Coronavirus Epidemic Update 20: Misinformation Spread, Infection Severity, Cruise Ship, Origins

Coronavirus Epidemic Update 20: Misinformation Spread, Infection Severity, Cruise Ship, Origins

welcome to another MedCram lecture
total confirmed cases is 73,000 approximately total deaths is 1873 total
recovered is 12,000 887 and that ratio of total recovered to total deaths has
been increasing if we go to the world ammeter website we look at the total
cases that have been diagnosed again here we see that big jump on February
12th because of the expansion of the diagnostic criteria and leveling off
once again as we saw total deaths however continued to increase although
there seems to be some leveling off if we look again at more case statistics we
can get that broken down and we’ve been looking at these carefully the number of
daily new cases seem to be leveling off worldwide however if we look at new
cases outside of China they seem to be accelerating we’ll have more on that in a little bit
there was an interesting article that was published on the website of NPR was
a transcript of a interview that was done with Carl Bergstrom who’s a
professor of biology at the University of Washington who talks about something
that’s spreading even faster than the virus and that’s false information it’s
an interesting discussion about misinformation about how many are
infected how it’s spreading and the source of how this virus came about and
it discusses the different motives for why there might be misinformation about
this I think it’s an interesting read and we’ll include a link in the
description below so given that let’s go ahead and take a look at this article
which is out of the University of Minnesota and the Center for infectious
disease research and policy and it talks about a lot of things that have happened
in last 24 hours one of the big things that’s come out is a report from
basically the Chinese version of the CDC and of course many things in China are
controlled by the government but it’s interesting to look to see what they are
reporting this is a study that came out that looked at 72,000 patient records of
which 44,000 were lab confirmed cases and 16,000 were suspected cases and over
10,000 were part of the newly expanded clinical criteria for the corona virus
and there was almost 900 asymptomatic cases so what they’re showing here is
what proportion are mild severe and critical and it kind of confirms what we
had been seeing in the beginning which was that about 80% of the cases that
were diagnosed were mild and the vast majority of these cases were in people
aged 30 to 79 so what did they see about 14 percent of these illnesses were
severe and about 5% of them were critical and then here’s the interesting
part because we always discussed if you could compare the number of deaths at a
particular point in time with the number of confirmed cases at a particular point
in time and that was a concern for many including myself because patients can be
diagnosed very early but it takes quite a while for them
to die obviously from the virus and so how far back did you need to go to have
a case fatality rates well when they looked at these after it was said and
done they looked at the overall case fatality rate and it turns out to be in
their analysis about 2.3 percent and just as we suspected what we seen a lot
of viral pneumonia cases with influenza there was one thousand twenty three
deaths included in the study most of these were people who were aged
older than sixty and those who had underlying medical conditions now there
was a study that was published in JAMA that showed that a number of health care
workers at the very beginning of this outbreak were infected a lot of them
those who call me Lee this confirmed that about 1,700 health care workers
were infected in the outbreak and five of them fatally one of those of course
was dr. Lee who was at the early portion of the epidemic and actually warned a
number of his colleagues about this and was reprimanded of course by the Chinese
government the events that marked the severe acute respiratory syndrome or
SARS and the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus MERS Co V were
sometimes associated with super spreader events and it didn’t seem like there was
any evidence of that occurring in this particular outbreak
the other big news is that there seems to be and they’re looking at a decline
in the number of cases that are diagnosed in China now this may be
because of the quarantine and if they release that quarantine we may see that
shoot up again it’s also of course as you have more and more people in fact
that it’s more difficult for the virus to infect more people because it can’t
infect someone that’s already infected so the w-h-o is asking people to take
this with a grain of salt and see how things go the other interesting story in
all of this is what is going on on the diamond Princess cruise ship which has
been quarantined in the Yokohama port since February 3rd and as of yesterday
there was another 99 more people on this cruise ship that had tested positive
raising the total to 454 and so the US State Department had evacuated more than
300 US citizens and their family members who had been on
the diamond princess interestingly between when they got off the ship and
when they got to the airport the US officials had learned that about
fourteen passengers who have been tested turned positive for kovat 19 which is
the illness that is produced by the virus and these people were still put on
the plane but put into a specialized part of the aircraft and it says here
isolated according to standard protocol these people argue to arrive at Travis
Air Force Base or the Joint Base in San Antonio Texas there has also been a lot
of talk about where did this corona virus actually come from and there is a
preprint publication that means that this has not
been peer reviewed and this was made available by an international group of
virologist some of them out of Southern California at Scripps who looked at
their analysis of the genome of this corona virus and they described as it
says here it’s notable features and scenarios that likely led to its
evolution they proposed two scenarios natural selection in a host animal
before the virus jumped to humans or natural selection in humans following
transmission from animals to people and if we look at this article as you can
see here it comes out of Scripps research in La Jolla California and also
the University of Edinburgh in the UK as well as New York Sydney Australia New
Orleans and Germantown Maryland talks about the different possible origins of
this SARS cub – which is the name of the virus in this they talk about the
binding sites of the SARS cuff – genome specifically to the human ace to
receptor and in their discussion you can see the breakdown of these sites where
they analyzed it and the mutations and contact residues of the SARS cub to
spike protein and the conclusion that they come to is interesting they say
that it is improbable that the SARS cuff to emerge through a laboratory
manipulation of existing SARS related coronavirus they go on further to say
that either this thing mutated before it when in humans or after it went in
humans and they talked more about the adaptation to humans finally in their
conclude they say that it’s currently impossible
to prove or disprove the other theories of its origin and whether or not further
data will help resolve this issue and so we’ll put a link in here to this article
as well some of the things that we’ll be talking about in upcoming updates is
exactly how does this virus infect cells and how does it replicate and reproduce
we’ll get into a little bit of molecular biology also for those are interested I
will refer you to our video with the link provided on how the corona virus
actually kills somebody through the cytokine storm and the viral pneumonia
is an A RDS thanks for joining us

