Breaking News: Tony Romo Dumps Jessica Simpson

Breaking News: Tony Romo Dumps Jessica Simpson

it’s devastating but it’s it’s happened tony romo the justices have broken up all my god breaking news but yet note he’s a apparently let her
go right before twenty ninth birthday he’s been released uh… sad day now lives in a happy day for some other
guy who picks her up you know she sent me you know this is an ballinger way
issues but uh… i’m looking at that point is that i’m thinking some guys that are very happy for at
least a couple of days couple weeks couple months before actually present
crazy assisted pattern here and if i’m toria
romo i would have deftly guy that was discussed and said i’m not sure we’re
going out with her for that long uh… but uh… i would’ve been definitely moved on because you know why i’m tony romo encore by finance
companies is packs practices with puzzles it lasted for the homeless woman last week it was about these two for the removal in here discusses out of the time axes uh… connections and promises near the
tools used in the spotlight kids all of you for the fall fund-raiser in
the services because she’s a smart he’s a multiple willing to work or that you
know now innocents in some ways they’re bigger romo justices now i know it’s crazy walk uh… first of all sorry almost quebec
for the dallas cowboys it’s not quarterback for the seattle
seahawks okay with a candidate documents that god
bless you guys you know seahawks fox got go for
correctly but that was a different uses them you know stats excitable he’s a pretty
good cormac music rap record reference was that also died deflate his you know things that is
to some degree but the real issue here is just a sense that she was on t_v_ for so long at ten oh six groovy reality show but
everybody westchester i i didn’t watch it here so i didn’t
watch it but everybody who but the reality show
everybody knew what it meant that she was avenue the promises he made was to reach
that level of fame i don’t think there’s any going back i think she is bigger than his own
points given roses oblique in has actually dumb pics i mean as it is a
model can be so uh… and then steering the tab was a
lot more if you gain weight lose weight or less single bit of work you did not
work a country songs as cetera so they’re huge media couple whether they deserve it latest ajr who k is a very fair whether someone is there
that they were not i mean from heidi month i did
state-sponsored propaganda but this is something that people gathered from the pump um… displayed is that i want
to submit out who phone number masses of den truly romo anti threatening because the ones who
will still come with collateral photobook i guess partly because he just
because he did it just the since it had a couple other celebrities ideals they had to go from there tonight i think there was a big celebrity libete
office for even over all those words one sees the
rules as dealers cowboys almost the same thing
right i think the asap which you know woman uh… in kansas you know ben thomas
versus a alma tilt-rotor almost like it was not the guy dating you know x_y_z_ so that’s what end this thing feeds on itself the more
there directly have to be cover because every
couple the bigger maybe a couple in a couple so that’s why this is a interviews major news so remote justices have broken up every

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  1. I will take one for the team and have sex with jessica so she can get over the break up.. what can I say,, I'm a giver.

  2. Because she epitomizes everything that is empty and worthless in American celebrity culture, maybe?

    She can't sing, she can't act, she's dumb as a box of rocks but she's hot as fuck (when she's watching her weight anyway) and has fan-fucking-tastic titties, so let's all bow down and worship her?

    Just a thought.

  3. I feel bad for her, nothing seems to be going right for her now. I don't like her but I still wish something nice would happen to her 🙁

  4. feel bad for her? you mean the same strumpet that cheated on her husband with bam margora while she was supposed to be married? or the same woman who'd probably be unemployed if she didn't look like that. don't feel too bad for her

  5. Romo is an overhyped crappy QB who hasn't even won one playoff game and Jessica is a no talent never been has been. Cenk get your head outa your ass and get back to real news!!

  6. I'll be more then happy to be her 29th bday gift. Jessica if you read this hit me up. lmao. I know i have no f'ing chance

  7. I just hope shes doesn't try to date Ben Roethlisberger look what happened Romo dates her & Dallas goes down the shitter

  8. The reason he brings up Romo is the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is the Cowboys are always trying to bring more media attention to themselves. They bring up this over-hyped and over-analyzed attention to themselves.I am a Cowboys fan but it is something most sports fans know. They are the equivalent of the Yankees to baseball.

