Breaking News with Peter Sagan

Breaking News with Peter Sagan

INTERVIEWER: Five, four, three. Go SUBJECT 1: No. INTERVIEWER: We’re live now. SUBJECT 1: What do you mean? [BEEP] In other news,
bicycle scientists– is that a thing? [BEEP] Bicycle scientists
have announced the world is now flat. [BEEP] No! We do it live. We do it live. [BEEP] Let’s go to the scene with
Earl Weathers to get more. [SOUND EFFECTS] INTERVIEWER 2: Thanks Peter. I’m here with this
random cyclist to explain this breaking news. SUBJECT 2: Boom! So easy. Flat Earth. Woosh! INTERVIEWER 2: And
back to you, Pete. SUBJECT 1: And
there you have it. Whatever that was. Specialized Turbos
makes your world flat. [SOUND EFFECTS] [MUSIC PLAYING] You can trust me. I am on TV. [SOUND EFFECTS]

90 Replies to “Breaking News with Peter Sagan

  1. Sagan not only has the most natural talent in the peloton. but also the most charisma as well. It's why he's my favorite cyclist!

  2. Bicycles, are they still making those? Why? True they get great mileage, are inexpensive, and quiet as a moth fart, but they suck in the rain, semis will blow your ass right off the highway, and you can't get laid in the back seat. I'll keep my Volvo.

  3. He may be an amazing cyclist, but his voice is just horrible – really the most unpleasant man's voice I have ever heard.

  4. One question specialized. Where is the road bike version? My wife wants to ride with me on hard training days.

  5. Easily the most popular cyclist around. No wonder why he conquered the world of all cycling enthusiastics, did he not? 😀

  6. So the world is flat i wish ha ha ha The flat earthers will have a ball with this ha ha ha

  7. LOL, this guy's a natural. So much better than cringeworthy NBA players trying to be funny in commercials.

  8. I guess I'm the only person who doesn't like the guy. He always came across as a douche. I'll give him this: "yes," was kinda funny above. But it doesn't change his douchy-ness.

  9. That great feeling when you're from Slovakia and see all these comments… 😁 Love you Peter! Keep up good work!

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