Coronavirus VS Online Business + Good News Updates Around The World | Dan Henry

– I understand that right now, it’s a very trying time for the world, and I’d like to tell you a
quote from Karen Salmansohn and that is this: “Whether
it’s the best of times “or the worst of times,
it’s the only time you have. “Look for the good in each day. “Focus on growth, purpose,
peace, love, and gratitude.” And the thing about this is is look, we were looking to grow our businesses, especially in the time when
having an online business is the best possible
situation you could be in. So let me go ahead and give you some good news around
the world that shows you that this is temporary,
and it’s going to be okay. So, let me just share this
article I came across: 10 Positive Updates on
the Coronavirus Outbreak From Around the World. So number one, US researchers
deliver the first vaccine to volunteers in an
experimental test program. And, according to this
article, it was done in it looks like Seattle,
and a 43-year old patient who is the mother of two teenagers, left feeling great after
she was at the clinic, so that, from what we can
tell, looks promising. As well, distilleries
across the United States are making their own free
hand sanitizers to give away, that’s awesome. Air pollution is plummeting in cities with high rates of quarantine, and it’s actually cleaning up the air, which is giving better air to breathe and helping us get
better, believe it or not, at least according to this. Johns Hopkins researcher
said that antibodies from recovered patients could
help protect people at risk, so they’re looking at
how to make, I guess, a blood-plasma serum; that’s interesting. That’s good news. South Korea finally is,
the number of recovering, recoveries is outnumbering
the number of new infections. China is celebrating several
milestones of recovery after temporary hospital close, parks reopen, they’re reopening. I mean, look at this: they
got a parade here, okay? They’re reopening. They’re reopening, right? And what issues did they have? Was it for 30 days? They had terrible issues; it
was like the worst in the world and it lasted about 30 days. It was like the hotspot, and now they’re reopening everything. Australian researchers
are testing two drugs as potential cures for the virus. That’s great news! Uber Eats is supporting the North American restaurant industry by
waiving delivery fees for over 100,000 restaurants. The Dutch and Canadian
researchers are reporting additional breakthrough
researches on treating the virus. You know, Dollar General has announced that they’re devoting a special
time for elderly customers. The bottom line here, everyone, is that the world is coming
together to get past this, and when the dust settles,
let me tell you this. More people are gonna want
to have online businesses because, I mean, I hate to
say this ’cause it’s terrible, but my business, I sell online courses, online coaching programs, consulting, and my business has not been
affected anywhere nearly as bad as somebody who has a nine-to-five who works at a place that’s been closed, et cetera, et cetera, so people are flocking
to learning how to build their own online businesses, and that’s why my new book is a very, very important thing to have in your possession right now, because it walks you through how I gained over 15,000 customers selling my own educational
programs online. Now, this book is free. I do ask that you pay the postman, and as long as you pay the postman, I will send you this book for free. Yes, I’m actually paying
to have this printed, and I will send you this book for free. For free, okay? As long as you cover shipping. And you can go, you can click the link included with this video. You can check out the book, you can pay for the shipping,
it’s only a few bucks, and then get it shipped to your house. Read the book while you’re
quarantined at home, and start learning how to
build your online business, because when the dust settles, the people who are going
to be protected the best are people who have the freedom to work from anywhere they want,
including our own homes. So grab the book, I promise
you you will love it. I put my heart and soul into it. Everything I learned
from growing a massive 15,000 customer online education business, and if you are an expert in something, or if you just know something simple that other people would like to know, if you have value to give, if you’ve ever given anybody advice. If you are trying to
grow an online course, consulting, coaching program, mastermind and you’re struggling, this is the book for you. This right here is the book for you. So pick up a copy. I look forward to seeing your success, and, guys, it’s gonna be fine. It’s gonna be great. Everything is gonna work out. We’re coming together, we’re doing what we’re supposed to do. Focus on the good news. Focus on the positivity and I promise you, we’re gonna get this past this and we’ll be talking about
it over beers years from now, goin’ hey, remember when
that thing happened? It’s gonna be okay. See you guys soon.

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