Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan – Official Trailer

Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan – Official Trailer

There’s a thousand ways to die in a war zone. You have to trust the man beside you, and he has to trust you. Delta is the best company in the battalion. Major Smith as tough as they say? I should be in command of other professionals… I see you brought your tortoise, Murray?
He’s my mate. …Yet I find myself here, breastfeeding a
bunch of kids. All units prepare for enemy attack. Artillery have driven the enemy back. Now we’re going after them
at Long Tan Just your typical shoot and scoot, we’re not
going to find anything. With any luck, Lieutenant. This is four two, heavy contact. Sounds big. We are being flanked on all sides. He wants me to target his position. If you don’t drop within the next 30 seconds, we’ll all be dead. We can’t allow this. Major is the commanding officer in the field,
he’ll make the call. Call it in. Bob, can you hear me mate? I just want to get out of here, get married,
and forget all this. How can we trust you now? 11 Platoon is dead. We’re not going to make it, are we? No reinforcements available. You’re again ordered to return to base. We all come back or no one does. Get this ammo on the choppers now. You reckon we’re going to get shot down? Honestly? Yep. You bloody beauty. Stay strong. Protect your mates. You’re Delta company.

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  1. No one should glorify war but all soldiers, no matter from what country they come from should be honoured. I am glad that this story is told to a new audience but we must also remember the fallen enemy for that too have family.

  2. What a brilliant movie that showcases true valour of the Royal Australian Regiment 6 Battalion Delta Coy in Long Tan .. Lest We Forget

  3. Just come home from watching this fantastic movie what a great locally made movie to tell of the harrowing time these Australian troops went through

  4. Just come home from watching this fantastic movie what a great locally made movie to tell of the harrowing time these Australian troops went through

  5. If you go to see just one movie this year this should be it, DANGER CLOSE: The Battle of Long Tan. One of the biggest untold stories of the Vietnam War. 53 years ago. Lest We Forget. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/aug/11/recalling-the-horror-of-long-tan-i-was-too-bloody-busy-to-be-frightened

  6. This historical battle has finally been made it to the screen, this is the battle that the VC always want to forget, great work guys. Looking forward to see it.

  7. Watched it with my dad, loved it❤️❤️❤️, wasn’t expecting an Australian movie to be that good, my dads dad was also in Vietnam so it was nice to recognise and see how the Anzacs fought their hearts out at the Battle of Long Tan, 8.5/10 from me n dad, R.I.P to all the soldiers on both sides

  8. I really enjoyed this film, and you can see that the creators have really done their research to make the uniforms, kit, vehicles and weapons correct for the period. I even noticed that one of the NV combatants was using a German StG44! Not common, but definitely correct, as the Russians did ship these WW2 capture weapons to NV. It's little features like this that really won me over with this film. Great work!

  9. Just seen it, people were sobbing at the end, so powerful. I am so proud to be an Australian and served in the Army. Great movie take your mates and give it a crack.

  10. Well, now I don't have to see the movie, cause they basically just showed the whole thing.

    I hate it when they do that.

  11. I respect the Aussie and New Zealand veterans who served in the Vietnam war. It's about damn time for the ANZACS to have their own film about the Vietnam war! #ANZACS

  12. Went and saw this in the cinema, made me proud to be Aussie. Production quality on this was top notch, bloody awesome stuff. This film will make you laugh and cry. Definitely recommend seeing

  13. As a young Australian, this is the history we should have been learning about. Not bloody Roman sewage systems and architecture. It took my parents telling me about this battle and going to see this movie to even know this happened.
    It is sad that it took 45 years for the Australian Government to even acknowledge what happened.
    Beautiful movie. Going to see it again tonight.

  14. me being a aussie vet and my wife caring for a vietnam vet for her job is inspiring and the stories she tells me that he tells her just make me proud to own the fact i was apart of that army and role!

  15. As an Australian I'm pretty skeptical of Australia film, the past decade we've put out some pretty B grade stuff but this…. this is the exception.

