COVID-19 dampens sports sector in S. Korea

COVID-19 dampens sports sector in S. Korea

the Cova 19 outbreak has dampened the
local sports sector as well KBL the nation’s professional basketball league
decided to finish the rest of the regular season which is due to end on
March 31st without spectators in Busan the International Table Tennis
Federation and local organizers announced the postponement of the world
team Table Tennis Championships originally scheduled from March 22nd to
the 29th the drama will instead take place from June 21st to the 28th

4 Replies to “COVID-19 dampens sports sector in S. Korea

  1. I hope all Those countries Foolish Greedy Government Leaders pay dearly for persisting in keeping borders open and tourism dollars flowing instead of banning travellers.

    I think it was obvious after watching how fast it spread in China, plus one still does not know if it was man made BIO.

    Its not Rocket Science with a 20 some day incubation period and fools only being quarantined only 2 weeks is just RETARDED!

    Best to Always Err on the side of caution and public human safety and Lock travel down!

    Woulda, coulda and shoulda Fools! Now because of Chinas fukup and those Governments and WHOs incompetence allowing it to openly spread, innocent citizens must pay for it!

    Idiot foolish leaders are still sticking their heads in the sand and turning the other cheek for fear of what? Upsetting the stock Markets? Greed for money? Causing panic? Do your damn jobs fools!

  2. The victim infected and died in china is no longer heard loudly & apparently the number has indeed declined, then is it possible that China really has found a cure ??

    if so, but they said nothing and deliberately kept the vaccine secret, it was really cruel and irresponsible. Because this virus can spread throughout the world is from them, it is appropriate for them to be responsible for the whole world too ..

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