Can Trump Supporters And Immigrants See Eye To Eye?

Can Trump Supporters And Immigrants See Eye To Eye?

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  1. The fact that Jubilee put Trump Supporters vs Immigrants shows Jubilee's bias. It's as if they're assuming Trump supporters are against immigrants when in reality it's about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, not legal immigration… something the left don't seem to understand. They're always lumping legal and illegal immigrants together. Judging by the majority of the comments, it appears that most people who watch Jubilee are biased against Trump supporters too, which isn't surprising in the least.

  2. i am not surprised that most of the comments here are by liberal individuals who are trying to make it seem as if the immigrants are smart and victims. and the blonde lady and white man are mean evil uneducated people. i can see alot of TRUMP haters on here and Illegal Immigrant supporters. The bottom line is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION WILL NEVER BE LEGAL. NO COUNTRY ALLOWS IT !!

  3. Mexican lady: GUYS GUYS GUYS STOP TALKING ABOUT RELIGION REMEMBER WHAT THE VIDEO WAS ABOUT LIKE I AM RELIGIOUS BUT I DIDNT EVEN PUT ANY OF THAT IN THE CONNVERSATION" my guy u literally sat in the corner nodding your head and didnt say a single word except when u introduced yourself since you dont have any facts or good points to state in the conversation 🤣🤣🤣

  4. People really don’t understand what she was referring to with the yogurt and neighbors thing. She’s simply saying she sees people of other races in the public and they aren’t being treated differently. Am I saying that racism doesn’t happen ? No I am not because it does happen but the amount to which it happens is so small and the media blows it up to be something huge. When in reality the amount of truly racist people in this country is very very small.

  5. I think both sides had a few good points. Personally, I was a little bothered when the immigrant group kept acting like they were the only ones affected by things. Everyone in America is immigrant technically. The blonde woman had a big victim mentality. And the whole thing with scared when Trump was elected was kinda crazy to me. I may not be understanding it since I'm not like the typical immigrant person and all. I'd love for someone to explain that mindset though! But the whole thing with Trump is he doesn't have all the power. He can't really do anything without Congress approval anyway. As for the illegal immigrant thing, there are some that are here because they want to get away from unsafe places that want to come for freedom and overall safety. But there are some illegal immigrants that come and murder or handle drug things and all which I think ruins it all for everyone sadly

  6. The girl in the hijab and the blonde old man are very condescending… it’s interesting because they’re both being condescending about complete opposite views.

  7. My neighbors who I give strange looks to every morning and disrespect are black, but they are still my neighbors, so I guess I'm not racist.

  8. I tried to see where the Trump supporters were coming from, but that blonde woman infuriated me with her constantly cutting the opposing side off

  9. I know this video should have helped me understand "the other side" and maybe empathize with the trump supporters a bit. but I swear to god hearing the woman and the older dude talk just confirmed the image i have of trump supporters and annoyed me even more xD

  10. I vehemently hate the argument that you need to help your people and fix your problems before you can help anyone else in the world. What makes it YOUR country anyway? You were randomly born there, you didn't earn it. The earth is the home of every single person and every single person should have the right and opportunity to live where they want. You are not special because you were born in America. You didn't do anything special and you have no right to say any other person doesn't deserve to live there.

  11. White guy "I would like to answer your question about why we're bombing Yemen"
    White lady "Thank you"
    Why would you thank him before he even answers? These people are just so far up each other's asses it's ridiculous. Maybe if you were a little more educated and not just relying on the repetitive vitriol trump supporters are spouting, you could be valuable in this conversation.

  12. Arabic guy: ei em muslim and anxious about how other side view me.

    Blonde girl: I own MAGA Preneur, a clothing brand.

    How hard is that plug LMFAO

  13. They do know it can take up to 20 years to get an American citizenship right? I suppose immigrants should stay in their countries despite the fact that it’s unsafe and full of poverty…

  14. Every immigrant here in America I’ve met are extremely sweet. Looking at the immigrants they treat each other so respectfully better than Americans do each other! We need to keep them here and have them teach us how to love one another.

  15. 8:32
    👁👄👁 ahem
    Why should we help people who ran away from war and oppression risking there lives when we cant fund vets

    Oh yh shes totally right ,the poor dogs👏

    I wanna slap some sense into her

  16. I just wanna say to the old man… What about Catholic Priest that groom and prey on young boys and girls. I know it don’t say that in the bible but as she stated there grooming and predatory traits all over the world!

  17. so equality between races and religion to the woman trump supporter is to pick up the same yogurt from Wallmart and live in the same neighborhood????

  18. I agree with the trump side on the muslim religion extreme beliefs but also i agree with the improvement in immigrations and i definetly dont agree with trumps policies and ideas

  19. backed into their religion??! If you know nothing about Islam than plz STFU. Islam literally means peace in Arabic, and it promotes just that. Islam is very peaceful as a religion, and not everyone follows that even if they are labeled Muslim. So it's the individual's fault for not listening, not the religions. Plz, don't misrepresent ALL Muslims just cuz they're a minority. and thank you

  20. You automatically presume trump and his supporters don't like immigrants, their problems is illegal immigration, a better video would be illegal vs legal immigrants

  21. i don't get why everyone is praising the lady with the hijab. i didn't notice her say anything really smart or moving. also why did she get offended when the White guy stated a FACT about her religion. it's not a personal attack or even an opinion, simply a fact of matter.

  22. The entitlement from the immigrants was pretty strong. Liking this country but then breaking it's laws to come here is not cool. The main thing that made America head and shoulders above the rest of the world is our laws and the people that obey them. If you broke our laws to come here then you really do not fit in. Just think if you admired someones husband because they were so perfect. If you lured him away to be with you then you destroyed the very thing you wanted in the process of taking it. That is what is happening with illegal immigrating and the lack of assimilation.

  23. The muslim lady really did have a point when she said was saying people are talking about how immigrants are coming illegaly and not happy about it but trump is the reason that most muslims are coming by bombing yemen.

  24. When the guy who looks exactly like trump started quoting the Karan and said Bhagvat Gita, I could not stop laughing😂😂

  25. Why can t they see eachother, why you racist to Trump supporters and The agression its bigger from non Trump supporter

  26. The blonde lady's fuckng JoJo voice is so annoying. Just because you're tryna speak like there's cotton stuffed in your throat won't make you any less racist

  27. “We’re bombing Yemen to save the people!”
    Alright let’s just start spraying bullets at murderers while their potential victims are near them. We’re saving the victims!

  28. To the MAGA shirt woman >>>>You have not lost anything. If anything , you are in the majority of Americans. You can speak more freely.

  29. This only further cemented my views on Trump supporters.

    They all say the exact same thing, almost like they've been brainwashed by the same media…. cough*fox news*cough

  30. You can’t have a constructive conversation about immigration without American Descendants Of Slaves. We are the most effected by immigration.

  31. The immigrants made the Trump supporters look like blithering idiots lol 😂
    The lady with the hijab was awesome 👏

  32. Trump supporters wouldn't have problems based on politics if they didn't support someone who supports white supremacy, misogyny, discrimination, and racism. I'm not saying it's right, but if you are constantly being harrased over a choice you made, maybe it's a terrible choice. Hate speech shouldn't be protected under the first amendment.

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