Cenk DISMANTLES Kayleigh McEnany on CNN

Cenk DISMANTLES Kayleigh McEnany on CNN

>>Cenk was on Chris Cuomo’s Primetime CNN
show last night debating Kaylee McInerney. That is the the Trump supporting woman who
he’s debated on the show before. And there were actually a few topics represented in
this segment. The first one had to do with the economy, and I actually really liked your
answer here Cenk. I thought this was strong, yet calm.
>>A rare compliment.>>So yeah, let’s take a look.
>>Let’s a debate within the administration whether now is the time to give yet another
tax cut. This is a key part of the president strategy. He’s having this debate and he’s
having a publicly in front of and with the American people but tax cuts work. This is the hottest economy on record. No
arguing with the Trump economy, it’s why we’re gonna win in 2020.
>>He says, the economy is fantastic, and we need to cut interest rates. That actually
makes no sense at all, if the economy was booming you’d be worried about inflation. And you wouldn’t be cutting interest rates,
you’d actually be increasing the interest rates. The reality is that the economy is
not booming. Every economist the country’s worried about a recession. And in fact, the
Trump administration is deeply worried about a recession. They just told donors that there
was a moderate risk of recession. And the only reason they’re considering your
payroll tax cut would should actually go to the employees. It’s [be]cause they know the
only thing that actually stimulates the economy is not supply side economics, but actually
getting finally the American workers some sort of relief. And the reason they’re considering
that now, and Trump is obviously lying about that it’s not going through the recession,
is because they’re really, really worried we’re about to hit a recession.>>Well, look, I mean,
>>Haley when we do hit the recession, will you come back on here admit, the supply-side
economics and tax cuts for the rich didn’t work?
>>It’s really quite disgusting that you’re rooting on a recession.
>>No, okay, first of all, you did a great job. But we gotta talk about the way that she handled
that, because you guys had her cornered the entire time, right, and she was very defensive,
and this is what the right-wing does when they’re cornered. They automatically accuse
you of doing something to intimidate you, or to shut you up, or to stop a very real
point that many Americans are feeling right now. Just before we went on-air, a story broke
from Time that talked about the boom in the service jobs that are available, and what’s
the quality of those jobs? Little benefits, very, very low pay. I mean, the average American
is struggling right now. And if you have the audacity to tell the truth about what’s happening
with this economy, and what happened with those Trump tax cuts. Like with these corporations and the wealthy
actually did with those tax cuts. No, no, no, you’re rooting for a recession. You didn’t
root for a recession, you’re just telling the truth about all the different things that
the Trump administration has done, which will lead to a recession.
>>So I was amused by that answer of hers, as usual. So interesting, sophisticated, economic point.
I will counter with something made up. I never said I was hoping that a recession would come.
I said I was worried that a recession would come. And in fact, if you watch the young
Turks I’ve said that many times, I think it’s a bad idea when people like Bill Maher say
that they’re rooting for a recession, even fact yesterday on the program before I went
on CNN. I said, be careful what you wish for. A recession
can turn disastrous, and affect millions and millions of people. I said, it reminded me
of the people rooting for Trump to win, because then things might get better after they get
worse. Be careful on things getting worse. Unfortunately, whether we want it or not,
that recession appears to be headed in our direction. And look, a lot of, as I said there are the
majority of the economy certainly agree and are concerned about that. But the economic
theory that is been put on cable news over and over again and never really quite rebutted
certainly not of the quantity that the right wing puts at their message, is that the supply
side economics don’t work. The only way to stimulate the economy is actually
to get money to average Americans so they spend it, [be]cause they’re not rich they
don’t save it. They immediately put it back into the economy that circulates it within
there economy and creates a healthier one. And that’s why very high marginal tax rates
worked for us in the 1950’s and 60’s. We only hear great case of that, every podcast
check out Pitchfork economics on our podcasting network by Nick Hanauer, brilliant businessman
capitalists and warning now my god you’ve got to watch out if you don’t have a better
distribution of income our whole economy is gonna crash. And it’s not gonna be good for
anyone, including the rich. And if by the way, if you want to watch the
whole CNN appearance, we put it up on TYT.com you can see it there. And then finally, look,
I don’t want. We saw the things that she said wrong. Chris and I agreed that she was wrong
because she had the facts. She missed data of the facts, she missed data
of what I said, but Chris doesn’t agree with me very often, including the first comment,
which is, it’s his right not to agree. That’s why he’s in the middle, but it’s the thing
that I brought up in the beginning is grating. It’s what we talked about yesterday as well.
>>Mm-hm.>>Which is, I mentioned that the President
is a Lunatic, and the whole you know, talk of buying green land and being upset etc and
talking about how he’s a second coming of God and Chris dismissed it out of hand like,
we’re not going to do the 25th amendment. Let’s get real and talking about real policies.
