Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 2 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 2 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

100 Replies to “Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 2 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

  1. America is the laughing stock of the world right now. And Kelly is being extremely disrespectful to Putin. While he was letting Kelly finish, Kelly just interrupted Putin.

  2. Jesus you Americans have literally interfered in the elections of many many countries and now you cry because you suspect it was done to you. Sad, really sad!

  3. “This is like a stereo type to you, you have someone who likes doing dirty work and you think that we do the same”

    Putin The great

  4. Megyn Kelly is a dumb idiotic blond… Putin made her look stupid while she kept trying to put words in Putin’s mouth… stupid journalism…

  5. Is this the way you talk to a sovereign leader? Talk to our president like that. I'm not Russian, and I support my country as a veteran, but this is disrespectful.,

  6. if these so called experts are so adept in the tactics of Vladimir Putin, why did they send over Megyn Kelly who is clearly just doing gotcha journalism? Putin is a trained KGB and FSB agent who spent years in the Russian agencies… the man is incredibly strong under scrutiny and interrogation, so why not send one of these so called "experts" is it because they are clowns just like Megyn Kelly???

  7. Believe it all and believe nothing. It's all true and it's all lies. Total and complete corruption. Believe in one thing and one thing only…biblical prophecy is the only truth you can believe in….and that's as truthful as you can get.

  8. See why the world hate Americans.
    And the ones that "love" the US so much they come here they get rejected by trump

  9. You can accuse the Chinese president of many things, subterfuge, lies, coercion. But you cannot accuse Russia of doing anything without a very, very good reason.

  10. This is reporter is not nice at all, I am amaze to Pres. Putin's patience. Hey Megyn! Please interview President Duterte and let's see your guts.

  11. I remember watching this (yes Russians can watch this), God americans think all 150 million Russians in Russia and tens of millions throughout world are agents of Putin. Apparently we have a hive mind like ants…????95% of oligarchs on puppets of US trying to destroy Russia like they did USSR. It doesn’t matter which puppet puts more soldiers at our borders.

  12. Lies lies lies lies lies lies. Cmon NBC world is start to wake up and realize you media are the cancer and the reason we're divided! Putin straight honest you can do him the lie test no worries

  13. This woman from the United States clearly does not finding truth, she finds faults. She wants Russia to be the antagonist of the story. Is that how US Journalists got their principles? Finding faults? In a matter of years, countries around the world will hate you for that kind of attitude. Again, you are "NOT THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD".

  14. If you want to become a respected journalist, listen first. No one on Earth would listen to a journalist like you who is stupid enough not to listen to any of who ever you interview

  15. putin knows well how to deal with stupids, after all not only the most powerfull man on earth he is also the most wealthy person on planet. These stupid reporter will never understand it is the corruption inside american system that has led to the rise of donald trump, and you all americans should be thankfull to donald trump for making america great again. since 1971 americans are the only villians on planet and donald trump a honest and intelligent business man who understands american economy very well is totally capable to take care of american corruptions

  16. NBC trying to show how bad he is, all we see is a ton of editing to try and make Putin look bad an a horrible "journalist "

  17. Mr. Putin was a lot more patient with this impertinent busybody than I would have. I would have had her hauled out to the nearest airport.

  18. Putin told Prigozhin to have some fun with internet trolls to taunt the US into a frenzy for several years. The hysteric reaction to the troll farm is 1 million times bigger than its effect in US elections

  19. Putin: We dont get involved in our citizens private lives…..
    ((Arrests Jehovahs Witnesses and Latter Day Saints and throws them into jail for their beliefs then confiscates their churches and properties))…..really??

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