    A+ for the cast, A+ for the visuals, A+ for the writing, I'd rate this up there with Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers

  16. This was an amazing movie the whole experience in surround sound the fight scenes were full on but the moments when everything went quiet was bloody scary loved every minute of it

  17. Some of the Anzac never knew how dangerous it was, people volunteer for things just to prove themselves but never knew what they signed up for

  18. What’s the most terrifying thing is that the Vietnamese were underestimated when they kept pulling off attacks like this and the only head on attack’s were with other infantry if it was armor or air support they would peace out

  19. My grandfather, Maxwell Thomas Turrell, was a Captain in 6RAR. My whole family was moved at the honourable mention of the battalion and the awards they received by America (and were FINALLY recognised by Australia 50 years later) for their bravery at the end of the film. The film was very emotional for my family and definitely other families who had relatives involved in the Vietnam War. Much respect to you all.

  20. Awesome!!!! been waiting sooo long for this movie. since long tan doco narrated by Worthington. Was starting to think it wouldnt happen. Congratulations!!!!!

  21. 18 killed, 24 wounded vs 245 enemy killed and 350 wounded and 3 POW's. War is long over, but memories and transcript's remain, decades before anyone thought of making a film. Vietnam these days is a great place and the people are awesome. Hell I even saw a HQ Monaro (Iconic Australian car) getting around a few years back.

  22. When is this out? Ive checked all the online streaming sites and its no where to be found not even a poor quality version. (Uk)

  23. What about the brave young men and women who gave their lives to remove the foreign invaders. First the Dutch and French, then the Japanese, who are then used by the French and British to reimpose French rule, not to mention actual SS brigades, and the the USA. I acknowledge the sacrifice of these young Australians, but it must be recognized in what false cause their lives were offered.

  24. In our local cinema in Sydney , we had actual veterans of the war in the theatre watching that very same movie of their lives , emotions were high and it’s was personal for many aussies .
    Great movie , best Australian movie ever .

  25. All the soldiers have a purpose for their fight, some say it is meaningless and some say it is not, it is important who benefits from this war. I am from Vietnam, pray for the soldiers who have passed away

  26. No nation get involve a newbirth country without their own benefit nothing free…so pls dont talk capitalization or communist is good or bad….to follow…my grandfather and his friends fight for country where named VN owned by vnese..that is this.,,Can I come to your house and telling you what to do??? look at korea…Many blood both side serve for individual purpose

  27. I googled this movie and it shows
    NO MOVIES SHOWTIMES For The Entire Chicago Illinois USA Metropolitan Area on its US Release Date of this Friday, November 8th, 2019…THIS IS HORRIBLE. This fine movie should be in every theater. (The estimated population of the entire Chicago Metropolitan Area is almost ten million people).
    UPDATE: Friday 11/08/19: Possibly the US Release date of "Danger Close" was pushed back to not directly compete with the US Release of the movie "Midway" today
    (if so, that seems like a pretty good idea to me). But to help promote this "Danger Close" movie better in the US, I recommend getting the new US release date on the internet ASAP. Thanks.

  28. It it just me or am I already seeing historical inaccuracies?
    Because yes…that entire battle was ridiculously one sided and the Aussies were pinned down, and he did call in a crazy amount of artillery close to his position. But that base didn't resupply them, they weren't surrounded. The enemy was literally only in front of them. But they couldn't retreat due to the literally lack of any real cover. They just bombed the hell out of the VC till silence.

  29. Sir, we dont all out atk likes that, we referred ambush US soldiers in jungle. We shoot AK, 2 shoots in a row. Cus our strength and stamina are so low we cant spray m4 16 like US soldiers can do. Better no jungling with vietcong haha.

  30. The first Australian war movie i've seen, so emotional & really loved it!
    On behalf of Malaysian people, thank you for your help & contributions during Malayan emergency
    in fighting with us against local communist party, salute to all brave heroes

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