Breaking News: Woman killed by artillery fire in Donetsk (ENG SUBS)

Breaking News:  Woman killed by artillery fire in Donetsk (ENG SUBS)

ME: I am Sorry It’s ok. Film everything. Do whatever is needed. Show everything for this bastard to know what he’s done. My name is Tretyakov Sergei Valerievich. I am a son of this woman who had been killed this day by those bastards deployed over there in the Adveyevka direction. In 2014 the same bastards killed my relatives – my cousin, her two children and husband. Today this grief touched us. Mr Poroshenko, ( President of Ukraine) or what is your name? Mr Govnoshenko (*shit)? I don’t know who you are. I’m sorry, I’m bursting out with rage today. Punishment will reach you. We know how you can cry in front of Merkel “Oh, a soldier was killed!” F*ck, show this! Show what they’ve done! F*cking liberators! Go f*ck yourself! And never appear here again! Get it right. When you( Ukraine Army) come here, you will be massacred as swine! You will be caught one by one and massacred! Please, don’t ever come here! Forget about us f*cking forever! Dear journalists, these are shell-craters. One is here, show another one over there. It targeted the house, can you see it? If we look diagonally, at that Butovsky mine waste, there is located the 71th kilometer marker. and Yasinovataya checkpoint. It’s Avdeyevka over there. Shells are fired exactly from over there. Combat clashes are going on there. And we were targeted from that particular direction. They ( Ukraine Army) fire at the civilian population. Thanks them a lot, as usual. We love them, but will never forgive this. I used to love Ukraine. I love Ukraine now. I had been loving those people who took up arms before they did it. I liked them a lot. But now they’ve taken up arms, and I don’t like them any more. I like Ukrainians who don’t hold arms. They are brothers for me. But these are bastards, pieces of shit, terrible people. The whole world will get to know this, will see it. And everything will be ok with them (normal Ukrainians). Guys, be patient for a while. All will be good again

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  1. Thanks Patrick for your very important and courageous work.

    *I suppose all major western news agencies and broadcasting groups have contacted you already for this story…* (sorry for the irony mode)

  2. Thank you for showing the world what is happening there. You are the only one reporting on this. Stay safe Patrick🙏🙏🙏prayers for this family.

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