Cry Me A River The Cheapest Gas Prices In The USA Today

Cry Me A River The Cheapest Gas Prices In The USA Today

Now there’s a lot of talk lately about really high gas prices. And gas is expensive in the United States, that is correct. And LOOK at that ⬆☝⬆ Doesn’t it look like it’s really, really cheap? Here is THE CATCH…
That is NOT… Those are NOT, OK that’s not priced
In GALLONS, that’s Per… LITERS And that’s *NOT* DOLLARS…
That’s €UROS And it’s just under… Just under, just under… 3.87 Liters to the Gallon So… At $1.55 €URO for a LITER For a Liter That comes out to about €6.00 €uros A gallon… And with the €uro currently trading
against the Dollar at about $1.45 That means that here in Europe
Here in Germany We’re paying about…. $$$ NINE DOLLARS!!! $$$ a gallon
Can you IMAGINE?!?! Okay, if you want to talk about

10 Replies to “Cry Me A River The Cheapest Gas Prices In The USA Today

  1. It's been like this in the RIP OFF UK for years, we are all use to it now but eventually these prices will be what you people in the USA will be paying.Has anyone seen the film Mad Max,because that's where we are heading whilst the greedy arabs sit in luxury laughing their tits off at us all.

  2. @beenzo So is the UK,but it doesn't help the average man in the street-it's private business (so they say).

  3. Petrol is really cheap in the US – as you rightly point out we pay here nearly double. And to add insult to injury in some countries you have to pay tolls to use the motorways as well!!

  4. Don't blame the Arabs! It is supply and demand! If we are prepared to pay for it, then why should they not sell it at this price!

  5. In Sweden it's now '2012-04-03' 9$ a gallon. Maybe it's not the price in the US that's the problem? Maybe it's the big engines? My car does 60mpg (US), How many american cars does that?

  6. Only Europeans would be silly enough to express anger at the greedy Americans instead of their real oppressors, the big oil companies who overcharge them. Europeans should be outraged with the oil companies for charging them $10 per gallon. Americans blame the oil companies and not countries paying less than them.

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