BREAKING Tom Selleck Has Had Enough of Rosie Running Her Mouth – News

BREAKING Tom Selleck Has Had Enough of Rosie Running Her Mouth  – News

Tom Selleck Has Had Enough of Rosie Running
Her Mouth. It’s become commonplace in our society for
celebrities to use their influence to spread their ideas on government and politics. Such
is the case in this clip from The Rosie O’Donnell show. In this ludicrous interview, Rosie uses the
platform of her interview with Tom Selleck to discuss her stance on gun control. Selleck
appeared on the show to discuss his upcoming movie, The Love Letter, but instead was ambushed
by Rosie and her Second Amendment viewpoints. His response? Priceless. Tom Selleck’s grace and poise is part of
what we loved about him as his iconic heartthrob character, Magnum P.I. Although the show ended
long ago, his own character prevails. And that high moral character was on display when
he appeared on the Rosie O’Donnell show to discuss his upcoming movie, The Love Letter. However, the interview took a turn when Rosie
began pestering Selleck about the commercial he did for the NRA. In true Selleck style,
his response was gracious and measured, yet he didn’t back down to her badgering. He
stood by his decisions, and he explained his feelings in a mature and respectable way.
So much so that Rosie was forced to apologize for her own bad behavior in light of his impeccable
behavior. Our favorite moment from the interview is
at 5:25 when Selleck questions Rosie’s logic: Rosie: “You also have the freedom of speech,
but you’re not allowed to scream ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater because it threatens
the safety of other people. Assault weapons threaten the safety of other people. There’s
no reason in my opinion to have them. You wanna have a hunting rifle? Great. You wanna
have a handgun?” Tom: “Do you really think the Second Amendment
is in the Constitution to guarantee hunting and target shooting? Do you really think that’s
what the Founding Fathers meant?” Rosie: “I think the Second Amendment is
in the Constitution so that we can have muskets when the British people come over in 1800.
I don’t think it’s in the Constitution to have assault weapons in the year 2000.” As Tom sips his coffee, Rosie asks him if
she’s wrong. That’s when Selleck casually nods his head, and we all know he’s right. Here’s what viewers of the clip are saying
about this exchange. “She invited Tom on her show and tried to
discredit him. He remained very calm and logical. She only made herself look like an ass.” “Some people just have class and some people
are just trash.” “When Rosie asked ‘Don’t the guns bear
some responsibility?’, Tom should have asked her if the spoon bears the responsibility
for her obesity. The gun and the spoon are only tools in the hands of men.” “That woman O’Donnell is a fool and there
is no cure for her. For example, you cannot buy an assault weapon at the gun store. A
real assault weapon is a machine gun. Criminals get guns, even in Mexico and in South America.”

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  1. Who produces these TOP TOP pages? Russia? Breitbart? This is an extremely OLD story. And Rosie is allowed to speak her mind just as Tom Selleck is… but when you go on a talk show, its a TALK SHOW- they talk. Its not a junket where you are merely promoting a project. Both Tom and Rosie are good people. Rosie donated a lot of money for 9/110- Trump donated nothing but accepted money from the city geared for SMALL businesses. You have a reasonable right to "feel safe" and if a gun makes you feel safe, then fine; but I have a reasonable right to feel safe too, and if you come walking into a store carrying a rifle….. WTF do you need a rifle for in a damn Walmart or grocery store? I don't know who the hell you are, I don't know if you're just insecure and need to carry a rifle around like a baby needs a pacifier or if you're going to start shooting people for the hell of it. And, no, you do not get to bring a weapon onto my property or into my house and if you don't like that, then you can go fck yerself.

  2. She is nothing but a fat dyke who don't know when to shut her big fat mouth. I thought she was one of those fake actors that was going to leave the country if Trump got elected?? Well I'm still waiting for all those fake ass actors to leave the country. What's the hold up?????

  3. There is nothing wrong with firearms. It's the idiots that get them illegally and do the bad. Stop the illegal flow and maybe, just maybe you'll see violent crime go down. Chicago should take note……however? The ruling party…Dummycrats…ain't got balls!Hence the death toll that keeps rising. Take out the gangbangers? Problem solved. To an extent anyway.

  4. I think we should ban SPOONS; that way bitches will ( mayb ) stop eating a whole gallon of ice cream while sitting on their asses watching f'n  "un"reality shows…..getting huge and then complaining why they're single……


  6. Rosie is proof that there is no cure for stupid. Hopefully this rug munching idiot has been spayed as a village can raise only one idiot at a time.

  7. This pig of Rosie should be blaming the spoon for her being such a fat PIG !!!!!!! Probably she does.

  8. In the face of invasion, a man's best chance of survival requires him to fight. In the face of invasion, a woman's best chance of survival is to surrender.

