Café Sin Leche (Cara B) – HOT NEWS!! | Lesbian Web Series (Sub English & Français) |

Café Sin Leche (Cara B) – HOT NEWS!! | Lesbian Web Series (Sub English & Français) |

Hi, ‘Coffee Makers’! We are Ana Cózar and Rosa Herrero … Alex and Robin in “Café Sin Leche”. We have already reached the middle of the first season, episode 6, so… As we promised you… We bring news! Today we’re going to introduce you: “Café Sin Leche (B-Side)”! And you will ask: What is it? Well… We have taken into account your comments, suggestions and concerns you show us through our social networks and YouTube comments… So we have created this very special content. “Café Sin Leche (B-Side)” is a number of chapters that will address subplots and conflicts that, although they do not appear exactly in the original script, are closely linked to the chapters. Such as… What happened to Robin’s girlfriend? The one who could not find the door. Excuse me?! Dear, she wasn’t my girlfriend! One-night stand! No more. What about you, who seems to have no house? What happens? I do not have a house… Uh, poor little thing! And when I called Voldemort and the book disappeared? That’s a good point! And where can you find all this? On “Café Sin Leche (B-Side)”, every Thursdays from 8 p.m on our YouTube channel! Although… don’t worry!! Every Mondays, Original Chapters! “Café Sin Leche – Webserie”, remember. And now… You know! Follow us, likes, subscribe and don’t miss “Café Sin Leche (B-Side)”. And above all, comment, a lot. Cause thanks to that we’ll keep on creating more content. Subscribe! Likes! We love you! Bye, bye! Sorry? Excuse us, I don’t know what they are asking us for. We should… WHAT? Is this better? And now? (Director: Better. Yeah… A bit closer) We’re leaving, we’re leaving, right, Rosa? Bye!

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  1. Me acabais de alegrar un domimgo de comunión a las 10 de la mañana (que por cierto, vamos tarde 😅)

  2. Character chemistry and the writer's humor make this series fun to watch. Love it! – New Mexico, USA

  3. ¡No olvidéis suscribiros para estar al tanto de todas nuestras novedades! ¡Gracias a todas y todos por vuestros comentarios y "likes"! Sin vuestro apoyo sería muy difícil seguir… 😍

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