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  2. RIP Dr Liu Zhiming. The president of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital died yesterday. Wuchang Hospital is one of the best in Wuhan. It's always so very sad that a senior health worker fighting a virus died of the virus. A very smart neurosurgeon that the world needs. What a loss! It was reported that Dr Liu was a very healthy person. Even a healthy person can die of this virus. I think the whole world should send protective equipment to the doctors and nurses there. Some health workers only have surgical masks. Every one of them needs a full body protective wear.

  3. If the official numbers are anywhere near accurate then the extraordinary measures being taken, especially in China, to contain this virus are greatly overblown. IMO the actions we see being taken are speaking more truth than the official numbers being reported.

  4. As a RN, the part that amazes me is that 14% of all cases rates as “severe” or “critical”, which in a respiratory infection indicates that supplemental oxygen is usually required. Comparison to Influenza Infections, this supplemental oxygen percentage is off the scale.

    With unconfirmed infections in North Korea, which has almost zero health care resources, this will be causing multiple waves of reinfection, even though they won’t be confirmed by CT Scans. Until mass inoculations are available in both North Korea and China, this pandemic will be on the evening News.

  5. How many millions have been tested out of the MILLIONS there??. Hard to make sense of numbers when all the facts aren’t available.

  6. Suggestion : pls review also what kills this type of virus naturally and under what environment. Unless we still don't have the specific meds/treatment/vaccine for it, we need the basics where/when /how it thrives.

  7. If people are asymptomatic, how and why are they being diagnosed? Also, if there are asymptomatic cases, it seems to me that there are more people infected than are being reported. I have watched at least ninety (90) percent of your lectures and either I missed it, or it wasn't covered. Can you reconcile this for us?

  8. Came from animals…but can't find one. Not gonna look either. Could be from pangolins. Could be from bats. No cases of animal to human transmission. But it came from animals!

    Are we rounding up bats? Quarantine pangolins? Such a deadly virus…yet no one worried about animal to human transmission.

  9. Dear Dr., I love watching your valuable videos; each day I go into YouTube and the first thing I do is watching your latest video(s). Thank you and with deep respect. 🙏

  10. W.H.O I HAVE A QUESTION..What i have briefly researched in 18 minutes was that the organization of the coronavirus genome is 5′-leader-UTR-replicase-S (Spike)–E (Envelope)-M (Membrane)-N (Nucleocapsid)-3′UTR-poly (A) tail with accessory genes interspersed within the structural genes at the 3′ end of the genome.
    Within the envelope of the virion is the nucleocapsid. Coronaviruses have helically symmetrical nucleocapsids, which is uncommon among positive-sense RNA viruses, but far more common for negative-sense RNA viruses.
    Coronavirus virus particles contain four main structural proteins. These are the spike (S), membrane (M), envelope (E), and nucleocapsid (N) proteins, all of which are encoded within the 3′ end of the viral genome. To successfully initiate an infection, viruses need to overcome the cell membrane barrier. Enveloped viruses achieve this by membrane fusion, a process mediated by specialized viral fusion proteins
    The S protein (∼150 kDa), utilizes an N-terminal signal sequence to gain access to the ER, and is heavily N-linked glycosylated. Homotrimers of the virus encoded S protein make up the distinctive spike structure on the surface of the virus. The trimeric S glycoprotein is a class I fusion protein and mediates attachment to the host receptors.

