are you doing here? Whatever, the gay infants shall be your demise!


  15. Dr. Drew sucks. He makes baseless assumptions. For instance, if someone says "I'm a sexual person," he asks "were you sexually abused?" he assumes that people must have been sexually abused if they like sex. He also assumes all porn stars are "sex addicts." He's a bad "doctor." He makes the same mistake many therapists make where he uses "mental health" to enforce the status quo.

  16. Lol reminds me when Anthony Fantano got mistaken for that college shooter

    My face folded in half with cringe

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