  9. Dirty lousy rotten filthy seditious anti-American election hacking Russian-republican TRAITORS to America.
    Here's who voted for outsourcing – mostly republicans!
    NAFTA vote in 1993:
    House Dems 156-102 against NAFTA (Liberals, thanks for trying)
    House GOP 132-43 for NAFTA
    Senate Dems 28-27 against NAFTA (Liberals, thanks for trying)
    Senate GOP 34-10 for NAFTA

    Vote granting China Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) Status in 2000.
    House Dems 138-73 against China PNTR (Liberals, thanks for trying)
    House GOP 164-57 for China PNTR
    Senate Dems 37-7 for China PNTR (Liberals, didn't you hear Kucinich or moderate Perot)
    Senate GOP 46-8 for China PNTR (Thank you 8 RINOs)

  10. Hi Tom!
    Time to move forward with AAG to get fixed-income home-owners their reverse-mortgage loans.
    For immediate results on this, please see Any Equalizer Party Member.
    @PATRICIA_EROZ on Twitter.

  11. We have all had enough of fat Rosie she really to stupid to have any opinion such a idiot sicking person needva mental hospital!!!!

  12. We should be grateful to that repulsive woman, her behaviour did as much harm to the liberal cause as Toms impeccable behaviour did to boost the argument of the educated.

  13. this women is fat cow and only thing coming out of her mouth is hate and trash……she is stupid moron stuck on stupid and needs to get a life …..and she still is a fat cow….

  14. Can't yell FIRE in a crowded movie theater? Ok….do they cut your tongue out BEFORE you speak? No….you are innocent until proven guilty. And then punished. Rosie apparently can't understand that logic.

  15. Love Tom. Hope he runs for President after Trump finishes his 8 in D. C. I certainly pray Hillary moves on w/her pitiful self & doesn't try another time for the Presidency. GO TOM!

  16. Tom you are loved don't worry about Rosy. She'll be in a nut house soon her kids will disown her she just talks about shit she don't know about as usuall. Hey Tom love how you knocked her down a couple of pegs. You go boy

  17. Rosie is nothing more than a stupid tub of lard. BTW I thought the pos was supposed to leave the country? Another lie Rosie?

  18. she said she would move out of the country when president trump was elected, she's still here WHY, lying bitch leave!!!!

  19. Human beings have condemned Rosie O’Donnell because she is a creeping, vulgar, mediocre, ugly and, mainly, treacherous to the country woman who is sabotaging President Trump administration only to survive as an obsolete comedian. On one hand, she is claiming for transparency in the government and corruption eradication on behalf a corrupt such as Hillary CLINTON; while in the other hand colluded with the mainstream media dominated by CNN and its corrupt chain and conspiring with Democratic Party leaders Maxine WATER and Nancy Patricia PELOSI to perpetrate SEDITION by inciting people to rebel against the authority of the Nation; for supporting and encouraging the use of VIOLENCE, INTIMIDATION and ATTACKS against President Trump, his administration, conservatives supporters, and against CIVILIANS, in the pursuit of political aims, which mean TERRORISM against United States and its Citizens; unlawful actions perpetrating which can trigger a Civil Ward in U.S.!!

  20. The mediocre so-called comedian Rosie O’Donnell has moral turpitude y double standard because she is attacking the Trump administration despite receiving about $100,000 annually financial assistance from ex-president Bill Clinton administration until current President Trump administration as a financial help to support her so-called “comedian school,” income which she is using for personal expenses and not reporting in her Income Taxes since more than 10 years ago. She is corrupt and treacherous woman that should not go the White House, she MUST GO to PRISON for this federal felony.

  21. Furthermore, these Democratic Party leaders Nancy PELOSI and Maxine WALTERS MUST BE DISMISSED from OFFICE, because they in complicity with the mainstream media dominated by CNN and Mexican UNIVISION, followed by their corrupt chain media, former corrupts government officials such Hillary CLINTON, and obsolete and corrupts comedians such Rosie O’Donnell, all of them who must be ARRESTED and PROSECUTED for TREASON to the U.S., according to the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 10 for entering into treaty, alliance or confederation with foreign power for allowing undocumented immigrants invasion to U.S., specify and penalized in Article IV, Section 4; and Article III, Section 3, for giving former war enemies (Mexicans) help and comfort, continued and concatenate, endangering homeland and U.S. Citizens security and well being.

  22. Where’s the footage of this ? It doesn’t exist, I checked all over. Fuck you and your channel you fuck wit.

  23. Damn it I want to see the actual f**** interview not listen to your stupid ass computer voice you will never get a subscription from me everyone who does this f**** sucks big fat dicks

  24. Hate the mechanical voices. Rosie is entitled to her opinion, but not entitled to force it down the throats of the opposition. We, each of us, think our own opinion is the correct one. We just have to accept others may disagree. I am very opinionated and will not change my position on many issues. I respect that you may disagree with me, but don't try to convince me I am wrong. Let's talk about gardening or cooking.

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