    My question: So can we use stem cells to create proteins as we kill off the original proteins that are injected with the virus to counter act its offensive objective and thats to over come the membrane barrier?

  11. Total recovered is a misnomer. You can get the disease a second time and it's worse the second time, so they're not in the clear.

  12. That's not leveling off. Not spiking is not leveling off. That graph clearly shows a similar increase as was seen before the spike.

  13. It would be interesting to see what remedies would be considered to be misinformation. I still say that the impact of Wuhan CoV can be greatly diminished by reducing ACE2 with diet (including ACE inhibiting foods, kidney diet to minimize renin, foods high in MBL, etc.), humidifiers, UV air filters, alkaline nasal washes, carrageenan nose sprays, extra sleep, sunlight, etc. I'd like to know if those with mild symptoms are doing these things. Thoughts?

  14. I had viral pneumonia when I was in high school, was miserable for a couple weeks, then got bacterial pneumonia after it. It took about a month before I felt normal. I’m in my 40s now and usually get a bad upper respiratory infection once a year but I’m usually over it in a week I don’t run to the doctor either every time I get it. Hopefully they can get a handle on this bug and stomp it out.

  15. Question is this virus contagious if someone is asymptomatic? Thank you for keeping us well informed and educated : )

  16. The first videos you produced about Coronavirus were VERY helpful. However, this video is extending a trend of minimizing the situation. Recall the recent video where you displayed a graphic about the flu and compared how Coronavirus wasn't so bad after all. Now today, you highlight doubts about Coronavirus resulting from Chinese bioweapons program.
    If you don't know, then why mention it?

  17. After watching your vid on how coronovirus kills- I'm curious about a comparison to the "Spanish Flu", when seeing that 14% of COVID-19 need at least O2 or intubation with induced paralysis. Of course none of that was available for Spanish Flu; isn't COVID-19 then much more dangerous for billions of people who will have no access to post Sars methodology / modern hospital care. How can the comparison of viral spread in other epochs (where essentially no effective health care was available) be compared to modern China with the capacity to build specialized field hospitals in days, impose effective quarantine on half a billion people, and work with the WHO to engage the international community to contain the spread. It seems that if we adjust for modern medicine, that we find a stark number in COVID-19's real impact. Is this disparity a consideration in medical circles?

  18. I meant to tell you a few videos back. It's no longer Nosocomial infection, it's Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI). Great video.

  19. Are you going to add the cruise ship cases to their respective countries now that infected passengers are being sent back to their homes?

  20. As your are a Pneumo MDx, just for comparison, pls do a COVID19 x TB . Might phase off and bring some real perspective. Regards

  21. I’m really looking forward to your follow-on videos. Thanks for all the work you do in getting this incredibly interestingly (at least to me) information out there for those that are interested and concerned … 👍🏽

  22. Ill be honest, I didn't read the article…but developing hypothesis is NOT the same as "mis-information". It is very appropriate in many scientific and social realms to start with hypothesis and test them for varying forms of credibility as we gain information and knowledge.

  23. So if NPR knows what the misinformation is then logically they know what the information is so why don’t they just tell us?

  24. It would be fascinating to track and compare the top causes of death in the United States and totals worldwide. The "news" (entertainment) will never do it. In many poor countries diarrhea is a major cause of death. In the United States abortions are a major cause; there are 40,000 Americans killed by cars and trucks every year, and of course thousands of murders. It will be interesting to see if dangerous viruses ever cause more deaths than deranged people.

  25. Is it still likely that the case number in china is massively underreported? I base this on the video you made a while back on the case study of first german cases. I assume that mild cases would not even show up in China as people may never get tested with one or the other method.

  26. the News should make segments like this… then they would actually be useful for more than just spreading fear. Then more people would prepared.

  27. Comparing this to Peakprosperity's latest video wherein it says 20% of fatalities were in the 80s then I assume it's rare in unders 30s.Good news.I'm 55 so hopefully there's a steep decline in deaths under 60.