  9. ROMO FUCKING SUKS!!! He can't blame TO after this season, He will suffer the same fate as Jessica when he is released by the Boys.

  10. To be honest I wasn't all that bothered when she gained what little weight she did (as it also added yet more mass to the aforementioned mammaries) but like you said, when you're in show biz and you got NOTHING ELSE, you damned well better keep in shape!

  11. Jessica Simpson isn't stupid. She has an IQ of 160. She plays dumb because that's what her fans like about her. The Chicken of the Sea remark only proves her intelligence as well as her remark on Buffalo wings. Lol, she's playing all of us right to the bank. The other thing I found fascinating is that Goldie Hawn is a member of Mensa which really shocked me and she also plays the dumb blond very well.

  12. IQ of 160? Where did you get that from? 160 is extremely high and extremely rare. I would guess it is highly unlikely that she has such a high IQ. Attesting somebody such a high IQ doesnt even make much sense because there are so few people to compare to in this range, that it becomes kind of arbitrary.

  13. It's not as rare as people seem to think. I was in a gifted program in Louisville, KY. There were kids in my class with IQ's that high. You just only hear about it when someone does something with it. Some extremely intelligent people get a regular professional job and do it extraordinarily well, but other than that don't stand out enough to acquire any notoriety. Others go a little nutty. There is a thin line between genius and insanity. As a psychiatrist 1ce told me, IQ's only potential

  14. Well it's not really a matter of what "people seem to think". The IQ is based on the Gaussian bell curve with a center value of 100 and a standard deviation of about 15. Via this definition 68.25% of all people have an IQ between 85 and 115 and 99.73% have an IQ between 55 and 145. So of course there are people that have an IQ of 160. But these people are extremely rare by definition. There are maybe not even 500 of them in all of the US. You really think Jessica Simpson is one of them?

  15. If there's one think you can say about Romo, it's that he's no homo.
    He & JS made a good couple. I was happy for them.

    When Romo & Jessica got together, I hope he had protection when he was operating inside "the pocket." His O-line can't help him, there.

  16. You guys can point the finger at Tony….. It's really unfair. (sniffle) If you guys do that….it's really unfair. That's my team mate. (sniffle sniffle) That's my quarterback, man. (tears)

  17. Seriously, Tony Romo is one of the classier guys in the NFL. He didn't dump her after she put on the weight. He did it after she took the weight off. She's a pretty girl; she'll be fine.
    Time to get ready for training camp. Looks like he's serious.

  18. He realized he was dating what is essentially a 13 year old, and the sex probably got boring so it was time to go!

  19. Tony Romo is the QB for one of the biggest franchise in the NFL… and one of "America's teams"… supposedly.

    Plus, Jessica Simpson is a big time celebrity herself… it's not like a hot model or anything like that. It's all about the publicity. And football is big in Texas.

  20. Yah who cares, it's not like it's gonna affect our lives in any significant way. The media should just leave people like Jessica and Tony and the Jackson family alone. There are way more important and pressing issues in the world than the personal lives of celebs.

  21. these 2 broke up good who care about these 2 together nick and vanessa broke up since these 2 broke up what do you think it means for nick and jessica? are you thinking of what i'm thinking?

  22. They have actually won 3 superbowl's with Jones as owner in the 1990's. Check you facts. You look really stupid right now.

  23. The Boys have won 3 Superbowls under Jones. Tony Romo is a winner. Coboys are going to the big show this year. GO Boys

  24. They didn't look right together anyways. Its funny that she keeps getting dumped after she let Nick go. John Mayer dumped her now Tony, lol. Poor Jess.

  25. Maybe he really wants a super model – I bet he had fun with Jess but now it's over. He's used her up. Oh well, she's lauging all the way to the bank. I don't know her but I think she's genuine and I like that. She doesn't seem fake to me. I hope she lands a super guy that adores her and visa versa.

  26. i like jessica's singing and she is hot. i dont care if she is dumb and i dont like her acting but to dump her before her bday was fucked up. and Tony Romo just sounds childish for that sign he put on his gate, saying she isnt allowed in his place. that was just childish and showed what a kid he is.

  27. So who is going to blame for him sucking now. I hope Jessica is laughing her a** off! He was a jerk and not very attractive anyway.

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