Cenk Goes Ballistic

Cenk Goes Ballistic

this is from the c_n_n_ poll now making this up is right for c_n_n_ dot
com forty three percent of americans still believe this is on the same was personally involved the september eleventh tax it on this country four-week percent right now in september of two thousand six five years later that is asks new number forty three percent
of americans art dead waldheim act okay you know what that means there is a colossal
failure on the part of the press there is no excuse for the still himself his excuse was that the people themselves
have to have a curiosity about classes that you have all the pentagon in people who have it do you know if you’d be hard-pressed to find
in the printed press i’m talking about it lacks of discussion of this issue over
the past eighteen months in this country is inexcusable that the people do not take these now naturally or your argument
michael i mean i need to do this but its own tired blaming the american people how again
grandma molars nowadays but this fact as you call it has been put out there for american consumption
now for over eighteen months ago i agree with you that that that that it has been a all
over the place but i mean it’s it’s been tucked in buried in the really have to investigate the story like this is true that is literally
changed the face of of of our country that is had such an impact
on the middle east white alternates abril space headline on the cover up time newsweek new york times washing about
why is that it’s bad garden literally buried in tents you know articles
that you are intellectuals read between september eleven today here are it
covers a purpose stories iran angie’s list about eighty-eight ok billy graham and ultimately
grand chief is proud of whatever modules will rock your counselor calls with you know when
jesus died ten thousand years ago now entirely cover stories have their own on saddam hussein that’s not active person responsible for not
eleven and i had nothing to do and i love honey cover stories steamroll not learn zero newsweek non blind melon all these at newspapers news magazines television television it’s not quite as well
as some black deadline saddam hussein nothing to balance it out and say let me know about eleven they don’t know what why do you think these people how this has taken a subject and know that
this is a atopic little that has been discussed i think in the last eighteen months responsibly the news media and i think that it is something
that we have come it got to the point so much so that the president
was forced to senators competent but that was the kids that that was the case of effort has convents it didn’t make front page news that president accelerated
intransigent paper that was the featured part in black in the new york times of what you said president clinton concedes
wedding and repetitive vigil on the front page article high-level has now usatoday bush says he’s great america that
is where i have to have a lot ok orange and if you’re talking about once a dot blot passion
and the guy who adlai you know it’s it’s impossible to talk to you about it and i would guess
also yahoo i mean usatoday your commute i was out of u_s_a_ today talking about one how do i get paper right here okay one as a as a purplish says headline u_s_a_ safer would have set up a
bit and i think that i could use acrobat walls blacked out at newspaper you are you getting
a press conference yesterday and how we covered a hilo actually problems without a doubt iraq as a laboratory
she accessories so what was started by one of the u_s_a_ today incomparable suspect u_s_a_ state park bruce says that is all their life that %uh tower hotel every one of these editors
in every major newspaper in every major magazine in every major talented was obviously organization to the park today forty three percent of america’s believe they’ll saddam hussein was personally
about that all of it there’s always failure of the nation press
over ever seen and why do you think i would fifty
percent of americans are both iraq war deal with that number will be at forty three percent
of them didn’t think saddam hussein did nine eleven
overloaded three percent rappahannock it failed us exactly about that
michael any throughout their but you’ve got the overall
position to be angry giant charts

100 Replies to “Cenk Goes Ballistic

  1. I mean he's right to a significant extent but I bet a lot of those 43% have heard that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 but they wilfully choose to ignore that fact. You can't convince people something they want to ignore.

  2. This is not funny and it isn't endearing. Anyone who engages in debate like this needs to be chastised and called out, then flushed down the toilet like the fat turd that they are.

    Ridiculous how Genk has spun this to be a positive. This is who Genk and the Young Turks are. Disagree and get shouted at

  3. I remember cenk's on msnbc when it was conservative I just didn't know he had an online network since 2002

  4. What a fat brown buffalo he is a total liberetard glad Ben put him in his place. He was an idioit in the past and he remains one today alluah akbar you soudi funded Muslim cunts

  5. Michael Shure has been making the same point for years and he's still wrong. Americans in general are pretty dumb, and depend on the media to tell them what's going on. Don't blame Americans for their own stupidity, it's a failure of our education system and our media.

  6. I don't get why people don't see there's an almost straight line between this and the Justice Democrats movement. Cenk's been very consistent with his desdain of MSM and corporate America (when it's involved in politics) troughout the years.

  7. Does anyone else find this strangely calming? It's like "See this guy going apeshit? It's okay to be angry. It's okay."

  8. Cenk should try this after his debate with Ben Shapiro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…..where was this volume of voice in front of Shapiro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. He lost all credibility at, "This is a CNN poll, not making this stuff up." Which just so happened to be the first line in the video..

  10. Cemk is so right. haha some people thinks that socialism an communism is the same thing these people are trying to muddy water. Communism is to give power to the state over everything including dildos. I never heard of anyone who had any problem whith immigrants. Sweden lost their immigrans crisis in 2016 haha it is over scared little cats

  11. Lost a lot of respect for Cenk Uygur after seeing that. I used to think he had a fair intellect but he might as well be Bill O’Reilly. Lol

  12. One of my favorite TYT clips of all time, and one of the first I've seen. Certainly turned into a loyal follower after this. MSM has always sucked ass to this day, and it's refreshing to see someone call them out for what they are.

  13. Michael Shure has NOT CHANGED ONE BIT.
    He's an Establishment Media shill who blames the public for trusting that the MSM is telling viewers the truth!
    He's a corporatist Dem apologist, and I turn off TYT whenever he's on.

  14. Chenk Ugger should be locked up before he kills somebody. He is a psycho for sure. I doubt Ted Bundy or any of the other serial killers flew into rages like Chenk does.

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