Conservatives Outraged Over Pelosi Rip While Acquitting Trump

Conservatives Outraged Over Pelosi Rip While Acquitting Trump

100 Replies to “Conservatives Outraged Over Pelosi Rip While Acquitting Trump

  1. Kimmel a millionaire elitist controlled by his Hollywood bosses telling us how to think, we are making more $ and have more jobs

  2. Because, his live speech was unscripted. Clearly, she couldn't find his words written in the paper copy of his speech. She keeps flipping pages, while he is speaking. She got the first draft copy. She was outwitted by a white man.

  3. The republicans are super f*cking stupid. Only Romney had the guts to stand up to the dictator. Nancy Pelosi is both a traitor and an idiot. The US has gone to the dogs.

  4. Good for Pelosi. She was probably picturing his ass while she was doing it. (Although not in tennis shorts). He is such a vile human being.

  5. Oh please. Spare me conservative outrage. They tolerate a piece of trash in the Whitehouse who is crude, ignorant, and acts like a badly spoiled child. They are okay with grabbing pussy and thousands of lies. They are silent when he goes on Twitter rants that would be an embarrassment to an adolescent. Nancy is stronger and will always eclipse him.

  6. I'll never ever see hypocrites,liars, cheap-low qualuty people in the majority of the Repuucan senators & Fox! Bravo Pelosi 👍👍👍

  7. You say “us” and “we” as though you speak for all Americans. You don’t! You studio audience maybe but not all of us, as you will see in November.


    You guys, Trump will be your president for 4 more years 😂😂😂

    Your country is full of retards, and they are all ruled by a carrot that can do what ever he wants 😆

  9. Conservatives upset over Nancy ripping up a speech? what about Conservatives ripping up our Constitution? TUCK FRUMP and all his CROONIES! Join me on the nose hanging ten on the next Blue Wave 🙂

  10. This President has learned NOTHING. He has chosen not to learn anything. In spite of the fact that he knows nothing about being a President.

  11. Nancy wasted tax payers money on this wasteful impeachment. You wanna talk about wasting taxpayers money, get the facts right jackass.

  12. Yeah Nanci is a criminal for ripping lies appart but orange man is acquitted of bribery and abuse of power my my how things have changed in our country if it still our country those republicans know how to take care of their own

  13. Oh Jimmy, you will get your place at Guantanamo bay with Nancy, Adam, Jerry and the other deep state puppets. Don't you worry, your time will come soon 😉

  14. Still can't disprove anything Trump said in the speech. Typical Democrats, either lie or throw a fit if you cant prove your point.

  15. You liberal socialist commie Democrats may want to reflect on this quote ~ "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King Jr.

  16. It's hilarious Republicans are outraged over a few papers getting ripped up but don't care about all of Trump's lying and Scandals

  17. Yeah life was soooooo much better when u Democrats ran the country. 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  18. Oh jimmy making the Republicans look bad over the dems crappy actions nice try but you’ll be crying again come November

  19. Petulant Pelosi isn’t worth outrage. She’s in the past and totally irrelevant. If Trump wasn’t the class act that he is he’d have her investigated, charged, tried and jailed with the rest of the party.

  20. Leftist biased media. Trump was acquitted, so the implications/claims made in this video is purely speculation and defamatory in nature when it can't be proven.

  21. Stupid motherfuckin Republican politicians! Trump is the dumbest, doesn't even know the right state that Kansas City is in.

  22. This is where Democrats need to learn to properly frame an argument. She didn't "rip" up a speech – she "fact-checked" it.

  23. Was Laura Ingraham's former name Laurance? He looks a little familiar from the mid-80's local cable channel news days in Northern Virginia.

  24. I still like the Pelosi golf clap better…language tRump can understand. Not the golf thing… the Clap thing, just ask Stormy who gave it to her with his wittle orange mushroom

  25. I would have thrown tomatoes at him.
    The speech was terrible. Full of lies and the most time he told everyone how great he is. There was nothing new in the speech. Always the same rubbish.

  26. what a petty, self centered piece of garbage Pelosi is. Of course Kimmel praises her. There were descriptions of prisoners being captured and killed and their surviving family members were there in the audience of the SOTYA.