  28. "Both the polybasic cleavage site and O-linked glycans are unique to SARS-Cov-2 and not previously seen in lineage B betacoronaviruses…
    As noted above, the RBD of SARS-Cov-2 is optimized for human ACE2 receptor binding with an efficient binding solution different to that which would have been predicted. Further, if genetic manipulation had been performed, one would expect that one of the several reverse genetic systems available for betacoronaviruses would have been used. However, this is not the case as the genetic data shows that SARS-Cov-2 is not derived from any previously used virus backbone…"

    In other words, it's so ingenious humans could not have made this in a lab.

  29. That will give us the mortality rate of 14.5% and now 2% that WHO is announcing. WHO is doenplaying the seriousness of this virus.

  30. Looking forward to the molecular biology of how the virus infects the cells. How does the virus bypass the Innate Immune System? Does it attack the Immune cells?

  31. If the virus is not airborne, why do the other passengers at Diamond Princess who were tested negative before, contracted the virus eventually? I don't think they've been going around the ship to be able to catch those droplets for them to turn positive. It only goes to show that there are other modes of transmission other than mere droplets. I think this deserves some careful scrutiny! We deserve to know the answer ASAP. Please enlighten us on this matter. Thanks

  32. The youngest new patient in South Korea is 11 yrs old and so many people in korea now 46 ! Obviously is airborne 😷😷💨💨💨💨

  33. Real info: Ethiopian Airlines and Air Algeria did not suspend direct flights between their countries and China following the outbreak. Any news from that quarter or is news being suppressed?

  34. Disregarding the rhetoric and just looking at actions, the WHO and CDC are doing the exact things to help spread the virus. The director of WHO is not a physician – he is an expert in building dams to stop malaria.
    Have you discussed the murmurs about second viral wave with cytokine storms? Did the Spanish flu kill more in first wave or second? According to Dr. Iwata’s first-hand account, the Diamond Princess is not following any standard quarantine procedures.
    I was reviewing the Milwaukee Protocol just for fun and wanted to get your take on Cytokine Storm (ARDS) vs Viral induced Disautonomia (heart failure, myocardial collapse) vs Viral Myocarditis – potential lethal dysthymia. The videos of apparent viral induced syncopal episodes, if true, and no way to know (many seem staged), in your experience how would you rank the differential diagnoses? Fever dehydration syncope, walking PNA hypoxia syncope, disautonomia (either low output syncope or R heart failure?) or myocarditis (lethal dysthymia). The protocol also included info about how certain viruses eg rabies, can alter the native production of NO leading to Pulm HTN. Dr Willoughby also had some interesting medications to mediate specific viral complications. Given the current understanding of Covid-19 binding sites, do you see any benefit in exploring those as considerations or potential tools in your Critical Care back pocket?
    Also, would you mind offering your recommendations on how to talk about Covid-19. The public is just scared but many, many HCPs are concerned about the viruses potential impact but seem almost afraid to talk about it. The campaign against disinfo is absolutely necessary – however the unintended consequence is that HCPs have no outlet, increasing stress, which decreases quality of sleep which impacts quality of care and their own immune system response.
    Also, given the reported cardiac symptoms, if indicated, would you start with VV and convert to VA or just go straIght to VA ECMO?
    Thank you for everything you do.

  35. One of the "conspiracy theories" doing the rounds is that only ethnic Chinese have been infected and died from this virus. To counter this one needs a list of the ethnicities of those who have died – but this seems unavailable – which strengthens the conspiracy. Where can one get the info on ethnicity to refute this claim?

  36. Hunan went from reporting over 100 cases per day to reporting 2 or 5. Their quarantine is working fantastically! Although, that seems strange with such a long incubation period… hmmmmm …. hmmmmm
    It's almost as if they throttled information, but they wouldn't do that. I mean, they DID do that, which is how the virus got so out of control in the first place, but they wouldn't do that AGAIN, would they? I mean why? To protect the economy or something? Nah….

  37. I think it’s important to say that you were wrong in your previous video. It’s is more deadly than the flu your facts just showed that and it’s extremely contagious.

  38. I’ve been in Hawaii for a few days now and it seems like a lot of people have cold-like symptoms… wonder what the chances are that it’s being spread around here but going undiagnosed

  39. DEAR GOD, They Let Everyone OFF the SHIP!!! Rather than be responsible and move them to smaller isolated groups without a central ventilation system in old military barracks or motels with separate a/c units and no lobby!!! Just release what may be 1500 – 2000 infected people into society because the tests didn't come back positive. I think every country should have had a vote on this. Japanese are definitely not the smartest people, here's proof!!!

