BreakingNews 20 02 2017 | Bboy Reveal

BreakingNews 20 02 2017 | Bboy Reveal

Hi everyone! You watching first video version
of news about breaking! I will talk about future and past events. First of all I will talk about future events First in Russia and one of the best Rock crews in the world is For The Rock Crew. They making event for 8 Anniversary of Rock dance in Russia. 23 of fabruary Tver city! There will be quality music Сyphers
Apache Line Breaking Rocking battle Same in the same days of the month
In Eraterenburg City There will be workshop of bboy Dany Rock Next event is Familly Jam 26.02 in Ivanovo city Judges : Robin & Atajan DJs Dmasta & Kruglov MC Zaki Ryazan is going have workshop too! bboy Kinder | ESBB will make it ! Few workshops will make bboy Chireeto 04.03 in Moscow city
and 05.03 in Bryansk city! Get ready! There will be lottery soon! Yes presents from breaking news!
Nice T-shirts ! What do you need to get them
I will tell you In next release of Breaking News! And now the latest events my friend! 26-27 of January Minsk city
Lets start with it! Crew battle won OBC from Moscow Trip to Tuluse Battle Pro was thair prise! 1vs1 battle won
bboy Dany Rock | Comix Zone crew Bboy Grom | Outstanding Clan
won Kids battle NBC is the name of this battle New PLAYBACKs made DJ Zapy!
You herd his music in Breaking News every time! You can check it in VK! He making music in different styles If you like what he doing you can directly contact him! Links is under this video Style Wars Epoisode 1 in Moscow Max Detal blow up this place
with his midi Dobrynya! It was Dope! Judges:
Banzay Judges:
Banzay, Kristy Judges:
Banzay, Kristy, IgriBoss I came there when All Styles 2vs2 was On! Anakin & Pacman won this battle! Anakin & Pacman
R2D2 & Chubaka AAAAAAAH !) There was Best Balance contest
after All Style battle! HOW !!!!???? I won this contest but
the prize was given to another bboy! (Just kidding) Bboy B-Yog won this contest! This is yours, king of ballance!) Bboy Boch Rock | All The Most
won 1vs1 bboys battle ! That evening was great no only because of battle! On Brusov Ship , there was afterparty! DJs on B. Ship were: PheelOne! Vlad FM Lavrutz Mark Beard And Topor | Da Boogie Crew
the legend of Russian Hip Hop! Thank you gyes for dope patry! Next event has been in Kyiv! We are on Joint & Jam Kyiv city! Going to be hot! Bboy Drud , bboy Lussy Sky and bboy Cherep 26-27 of January They won 3vs3 battle and now
they going to Floore Wars! We won the battle!
Lussy Sky Cherep and Drud! Bboy Fire | All Star
won Kids Battle ! Zulu & Maximus | Mad State
won Hip Hop 2 vs 2 We glad that we won ! It was cool battle! Bgirl Kim | Natural Groove
won Top Rock battle! Maximus | Mad State
won solo Hip Hop battle! Nikki won Popping battle! BUT! He gave his reward to his
teacher Ozon | West Killas There was Beatbox battle too! Minigun from Lviv city
won it! let’s move on One more thing!
Bboy Lussy Sky and Bboy Intact Had 1 vs 1 battle out of Jam! Cool that everything was only in Breaking with no fight! Alot of video you saw was from SoulSpinTV , bboy Drud! Soul SpinTV since 2014
They already have 50 releases! Bboy Drud bboy Mechanic Lady Haze
Ella Panika and Katrin Wow these people presenters ! And again event what was filmed by me!) But! I filmed about it in Prague and didnt use it And now I will mix
old video from Prague with new video! Again we have battle in Adidas
what is located at Kuznetskiy Most metro station! MC was Mister P DJ was Vlad FM Battle was 2 vs 2 I film winners now
like it was in Prague! He is lying! It will be final soon! We will battle in final with him! Vince and May | Back To School
won this battle Battle with Beat Master T & Igri Boss
in final! It was Hot! Bboy Reveal | RockForce & Killafornia crew
was a judge in this Battle If you like this release push Like ! If you heard something new subscribe to my channel And don’t miss news about Breaking! Thanks for watching!

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