Children Labor For Pennies Mining Mica In Madagascar | TODAY

Children Labor For Pennies Mining Mica In Madagascar | TODAY

30 Replies to “Children Labor For Pennies Mining Mica In Madagascar | TODAY

  1. Tragic, NBC fails to acknowledge that cosmetic highlighters has the ingredient Mica in its products as well. To ask the buyer who’s to blame for this crises, and proceed to blame the Chinese was pretty ignorant too.
    “WhAAtTt CannNn AmErIiCA do?¿” can we stop sending these whitewashed, privileged self proclaimed world saviors to disadvantaged countries and actually send someone who can understand and introduce an effective, realistic plan? It’s not always about taking on the white mans burden

  2. Crtc, Panasonic, virgin, ford….
    You know none of these companies will do anything about it.
    The people need food so that they wont have to work there.

  3. OMG ! thisis exactly the area where I grew up in Madagascar… I was 7 when I first saw mica workers… not in the mine though… this is so sad … :'(

  4. Why are these women and children stuck in this situation when giant companies can build a regulated job for them and provide food and housing? Donate 4 or more of those tram train shells? Where are the men in that country to run like cowards and leave women and children working like slave? I am outraged!!!

  5. No education and fear makes the divide and conquer easy between the rich and the poor, the poor has not a chance but the rich can buy his chance. #cellphonecarchildpoverty

  6. This is so sad. Please provide a site where we can sponsor these children. I would like to help if I can. The things we take for granted and to see this is heartbreaking. I wish i could help all of them and provide for them

  7. Now that we know it's hard to see what will be done… I didn't know our civilization was so dependent on this MICA…

  8. Kids in all developing countries have worked in bad conditions all throughout history. The saying "light a fire under him" comes from kids beings used to sweep chimneys in the U.K…if the kid took too long, they would threaten to light a fire (some reports that they actually did) to encourage him to hurry up. Kids were used because of their size…it's simply easier for them to get into a chimney. It has happened on every continent and in every country.

    I am sympathetic to their plight but it is actually normal course of action as a country brings itself up. The worst case for them is too much exposure and too much pressure on these companies. They will stop buying the mica that comes from there and an already desperately poor place will become impossibly poor…many will starve if they don't leave. Those without any skills or education have always and will always be taken advantage of. Defend yourself by attaining both…they give you options.

  9. The only way to fix this is if the companies that use MICA make contractual deals with the governments to open mines and regulate them for adult employment at fair wages.

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  11. but capitalism is so great and holy….still have a homelessness epidemic right at home…but it's so wonderful and great, for whoever it is great for……

  12. Didn’t trump recommend lifting the regulations that restrict child labor when he first got in office? Let him steal another term, and he may push that through with the aid of the other corrupt people he surrounds himself with.

  13. No mention that the main consumption of Mica is that shimmer in make up. The same makeup that every female news caster in this special is wearing.

  14. Trump wants to allow teens to operate chainsaws, do roofing, use unsafe heavy machinery. If he laces child labor laws such as these, then it will be just a matter of time before they see how far they can revert back. He would like to utilize the children and adults unfairly incarcerated on the border as a labor force. I can’t even believe that we as a nation have all but forgotten about these prisoners.

  15. I don’t think it is the big companies Fault because they are paying the markup price from their suppliers so that the suppliers can make a profit as well as the miners. The issue is that the suppliers are not paying the miners what they should and enforcing safety regulations.

  16. I found this reporting to be very, very weird. "You don't want your children to do that; I don't want my children to do that; why should their children be doing that?" I mean, to the Today host who was present where the filming was being done, and said those words, I wonder, did you change your lifestyle after your visit to these sites? Do people in the West understand that our ENTIRE system is founded on the systematic exploitation of people in low-income countries? Your'e putting the blame on the company processing the mica, or on China, but ultimately, YOU BUY THE PHONE. If there was no demand, the children wouldn't be in the mine. If we were not careless and non-conscious consumers, this also wouldn't be happening. Also, this happens all over the developing world; at this point, is it surprising? Over 80% of the world's coltan comes from the DR Congo, where children are also working in mines. And this ends up in nearly ALL of your cellphones, and other electronics. In India, children mine minerals that are found in our make-up. I mean, the issue is US, not the middlemen.

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