Chelsea latest news: Jose Mourinho wants rule change to avoid repeat of Kepa Arrizabalaga situation

Chelsea latest news: Jose Mourinho wants rule change to avoid repeat of Kepa Arrizabalaga situation

Kiara’s a blogger returned to Chelsea’s starting lineup against Fulham on Sunday afternoon and showed exactly why he’s still more Ezio Cerys first-choice goalkeeper the 24 year old pulled off several top saves at Craven Cottage helping his team secure a 2-1 win and all three points in the process [Music] it was exactly one week since Keita infuriated Cerie by refusing to be substituted against Manchester City in the care about Cup final [Music] the Spanish shot stopper who was unable to inspire Chelsea to glory in the penalty shootout at Wembley was dropped for last week’s Premier League clash against Tottenham [Music] sorry said the incident was a misunderstanding but still wanted to send a clear message to the rest of his squad [Music] Keitha was also fined one week’s wages 190,000 pounds which he accepted dot remarkably the a phase rules state that players are not obliged to leave the pitch even if their numbers are displayed on the electronic board under substitution procedure of law 3 the players on the FDA’s website it clearly states in the rules if a player who is to be replaced refuses to leave play continues however Jose Moreno has now called for a rule change to avoid a repeat of the scenes witnessed during extra time in the Carrabelle Cup final [Music] if a player refuses to come on it’s not a yellow card th e law states that if a player refuses to come off the referee carries on with the game Marin Howe pointed out online sports in the future this can leave managers in a difficult situation where they tell a player to come off and the player ref uses I’m not speaking about keeper because I don’t think that this is what happened dot b ut I think in the future it could happen and the rules should be the same as if the player has delayed the change give him a yellow card the manager needs protection and the law is in my opinion a contradiction watch Moreno have his say here Marin hose solution makes a lot of sense [Music] players cannot have the option to stay on the pitch in that situation dot I t’s an absurd rule [Music] under more in-house rules substituted players would have two chances to leave the field of play before they are sent off [Music] Marin who fully believes though that the kippah incident was a genuine misunderstanding based on positive information he has heard about the goalkeeper from people at Stamford Bridge I have a few friends at the club and everybody speaks to me amazingly well about keepa he added they say he’s a great kid they say he’s not capable of this kind of confrontational attitude [Music] and when the inside information is positive like that I believe this kind of information [Music] get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribe thank you for subscribing [Music]

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  1. I agree with Jose. .. as I said before, the player should go with the captain to confirm with the management if he or her should stay on or off . If the manager says off…even if he or she doesn't like it.. then should come off. If stay. All well and good. ..if the player refuses to come off or not going to see the manager . He should be booked for time wasting. And could be fined and suspended by the manager discretion ……

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