BREAKING NEWS; US President Trump Ignores Mugabe,? ?

BREAKING NEWS; US President  Trump Ignores Mugabe,? ?

Welcome to TV7 Live, DISCLAIMER, Our Videos Are Based on rumors, allegations and Speculation. Our Sponsors Have Nothing to Do With The Context Of The Content We Produce United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday
snubbed President Robert Mugabe as he treated other African leaders to a working
lunch on the sidelines ofthe 72nd United Nations General Assembly in New York.
Trump was joined by South African President Jacob Zuma and leaders of Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire,
Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Namibia, Senegal and
Uganda. It was not clear whether Trump, who was on
Thursday attacked by Mugabe during his speech to the General Assembly, had overlooked the
Zimbabwean leader as a result of the long-standing frosty relations between Washington and Harare
or it was for other reasons. The US slapped Mugabe and members of his inner
circle with sanctions over human rights violations and lack of rule of law.
On Thursday, Mugabe took a dig at Trump for his speech on North Korea and Iran, which
he said was threatening peace. In a speech that lasted about 20 minutes,
Mugabe called on Trump to blow his “trumpet in a musical way,” towards peace.
That was a bit surprising as Mugabe, ahead of his 93rd birthday, had suggested in an
interview with ZTV that Trump might re-examine longstanding
US sanctions on Zimbabwe. Trump’s snub of Mugabe was the third time
in three years that the 93-year-old has suffered such an embarrassment at the hands of a sitting
American president. In 2014, former president Barack Obama did
not invite Mugabe to a landmark US/Africa investment summit held in Washington where
nearly 50 heads of State took part in the two-day
event, which sought to widen trade, development and security ties between America and Africa.
Mugabe and leaders of Egypt, Sudan and Madagascar were excluded from the summit.
At the time, Mugabe was African Union (AU) ×rst vice president and incoming chairperson
of Southern African Development Community (Sadc).
In 2015, Obama visited the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia but avoided meeting
Mugabe although he was at the time chairperson of
the continental body and the regional Sadc bloc.
During his speech at the AU headquarters, Obama condemned African leaders who refused
to give up power, in remarks widely interpreted as a
veiled attack on Mugabe. “Africa’s democratic progress is also
at risk when leaders refuse to step aside when their terms end. No one should be president
for life,” he said. The country’s largest opposition party,
MDC, said no one was prepared to engage with Mugabe because he had outlived his usefulness
to them. “Surely, you couldn’t expect him (Trump)
to invite Mugabe to the working lunch that he hosted on the sidelines of the UN General
Assembly. “Mugabe is a Pariah in inØuential world
politics. That’s why even Obama hardly made a direct reference to Mugabe in his speeches,
even when he visited Africa,” said MDC spokesperson,
Obert Gutu. “Mugabe wants to sound bullish and cocky
in his UN public speeches. The bottom line, however, is that he is yesterday’s man.
His brand of politics and grandstanding is no longer in
sync with the dictates of modern day global politics and international relations,” he
added. Analysts said it was not surprising that Mugabe
had been excluded from the working lunch as the US could have been guided by its foreign
policy and the country’s strategic interests in
Africa. “And there are a host of US institutions
that determine this. That Mugabe is of×cially under targeted sanctions means the snub is
not surprising,”

44 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS; US President Trump Ignores Mugabe,? ?

  1. ITS WAS GOOG I THING TRAMP I THINK ITS TIME TO BLOW TOYR TRAMPET TO ZIMBABWE MUGSBE HE IS a star now of the world no one can win to Mugabe all politiks Mugabe corrected them nice ways ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????? vs???????????????????????????? MUGABE WIN TO US BLOW THEM THIS WHATS IT IS TRAMP COME DOW WILL YOU

  2. U.s. is accusing Robert Mugabe of human right violation are you serious is like a bank robber accusing someone of smashing a lady's handbag calling him Thief meanwhile is the other way around.

  3. NO ONE OWNS UGANDA but to only the citizens and so applies to ZIMBABWE citizens should decide on who is to remain the President not even USA because AFRICA is Africa and we should find solutions for our own problems. USA is not in this so is TRUMP

  4. Is USA accusing Robert Mugabe of human right violation? Are you kidding? The invited African countries is human right keeper…..haaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Trump is nothing trump is not god African didn’t care about trump is not feeding us we feed our own self so trump is nothing is only a human being

  6. such nonsense!! trump is the last person i would get hurt by,much less care,if he ignores me. he aint a force to reckon with,, so he doesnt matter even a lil bit. on the other hand Mugabe is an icon and yeah they fear him because he is smart an brave,,even you haters cant dispute that.

  7. trump is arguably the the worse pres in us history or it it the opposite. and so is Mugabe. Whose Nobel judgment was is at the first place to mandate them the throne. it was the great American people and Zimbabwean s respectively. They are the laughing stock at the moment. None better than each other. lol.

  8. long live President Robert Mugabe . You are truely blessed to live for such a tym n the lord has areason for keeping you alive a reason that most of us wil probably realize wen its too late

  9. Make America great again is not Make Africa great again , Trump is not a saviour of Africa , Los Angeles and, New York are your cities keep it for you , We have our villages in Africa , We are happy , take a look : Libya , Somalia and so on , I am Angolan citizen and African

  10. He had good speech, you know it's difficult to say something cos I'm not Zimbabwean but I Tanzanian, according of the African readers and their government's are thief's and corrupt. Mugabe with 93 years he did better to surrender

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