Yeah, so that’s okay. That’s Chris’s position. But you know, he’s got his own opinions, but
the only times that we say that Kaylee’s wrong together is when she states the facts wrong.
>>Right, of course. I mean, and that’s what I mean when I say that both of you had her
cornered when it came to the portions of the segment that I saw. Now one of those portions actually happened
to be on gun control as well. So let’s discuss that a little bit.
>>So the topic of Donald Trump flip flopping on possible gun control legislation came up
during this interview. And of course McInerney is going to defend Trump and pretend as though
he never flip flopped. But you really held her feet to the fire so
let’s take a look.>>Background checks. Is there an appetite
or is the Atlantic reporting right that the president told the NRA “Don’t worry about
it it’s not going to happen.”>>Well, I don’t believe that Atlantic reporting
or so called sources, but this President is the one who fix the criminal background check
system with the fix next act. He wants solutions, but he wants solutions
that work.>>What is the physician Kaylee?
>>He said he wants meaningful background checks. We’re talking with congress, but you
are doing a disservice to everyone in this country by not focusing on the real problem
here, which is mental illness and red flag laws.>>Mental illness is not the root of our gun
>>And you know it.>>And we could’ve kept the gun out of a hand.
We could’ve kept the gun out of the hand of the shooter-
>>He’s not gonna do it, right?>>If he seized a weapon from a mentally ill
individual. Red flag laws work better than
>>He said he would do federal background checks, he is not going to do it, right, Kelly?
90% of Americans want federal And we cannot get it in a so-called democracy because of
corruption. Donald Trump got $30 million from the NRA, and he serves the NRA, and>>He was stupid enough to admit it. He came
out and he said, they were very strong backers of my rights, they were very strong backers.
>>Let’s leave it here>>That is, they gave me money and I did what
I wanted. What they wanted that’s called the swamp.>>Let’s leave it here.
>>All these mass shootings to happen over and over again.
>>That’s ridiculous.>>So, okay, we’ll get to the substance in
a second, but you did the Trump impression, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen on cable
news. I mean, I don’t watch it 24 seven. I’m sure it’s happened at some point, but
we were all kind of gathered around a TV in the studio watching you.
>>That’s cool.>>Yeah, not all, a few of us, I guess
>>Okay.>>So anyway, when you started doing the impression,
we all erupted. It was funny.>>It’s really funny [be]cause I got a bunch
of comments obviously on Twitter, which always happens, but and some people are like, it’s
cool that you did and other people were like hey, you know that’s unbecoming on cable news.
>>Come on, come on.>>Hold on, hold on. The funny thing is, I didn’t even notice I
was doing it. People think I planned it out and stuff. I just do it naturally, I do it
at home. Now whenever anybody says anything stupid, I do it in the Trump voice. That’s
a very strong dinner you make. Well that would be me saying something stupid
about my wife. I even do it to myself. So I didn’t, it wasn’t like planned or anything.
I just naturally did it because that’s Trump and he’s an idiot.
>>It was funny. It’s for anyone who says it’s unbecoming. I mean, we’re talking about
Trump. Trump is unbecoming everything about him.
Top it like head to toe is unbecoming. But let’s talk a little bit about the point she
brought up, and I think you made a great point, but at the same time I wish every single time
a right winger brings up mental illness they’re immediately met with, alright we’ll mass shootings
have been happening for years now. So where’s the fighting for mental illness?
Do you guys only care about mental illness after a mass shooting happens so you guys
can deflect? And use, you know, mental illness is the scapegoat?
>>Yeah>>But the point that you did make was good.
So I thought it was strong and I love that you had an opportunity to talk about corruption.>>Yeah, you know, so that apparently was
somewhat controversial, because that also got some play afterwards. I love what you’re
saying. And I you know, I wish I’d said that too, because they’ve never introduced a bill
to increase mental illness funding. So they’re totally full of it on that. But, again, I said corruption as a matter
of course because it’s obviously the reality of why he does what he does, and why a lot
of the politicians do it. But afterwards you’re like whoa, calling Trump corrupt, I’m like-
>>Really?>>Like what, whoa, isn’t it super obvious? And I guess it’s not super obvious to a lot
of people, because people don’t often say yeah, if you take $30 million from somebody,
and then they tell you what to do, and you do it and you admit, publicly, he came out
of the meeting with Wayne LaPierre. And Trump said, well, they were very strong
backers of mine.>>Right.
>>And so I I changed my position and now I’m against background checks. It doesn’t
get any more clear than that. That is a stunning admission of corruption. They gave me money.
I changed my position. That’s called bribery. It’s legalized in this
country, but it’s still bribery.>>I mean, all you really did was articulate
what’s evident if you connect the dots. Not only did Trump say the quiet part out loud,
you know, in saying that they’re backers of his. But Wayne Lapierre’s Tweet about his
meeting with Trump was pinned on the NRA Twitter account. Because it’s a sign of, or its messaging indicating
no we own him. He’s gonna say he wants gun control after these mass shootings happen.
And then we’re gonna have a meeting with him, and remind him, no, no, no you are out puppet
because we’re funding you. And then he’s gonna go ahead and change course. That’s exactly what happened.