  40. OH Yeah, SARS 2 forgot to tell you it doesn't show up immediately in your current tests. Molecules are so sneaky like that. Hiding on all their clothes and belongings traveling to all ends of the world now. Thanks Japan.

  41. I think a PHD in DNA studies knows about this virus and the fact it’s made from four different corona viruses and a snip of HIV seems highly suspicious and actually makes it improbable that it wasn’t man made

  42. Did Japan really just release people directly from the ship into Yokohama with no proper quarantine? I really hope this is misinformation..

  43. Can you explain why the 14, passengers from Diamond Princess Cruise ship that were tested positive in Japan just before flying back to US are not being counted by US government into the current US infections? The US tally today, 2/19/20, says we have a total of 15 infected cases in US, but 15 plus 14 equals 29 as I see the math. Japan is not counting any of the 454 infected people from the cruise ship into their national tally of infected people either. Do these 454 people not count at all? Do we need to factor in new categories for people infected at sea on various boats that have not been accounted for otherwise? It seems like China may not be only government manipulating the numbers as clearly we now have at least 29 confirmed Covid-19 cases in the US. I have to question why this is happening and how many other cases might be getting swept under the rug? Is this because our leaders are afraid of panic and economic impact issues if the real numbers are released to public? Seems they should be focused on the public health issues and having a real count that reflects the facts should happening now. I studied statistics in college and I learned you can prove anything you want using statistics if you want by manipulating things like sample size, limiting scope of variables with exclusions and other "tricks". It appears no country wants the stigma that comes with being near the top of list of confirmed infected cases? Is this like the kid's game, "Pin the tail on the donkey", where you do everything possible to avoid having the tail attached to your butt. I hope the CDC can come through for us here in US and has the funding, supplies and manpower we are going to need to combat this virus. I feel for all the folks who were forced to stay on the ship. This elderly population were at high risk with many having pre existing condition's. This was not like a normal quarantine in a medical facility as it lacked many things like a proper quarantine for the crew who had to take care of everyone. IMHO, it was quite the mistake to force these people to stay on an infected ship when we know cruise ships are a great vector for norovirus. and this new covid 19 virus appears to be the most contagious virus ever experienced in modern times. We are just barely understanding the life history, vector of transmission and basic epidemiology of the new virus. Are we are all test case dummies now as the scientists struggle to understand it as the virus is likely mutating as it goes along from human to human?

  44. Webcam. What do you mean by "misinformation" ? Do you mean speculations by citizens in online chats and comments, or do you mean websites and channels that deliberately publish false statistics? I've not seen the latter, and as for citizens speculating, that is our right. So what kind of "misinformation" are you wanting to surpress in America? Can you give even one example?

  45. Have you heard the rumors (supposedly stemming from anonymous doctors in Wuhan) that it is possible to be reinfected with Covid-19, and that second infection is deadlier due to heart damage? Is there any reputable source of this information? What are your thoughts on this? I appreciate your critical and fact-based tutorials.

  46. There is not much information on what "mild" actually means for CoVid-19. Some news media are saying it is like a bad flu and that is what mild implies. My experience with the flu did not feel very mild for about 2 days. I spent 2 days with a vacillating fever of 104 as did the rest of my family. All we could do was sleep, keep hydrated, and take some advil. There is no way I would have been walking around with these mild symptoms. So please elaborate on what "mild" means for most people. Also…for the most part, people do not go to the ER with my family's experience of the flu. It would cost a fortune for people with no insurance or even a 20% co-pay. So there is reduced testing for person to person contact which will cause a spread of the CoVid-19 disease. Do doctors in the U.S. really have even a rough estimate of how many people now have C0Vid-19? I find it hard to believe that we still have only 15 cases with all the people across the U.S. who are being quarantined. Could you talk about some of these concerns if possible. Thanks for all of your videos. I appreciate your time and effort.