  27. Just before the SOTU, the President refused to shake Pelosi's extended hand. Are they going to condemn the President for that? Rejecting a person is wrong. Rejecting someone's ideas is just fine. This is America. Disagreeing is a right.
    The people who are upset about this are crazy. Compared to some things the President has done, what Pelsosi did was mild.

  28. Nancy Pelosi = class act, with character, integrity, morals, and a believer in truth and justice…..the complete opposite of Trump.

  29. I'm positive Romney was referring to Hillary R. Clinton in that quote. ANYONE who doesn't know that (or just refuses to admit) lives under a rock.

    Jimmy Kimmel is Great … until he opens his mouth about politics. *Then he sucks.

    But, what to you expect from a Comedian?! *Not one to chase intelligence or take life seriously.

  30. Get this Jimmy Kimmel the center of hate off youtube, this isn't content its just him talking bad about trump as usual. These video's only contain very hateful comments and speech, this not online promotes online bullying but is considered hate speech. This is against your Terms of Service and I will not stand for someone to release 100s of video's of the same content that promote online bullying and online harassment. Not only is he the president of the united states he is also a human being.

  31. Fake outrage about Pelosi! The CONServatives know they’ve done far worse. They just ripped up the Constitution with their Kandaroo Court coverup so they can go🖕themselves. They can’t do 💩 to Pelosi.

  32. Has any one questioned Susan Collins' fitness to serve? She appears to be experiencing diminished capacity. Her speech pattern is off. If this is a known aliment, my apology. Otherwise, a physical should be requested by her constituents immediately.

  33. I am so sick of hearing from Susan Collins on her revelations regarding changes in Trump. She is stupid as dirt and they don't call folks from Maine manics for nothing, I hope she along with many many other spineless Republicans will last be seen in the near future do spew the same old dribble.

  34. Dear Jimmy Kimmel and fellow Leftist Dems……..Will you EVER STOP attacking our President ??? The crap that your spweing on your show is not even the truth !!! Did you actually READ the Muller Report ??? Did you actually sit thru the House and Senate Hearings ??? If so, there is NO WAY that you can say that this "impeachment" was not a direct plan by the Dems to try anything to get Tump out of office, just because you don't like the way he runs the country. This whole "impeachment" BS was started by Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, and the British Mi-5 agent who created a FAKE dossier on Trump !!! There was NO TANGIBLE EVIDENCE to even impeach him in the 1st place !!!! Then the House Dems RUSH the trial thru to get it done by New Years, miss calling witnesses, Adam Schiff is subponea'd to testify and never shows up, and then Schiff DEMANDS that the Senate call witnesses !!!! FYI to Adam Schiff and the House, the Senate is not here to do your work for you. You Dems are all just little child Rebels looking for a cause, and when you don't get your way, you cry about it and throw tantrums like little babies for 4 years. Grow up !!! start opening up your ears and listening to the TRUTH instead of following each other around blindly like sheep. And you socialists sure have some balls for attacking the country that gives you freedom of speech in the 1st place. MAGA 2020 !!!!

  35. lol liberals slandered Romney as a racist homophobe when he ran against Obama
    But now he surrendered to the liberal media and all of a sudden he’s the second coming of christ

  36. I just wrote this. For you Jimmy and Nancy The Ripper Pelosi 💙

    Orange Trumpty Dumpty wanted to make a great wall then a strong wind made parts of it fall
    All of his co-horts and racist friends he could call
    Couldn't build and rebuild a hundred miles of wall
    The Mexicans said we won't pay one cent or at all
    But you can pay us to build it for you, just give us call
    Poor Orange Trumpty Dumpty was dillusional and sad
    For his Trillion dollar wall
    Was the only platform that he had.😂😂😂

  37. When Obama was in office, racists, like Donald Trump constantly called him non-American, unpresidential, were stunned when he once wore a tan suit, were clutching their pearls when he removed his jacket in the Oval Office, while working. Shouted 'you lie' during a State of the Union speech. Governor Brewer yelled at him and stuck her finger in his face, like she was talking to some lowlife as opposed to the POTUS.

    So forgive me if I lack sympathy for them one the Speaker tears up a ridiculous speech full of lies, given by an impeached president, who only escaped removal from office by bullying his spineless party into ignoring the evidence and witness testimony.

    If they won't respect the office when they don't have it, they can't claim we all should when they put an idiot like Trump in it.

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