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  1. The bulk of jobs have always been service positions so the rhetoric about getting a better job/another job or start a business has always been clownish.

  2. Trump is only the most prominent expression, and successful execution, of a new approach to subduing the public that has been brewing for years, whether he knows he’s doing it or not. That feeling of frustration and disbelief with which most of us greet his pronouncements is only going to grow more familiar.

  3. Bill de Blasio arrived at his victory party to an unusual tune. Political playlists are usually anodyne but de Blasio strode in to the thumping strains of a new pop song, Royals by a singersongwriter from New Zealand called Lorde. The crowd, young, left-wing and delirious with success, went wild.

  4. Trump and every other dishonest huckster will feel even safer labelling evidence of their misconduct fake news. Non-linear warfare which argued that controlling the information battlefield was at least as important as the physical one.

  5. Well you have to give it the Kayleigh McEnany. She sticks to her egregious talking points regardless of the facts.


  7. Cenk!! Way to go man….I like this cool coherent manner. That is by far the best interview you've ever had AND you left McEnany a challenge. Good for you.
    My challenge to you is, can you maintain that calm coherence….because I like you better that way. 👍👍👍

  8. Cenk represents the "Young Turks", which is the name of the group that took over Turkey and genocided over a million Armenians – basically the Nazi's of their time. Why isn't he shamed? Shame shame shame.

  9. We are heading towards a recession, I can already see the effect of this. National debt is through the ceiling and the billionaires already got their tax cut


    It is so pitiful how these right wing nuts get so flustered & upset when they are presented with actual fact based information that is the opposite of the fairy tales & make believe they believe in & try to convince others to believe in with them! They just get so upset, offended, & use personal attacks since they don't know what else to do!! It really is rather comical to watch reactions like that of this ignorant imbecile who's name I don't know nor even care to copy & paste into this comment!

  11. The righties are infamous for cutting funding for mental health care…and I bet they aren't rushing even now to do anything that does anything positive for addressing mental health issues.

  12. Guns must be allowed freely. In India only law breakers can have guns and terrorise law abiding people in broad day light. Actually the whole IPC (Indian Penal Code) should be trashed as it is not implemented except for some headline grabbing crimes. Americans do not give up your right to own guns. All this background check is just a foot hold to grab that space and encroach on your rights. When you have an idiot as the head of Govt you ought to have a gun to protect you from the Govt.

  13. Doing the Trump impression Live on cable is only going to hurt you in the long run Cenk. What you should have said was that Trump said he was going implement legislation to prevent mentally ill people from getting guns only after Trump removed it in the first place. Obama implemented it, then Trump removed it, then Trump said he was going to implement (re-implement) that very same policy he removed in the first place to cover his ass. That would have crushed her.

  14. yes: the whole country has succumbed to the 'unbecoming-ness' of trump – TYT: 'we don't want to miss the band wagon'. (y)

  15. The last thing the young turks do is tell the truth and be sophisticated. Of course, the headline on this channel is cenk devastates mcaneney. It’s there channel, lol. Cenk the economist pushed the naked communist Bernie Sanders. I wonder how that would work out for us. These people are a joke. Watch ben Shapiro expose cenk as a clown to his face, please.

  16. It’s not a case of worrying about being careful what you wish for. The reality is things are going to get worse before they get better. Trump is insane. People around the globe know it. Some Americans know it but too many Americans don’t, so until America hits rock bottom nothing will change.

  17. I definitely had a shocked reaction to the trump voice on CNN lol. Cuomo wanted to move off that so quickly as soon as it started lol. I don't think he could believe it either! I'm used to hearing you do it on your show but it was definitely a surprised on CNN lol.