  47. Such a fascinating virus. My 'theory,' considering that it hits the elderly pretty darn hard, is that the young (children, young adults) first begin quietly spreading it. By the time it reaches the elderly (the highest number of serious and critical), it is too late to stop it. The irony of it is that children are 'super spreaders' and yet, they exhibit very few symptoms when they are carrying it around. Many elderly in the US are secluded from the young, living in senior housing or full-care homes. However, once this thing takes off here (it probably already is), it is only a matter a time before these somewhat isolated senior communities get hit extraordinarily hard. Pretty much what happened on the Diamond Princess, but with more fatalities. All that said, people need to adopt a more accepting approach of it. Nature simply doing 'Her thing'. The fear factor will destroy us more than the actual reality of the virus. If we lived a couple hundred years ago and the chicken pox virus suddenly came on the scene, a similar scenario would arise. It would wipe out the older populations while sparing the young. Over time, it would become fairly benign to the world, causing few fatalities, most of them in the elderly who didn't acquire it as a young person. We are a 'virgin population' to coronavirus and the most reasonable advice I have heard on it–I think it was from John Barry, pandemic expert—is that we are going to just have to get used to it. It's worse for people to completely freak out than to ride with the thing.

  48. my comment to CNBC talk with former FDA dr Gottlieb ; dr Gottlieb german for god love is world leading expert on traditional chinese medicine and ayur veda and high dose intravenous vitamin C none of which aare on the board of Phizer nor disciples of Jesus

    China has 3300 TCM hospitals 15 TCM research institutes TCM wings in western [ whiteman] type hospitals India has AYUSH ministry 400 000 Vaidya 100 ayur veda colleges 4 scientific ayur veda journals people need panchakarma treatment people need above RDA vit C dr Frederick Klenner and others cured ANY TYPE of serious infection with high dose[ many grams] IV C [[[ published JAMA sept 3 1949 ]]] the " new" virus is from " food " animals in unnatural milleui " inorganic " hansel and gretel cages

  49. Came here for some apocalyptic thrill seeking…disappointed…now all that people do in these comments is get divided between their personal choice of media lies that's giving them whatever they want to hear ?…truly interesting to see the multitudes of seems to be breaking down the usual echo chamber of the tinterweb….but..i would still be truly fascinated to actually get some tangible proof with regards to how many have died,and are continuing to in china, does really seem like the great firewall works the way its meant to…you wouldve thought with enforced round ups going on..that would present some ridiculous chances for truly horrific and apocalyptic visions incorporating false news! much has been exaggerated..? Will we ever get to know? Does the internet show us ANY facts anymore ? 🤗😉

  50. These numbers are all fake. It is all over the US already. People with 100 percent proof are getting death threats daily for reporting the truth. Cell phones are taken away from some or all people in the hospital with the virus.

  51. 1 British spread to appr. 11, 1 South Korean spread to appr. 13 at church, etc… We are having positives come from previous negatives. We should definitely NOT Not No getting off the SHIPS without having a new isolation location to go to in smaller groups so they have a chance to get cleared.

  52. The only thing I have an issue with is their reporting on the rate of death. If X amount is sick, and X amount have recovered, X amount have died. They seem to be basing the rate of kill against the number of ill. Now I’m a medic, not an epidemiologist, but I don’t see this as an accurate way of reporting this. I think active cases are active and that they can go either way because no outcome can be determined until they are either dead or “cured”. The rate of death seems to be between 10-20% if you compare recovered to dead. That seems to be a more true count or rate of death comparison. I’d like your thoughts on this, simply to explain why they view that as accurate. To me it as misleading as the misinformation that MSM, CNN, and these “responsible prepper “ types are touting on TV and YouTube. And to those who are not spreading fear, but are giving common sense recommendations, good for you, as for the others, shame on you. Now I’m a prepper. I’m in EMS, and this is of special interest to me as one I have a family I come home to after treating and transporting the sick and injured, and two, I try and watch out for the crews I’m responsible for and don’t need my guys freakin out over stupid crap they read and hear on the internet, therefore making mistakes that can hurt them or their patients. We currently have no infected in our area, but I surmised that by last week in the US the cases reported would double. I was off by a few days, and I believe it will climb, and am hoping the rate of kill I see will either decline or remain stable, which, for the most part, it has. At the same time I’ve been advising anyone who bring it up to just remember your scene safety, PPE, especially with respiratory pts, and wash hands, and wipe down rigs frequently at least after every call. I also have referred them to your videos due to the very clinical, but easy to understand nature of your videos.

  53. How come the Johns Hopkins site said there were 29 confirmed cases in the US on the 18th but the number went to 15 on the 19th, which is what it was on the 17th? And meaning as there is only3 “recovered” people in the US, and no deaths, what’s happening to the others?

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