Dad charged with assault after tackling student who was wrestling his son

Dad charged with assault after tackling student who was wrestling his son

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  1. It's funny how everyone saluting the dad on hitting a kid that is involved in a violent sport. Just like football and other violent contact sport there is the risk of things happening even if it's not meant to happen. If you cant take the possibility of something like this happening then dont let your kid play sports period!!!! My kids played football and my youngest was playing football until he got his first concussion. I took him out of football and had him focus on his education instead and hes playing basketball now and yes theres a possibility he could get hurt playing that too but it's the lesser of 2 evils…

  2. Illegal slam that could have broken the kids neck. I don't blame the fathers reaction, and the kid wasn't tackled he was pushed. I'm glad the he was only charged with simple assault, just means he will avoid jail and got away with pushing the punk.

  3. kid he knows its illegal to slam someone on their head and still does it. which is 100x more dangerous than a dad shoving the kid for doing it. this world is ridiculous. correct punishment would be to slam the other kid on his head. see how he likes it

  4. the dad didn't take it too far, the wrestler that slammed his son like that took it too far…. why does the media report only one side.. they should have made points for both sides and left it up to the viewers to decide who was wrong… that's called unbiased reporting but the media forgot how to do that… to me they are both wrong but the dad was clearly protecting his son after an illegal move that could have paralyzed or killed him. dude is lucky his intentional head slam didn't hurt the kid…

  5. Plenty of people commenting here are showing both complete ignorance and arrogance in commenting on something they do not understand. They fail to realize the failsafes that exist in the sport of wrestling to prevent injuries, including ultra soft mats that render most slams irrelevant to the receiver (obviously none of you people have watched a freestyle match), and the fact that in HS and College wrestling, these slams are considered ILLEGAL, and if the victim cannot continue (usually due to a relatvely minor issue, not paralysis), it is a disqualification.

    Generals out of the way, let's look at this specific scenario. Kid does an illegal slam, his opponent lands on his upper BACK, not on his head. Funniest part: THE KID SPRINGS UP, FULLY STANDING, READY TO GET BACK INTO THE DISADVANTAGE POSITION. The kids a stronger man than his father to say the least. The father watches all of this, including his apparently a-ok son (who was clarified and verified to be unharmed once the dust settled), and goes full primate.

    The people attempting to defend this man are simply ignorant to the sport and have little knowledge of what actually goes on In a wrestling match. These same people are the greatest threat to the sport, as they see it as a danger, not a way to teach young men and women discipline and a great defensive skillset.

    Edit: This is pissing me off even more. These dumbasses in the comments are telling the ref to "DO UR JOB" When he FUCKING WAS! HE WAS ABOUT TO STOP THE MATCH AND CALL IN THE TRAINER. THE POINT IS AWARDED JUST BEFORE THE TRAINER COMES TO EVALUATE THE WRESTLER. I just love it! Ignorant people trying to tell a referee how to do the job he was already doing. Jesus.

  6. The father was in the right. That was an illegal slam that could've seriously injured his son. The dad should've thrown in a few punches.

  7. If his son didn’t reach back during a plex he’d be a better wrestler and wouldn’t need you to right his wrongs. Story of the day kids.. don’t reach back ever when wrestling

  8. These type of men are called beta males. Also known as beta bitches. They're fueled by intense emotions and have no control of their reactions. I can look at his mugshot and easily tell he's a Squealer

  9. Can you imagine if his son played football LOL imagine how embarrassing it would be to have your dad run out in the middle of the field because he got triggered AF

  10. These comments are nuts. First of all yes it was an illegal slam. Which is why the ref put both his hands up to the back of his head to call illegal hold and award the wrestler who was slammed 1 penalty point. Secondly the slam wasnt that bad, happens every match in freestyle wrestling. Thirdly the kid wasnt injured, he hopped right back up and got down in bottom position ready to go. Forthly everyone applauding this father for doing this should be ashamed. And lastly, the only way i run on to a mat or court or field would be to destroy the dad that attacked my athelete!