    About the corruption tho, I'm surprised that it also got a response like that. Corruption should be the first dot anyone connects with trump. And they have right wingers on all the time that say crazy psychobabble stuff and CNN doesn't make a fuss. So good for you cenk to keep talking and say what you needed to say because they just don't speak about that there. But he's had you on a bit and progressives are getting the tiniest Sliver of voice on mainstream media. That's something. Too bad they don't put progressives on as often as they put right wing conspiracy nuts on. But it's definitely a start 🙂

  18. Watch out for Crooked Trump and the shady Republicans revving up voter suppressions and election riggings as they know the American people are tired of their lies; corruptions; and anti-poor, racist policies and they also know they can’t beat the Democrats in 2020 without cheating! Moscow Mitch and Crooked Trump have already blocked every measure to safeguard our elections and have even invited their Russians comrades to interfere with our elections by refusing to stop the Russians from messing with our elections!

  19. I agree that the issue with mass shootings is mental illness. So let's require mental health reviews as part of the requirement to get a gun.

  20. My question is why these corrupted retarded bastards keep confusing people. It's time to realize the difference between racism and mental illness. They need to stop that shit. Quit selling people's lives to fk nra bs. That shit has to be over. It's the only country where they prefer money over human beings lives.

  21. I liked the part when mental health was brought up, your response was well why don't they do something about it. This leads into giving away all our tax dollars to the rich with their tax cut for the 1%r's. Which leads into their next tax cuts for the working person, they know the only way to stimulate the economy is to put it into the hands of the people who will spend it, just as you said.
    I for the life of me can not understand why anyone would vote Republican unless you are a millionaire or a white supremest you are voting against yourself. We fought the civil war for the same reasons, millionaire plantation owners and white supremacists.
    The only thing holding the Republican Party together are millionaires and white supremacists. This has now become the party of lies, propaganda, and traitors, all for what, to show how superior the white man is. What a laugh, the white man is not superior but just more devious.


  23. How does Cenk do it? How does he stay calm and talk to stupid personified? That woman makes me want to bang my head against the wall! How is recognizing the economic facts translate through the conservative mind into "rooting for a recessing??????!!!!!!!"

  24. Everyone watching CNN said the same thing Cenk thought about three seconds in to the first clip: "What strategy?"

  25. A common symptom among conservatives, and you can see it on her face: as soon as someone rebuts, or presents data, you can look them in the eyes and see them hit the mute button in their brain.

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  29. the economy is heading for recession but to say its from tax cuts is crazy. hiking taxes would just makew it come faster. btw its been 10 years since the last recession so predicting one soon is like predicting the sun will set today

  30. I wish Cenk would have pointed out that Trump reversed early on in his Presidency the red flag policy put in place by Obama that was designed to keep guns out of th he hands of the mentally ill. Trump did that, and why does everyone forget it?


  32. Trump is only the most prominent expression, and successful execution, of a new approach to subduing the public that has been brewing for years, whether he knows he’s doing it or not. That feeling of frustration and disbelief with which most of us greet his pronouncements is only going to grow more familiar.

  33. Also it does not make sense to cut taxes if the economy is "hot" that will lead to further inflation who are these stupid people talking on national TV do they even have any form of education ?

  34. Stupid Kaleigh McEnany, explaining why Dummy’s wrongheaded and absurd economic policies will cause recession, is not rooting for it.

  35. You should have then brought up M4A because thats the best way to tackle mental illness. Though still. You want a wanna be fascist to make the weapons we could use to fight his tyranny, should he decide to declare martial law and become a dictator, banned? If Trump flips on the NRA he’s laying the ground work for his takeover.

  36. Cenk owned that stupid bimbo!!!
    She’s Just another right wing ding bat, feeding anyone that will listen dumb lies!!!
    It’s absolutely pitiful for all the recunticans grasping at straws! 2020= A Dem President & Chump In Prison!!!

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    We need to change our mentality towards work and we need to align the incentives to reward things we find important. Ie not just follow GDP off a cliff.

    Yang gang 2020!

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  40. Other countries have mental illness and few mass murders. Pretty much every conservative talking point is ruined by a single sentence starting with "other countries".

  41. You know how everyone has a west county, hobbit accent to play pirate? Will trumps voice be the universal accent for complete idiocy? In the UK it already is!

  42. Lol I hope she keeps talking about mental illness. My Mom voted for Trump in 2016 because of Abortion but the MINUTE he mentioned involuntarily locking up mentally ill people, she is no longer voting for him. She's been dealing with depression since her teens and this put her over the edge and finally scared her away from him.

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