California pizza joint blasted online over viral photos – Daily News

California pizza joint blasted online over viral photos – Daily News

Customers at a California pizza joint are warning others to steer clear of the restaurant after sharing their poor experiences as well as photos of its unkempt working conditions. Photos shared in recent months from Papa Murphy’s on Palmetto Avenue in Pacifica show trash covering floors and counters and a man believed to be the manager sleeping on a bathroom floor. The poor reviews were posted to Papa Murphy’s Yelp page, which has a three-star rating, as well as Reddit. A man named Michael said in a review that he ordered pizza over the phone and was greeted by a rude employee. When he arrived over a half hour later, he was horrified by what he saw. ‘Stay far away if you value your health, and lack of service seems to be their mantra,’ he first said in the review. ‘Nobody was there. No customers, no employees, and a completely under-stocked and filthy case where ingredients would be to top pizzas. ‘I waited about 5 minutes thinking the employee needed to use the restroom or was taking out trash or some other task. I called the place from my phone, and watched and heard their phone ring until it went to a full voice mailbox. I then called out. No answer. ‘I decided to venture. Walked in the back and saw food and vegetables just sitting out on top of disgusting tables and dirty machines… walked around the corner and saw the employee, sitting in a chair, huddled over, holding a rag up to his face. Asked if he was ok and could help me, and he got up, not once apologizing, and said he should just close up the place for the night. ‘I walked back out front (snapping a picture of what it looked like behind the counter on the way) and told him I had called in an order. He opened a few storage doors and then walked in the back.’ Michael said the worker did not speak to him and hadn’t started preparing his order. ‘I saw him with a wad of raw pizza dough in his bare hands (which hadn’t been washed) placing it in the machine to flatten it. At that point I left.’ Another unnamed woman shared her experience in a viral Reddit post. ‘In case anyone ever gets pizza from Papa Murphy’s in Pacifica… Heads up! We ordered a pizza online from them a little while ago and my husband went to pick it up. He just texted me these photos. ‘The guy working there is sleeping on the bathroom floor and this is what the work station looks like. Totally disgusting. Glad we didn’t get our pizza there!’ has reached out to Papa Murphy’s for comment. , which she updated over the weekend. ‘It’s about to get REAL. I worked here for almost 2 years, and for majority of it, it was great! The (former) owners were lovely, the food was clean and delicious, and the atmosphere was friendly,’ she wrote. ‘However, now this place is run by new owners that are a family. They blatantly disregard health codes (yes, a lot of the food is very, very expired. I’m sorry) and the sanitization for most of the containers is pretty bad,’ she said. ‘A health inspector came in late 2017 and threw away a bunch of bad food- and my boss (Jay) made me pull it out of the garbage and serve it! Sorry for that also. ‘They ignore company policy by serving romaine lettuce that was banned because of the E. Coli breakout at chipotle, I have before found crickets in the spinach, and most vegetables sit longer than they should in the freezer.’ Share this article Share She said the manager, Jay, the man found sleeping on the floor, also harassed several female employees. ‘Jay harassed several female employees until they all quit, and now that I’ve been gone for several months, they refuse to give me or any of the employees at W2 form for taxes! ‘After comforting Jay about it in person, he got physically violent with me (a 18 year old 90lbs girl), and the police were called, and he was arrested!’

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  1. I live a mile from this place and I sporadically order from here. I don't think I've eaten here since the new owners took over. The new owners, and especially their son, Jasvir (Jay) Singh (the "manager" and the same dude that was sleeping on the bathroom floor) should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. Disgusting.

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