  11. I wrestled in my teen years. I've got slammed like 5 times like that. The last thing I wanted my dad to do was charge my opponent. Now that kid is going to be the bich of the school and going to be punked probably

  12. I have a funny feeling that this was not the first illegal slam this kid did. I bet this lousy ass ref didn’t call the first 4. The score is 12-37. This match was over along time ago and he just got slammed on his neck.

  13. Nah bruh that slam was illegal and he landed on his kneck that’s not even how that teach slams. jv kids slam like that lmao. A correct on would be to step out to the side and use your hips to life them and return them on their hip.

  14. This father is a hero.. If this is done to my kid , I do the same . not only this stupid guy but also hit his stupid father too.

  15. All you non wrestlers need to be quiet. This happens all the time. Its obvious that the kid slamming is new to wrestling and in his aggressive attempt to make a move took it to an illegal move. Mthe difference between this being illegal and legal is slimmer than you think. Also it's a sport, the dad turned it into a brawl. I hope he gets jail time. Him bun rushing a kid doesnt make he look like a protective dad it makes him and his son look like punks. I'd hate to be that kid the rest of the year.

  16. I'm an wrestler from Iran, there is nothing wrong with this, the winner did't do anything wrong. But there was no need for this kind of aggression.

  17. Its called the Turkey Jones. Terry Bradshaw has been shitting blood ever since he got his!

  18. News: he did it because son was losing!
    Me: the ref gave his son 1 point and denied the opponet 2 points, 3 point swing.
    He did it because that throw was illegal and could have broken his sons neck. Doesnt justify it but im sick of dumb people commenting on "real wrastling!"

  19. Illegal move. Stupid parenting. Period. Assailing a student from behind when the official was about to take action is the height of stupidity. Anyone cheering a grown man for attacking a student from behind is immature and absurd. There are infinitely more ways this could have been handled that don't result in people getting arrested or assaulted. Lastly, attacking people from behind is the height of bitch behavior.

  20. The kid was fine and literally stood up before the dad ran on. When you return a kid to the mat you’re SUPPOSED to hip in and turn to the side. He didn’t necessarily try to land the other kid flat on his shoulders, and even then, it wasn’t that hard, and it wasn’t on his head. Again, the kid was TOTALLY fine. If you’re defending a grown man diving into a controlled environment and blindsiding a kid because he ALMOST did something bad, you need to stay away from youth sports.

    If you care about your children, raise them, don’t get assault charges for being emotional.

  21. Yeah I was all against the dad until I saw the actual clip. It doesn't condone the dad's behavior but that looked like an extremely dangerous slam. I would've been pissed too. Maybe check on your son first and hope he's okay. Would've been much more satisfying for dad to find out his son was okay and have his son win the match.

  22. I used to wrestle in high school and that move wasn't illegal. It's illegal if he picked up the guy and slammed him over his shoulders. He dropped the guy on his side, that's not illegal. Injuries like this happens, but it wasn't illegal.

  23. Folks its wrestling, I was a State Runner-UP and my son was a State Champion…In my day that Dad would have tackled his own son for being such a pu$$ and allowing himself to be thrown that easily…Get over it!

  24. And yes that Dad was a total D-bag, and I'm sure the his son is way more embarrassed than hurt…but don't put any blame on the decent wrestler that simply attempted a throw! If you can't defend yourself from that move then you shouldn't be out there.

  25. can you blame him? i mean, look at the way that wrestler slammed his son down… he lowkey could've broken his neck and died. it was just dad instinct… i'm sure he didn't mean it that badly. he just probably had an adrenaline kick. am i wrong?

  26. The kid dumped his son on the back of his NECK!!! THAT can paralyze or KILL you!!! I don't blame the man. I would have been pissed too.

  27. don’t allow your kid to play in a combat sport if you can’t handle it as a parent. An adult attacking a kid is not acceptable. To be honest, this wasn’t even that bad. I wonder where the other boys dad was?

  28. Everyone in the comments is super ignorant. Matt returns require a lot of strength and energy, and unfortunately sometimes wrestlers lose control of their opponent and these kinds of accidents happen. It's absolutely worth getting angry over but it's a risk you sign up for when you step on the mat, and certainly doesn't excuse a full grown man to put this hands on a 17 year old boy

  29. It seems to me most of the people commenting on here have never wrestled. They are thinking like a Dad protecting his child. Should parents run out in the middle of every athletic event and attack another student when their kid gets hurt? Football, basketball, baseball? It would be the end of sports. I hate the slam also but if he attacked my child he better be ready for the other Dad to come after him.

  30. Ref was signaling illegal slam, not injury, already gave one point to the other kid. That dad is a disgrace to the sport.

  31. I would have done way worse if that happened to my kid, he could've been paralyzed from that and has his whole life ruined. Props to the dad

  32. I don’t think y’all realize how deadly that slam could’ve been and who knows how many times he did that in the match

  33. overreaction to the "assault" by the dad being a parent. only assault i see is the illegal slam that dangerously concusses that mans son.

  34. I don't blame the father on this. Very dangerous to throw opponent on top of head and potentially break his neck. If I was doing it, however, I'd just have punched him in the face a few times.

  35. that wasn't a call for an injury as stated by the wrestler, it was a call for an illegal slam. 1 pt for the slammed wrestler.

  36. When standing up do not reach back for a head lock 8 times out of 10 it ends up exactly the same. DON'T REACH BACK!!!!

  37. I READ this:
    In an interview with the Observer, Tyris Rorie, a wrestling coach at Garinger High School, acknowledged that the Southeast Guilford athlete's move was unsafe. Prior to the incident, the teen had allegedly been penalized for lifting Jones' son off the mat and not returning him safely, according to the paper.

    "It’s a dangerous move, even if you’re not that high off the ground," Rorie explained. "But (the illegal mat return) doesn’t happen that much. It depends on a kid’s adrenaline when he’s trying to perform a move. I don’t think most of them are intentional. It’s like getting hit by a baseball. But you don’t see it that much because you know you’ll lose a point."

    So this wrestler had already done an "illegal move". So he's dirty player ? And what was the Ref doing ? (sucking his thumb trying to make decision from the first dirty move).

  38. As a former wrestler.note the boy that was slammed got back in his hands and knees to continue the match.theres no reason for that dad to do what he did, exect theres one in every crowd.and hes that guy.

  39. My Father in Law was removed from my husband's hugh school wrestling match because he made such a scene…this story reminded me how happy I am that FIL lives 7 hrs away

  40. The manner his body was position when landing on the mat left the most vulnerable vertebrae section of the human body open to an injury. There are reason why these moves are illegal from a medical point of view. That been said, go pops!!!! My blood would have boiled as well!!

  41. all these bitch parents saying theyd do that if theyre kid got spammed. you should probably stick to golf or non contact sports if your bitch ass kid cant handle competition. shit happens. but a parent attacking a child because a sports competition definitely deserves a good curb stomp.

  42. Southeast student was not injured by the tackle! What about the illegal slam that could've paralyzed the other kid, that dad had every right to tackle that asshole for his blatant disregard for the rules and his opponents health

  43. Is the son ok? After reading the kid the dad tackled had already done a dangerous maneuver, can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same. That was a gnarly suplex.

  44. This move was wrong but that man had no right putting his hands on someone else’s son ! My family would have happily went to jail after beating his ass. That’s just something you don’t do….you never put your hands on another mother’s son and I’m not even the type of person to be rude at games but that would be my trigger to go off.

  45. You fucking yanks are so well off you don’t even know it. Hyped up parents living through kids. Failed personal lives

  46. If that was my son whose neck the other kid almost f**king broke, I wouldn't tackle him in front of everyone… But he would find me in the parking lot

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