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I am so excited for you. You will receive a revelation, you will receive
a fresh gust of wind from the spirit for your life here in our show Kerygma TV. Hi. My name is Bo Sanchez and welcome to Kerygma
TV. We are going to tackle the four Gospels and
try to understand in a deeper way who Jesus is and what’s this salvation and our story
what’s that all about. And I know you will be super blessed. Are you ready for a word from God today? If you are, then let’s say our favorite prayer
here at The Feast, all right? In the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen
With hearts abandoned and with hands lifted up, let’s all say, ‘Today I receive all
of God’s love for me, come on, today I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing
abundance of God’s universe. I open myself to God’s blessings, healing,
and miracles. Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that
I become more like Jesus every day. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s beloved,
I’m God’s servant, I’m God’s powerful champion and because I am blessed, I am blessing the
world. In Jesus’ name Amen
[Music] Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light
unto my path What I want to do right now is I’m going to
give you the word later on, much later on. But right now, I want to give you some five
very interesting things or facts, mind you, about Luke. All right? But here’s our big message for today. First, our big message for today that we’re
going to work on is that God is chasing you. Can you help the person next to you and tell
that person, ‘God is chasing, God is chasing you’? First interesting fact about Luke was that
Luke was not an apostle just like Mark. We found that about Mark two Sundays ago,
so how did Luke manage to write the Gospel? Sources say that Luke actually just copied
from the work of Mark. He copied from the Gospel of Mark and other
different sources that they say Matthew also copied from and, get this, Luke happened to
be a very, very good friend of Paul. Paul was a close friend of his. In fact, Paul was one of the biggest influences
of Luke. Paul even mentions Luke in his own epistle
by saying, our dear friend, Luke the doctor and Dimas send their greetings everybody say,
‘What is your point, brother Audee?’ My point is this, continue to hang out with
the right people. The person beside you, if you came with somebody
that’s the right person, you know, go to church every time and then ask yourself this question,
‘Are the people I am hanging out with helping me to write my own gospel?’ If yes, who is your Paul? Who is your Peter? Who is your Mark? Who is your Luke? Who are the people walking with you? All right. Second interesting thing about Luke was that
Luke was a doctor. This is the reason why when Luke wrote, he
wrote very meticulously specific details he loved describing what Jesus was doing and
how everything felt like not like Mark. Mark, when he wrote, he was very straight
to the point you know he would shortcut everything it seemed as if Mark was always rushing to
do things like he was going to do something else afterwards. Luke was not like that, you know, he paid
attention to every detail. One more time, ask me, ‘what’s your point? My point is that God will use your strengths
just like you use the strengths of Luke who had attention to detail. What are your strengths, figure that out and
then allow God to use your strengths so that he can glorify you. You glorify the Lord in this world. Number three, third interesting fact about
Luke was that Luke wrote a two book narrative called, ‘Luke’ and ‘Acts’ alright,
these two books comprise about, if you rename book one you can actually rename it by saying
it’s the acts of Jesus and then book two can be called the acts of the followers of Jesus. What is my point? Everybody say, what is your point? Book three comes from you. Book three is your own gospel you’re writing
it as I speak alright your words and your actions that you do every day, you’re writing
your own gospel. You know, every single time every day, I always
think like this, I’m writing the acts of or Devillier Aza every day so I want you to say
that with me, all right? Say your name. Everybody say, ‘I’m writing the acts off
and then say her name’ Sounds good right? Sounds very good. Because you’re writing your own Gospel, through
your own words and through your own actions. Number five, interesting fact, number four
rather, Luke dedicated all two books to somebody named ‘Theophilus’ let me tell you all
about the awful. Theophilus was this wealthy rich guy who supposedly
funded all the projects of Luke because back in the day, you know, Microsoft Word wasn’t
invented yet hewlett-packard had yet to invent the printer. So can you imagine the amount of work that
needed to be put out for just these two books? It took many years just to be able to accomplish
that but thank God that there was a man named Theophilus who invested in Luke so now we’re
getting to learn and enjoy these two books from this gospel. What’s your point, Brother Audee? Everybody, my point is invest in God’s kingdom,
very simple, use your money and use your resources to promote and invest projects that will glorify
the Lord. Number five interesting fact about Luke, Luke
was the only Gentile about all four Gospel writers. Remember that the Jews and Gentiles were different
from one another. The Gentiles were the ones who didn’t follow
and observe God’s law and Luke was the only Gentile among them. In fact, we think that it was Luke who was
the only Gentile in all of the New Testament. One last time, ask me, me what’s your point? My point is simply this, wherever you’ve come
from, whatever it is that you’ve done whoever you are, whatever nationality you have, you
are qualified to serve God. That’s right. All of us here are qualified to serve God. God qualifies the unqualified just like you
and me. The word that I said that I was going to delay
a little bit comes from Luke chapter 4, ‘The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has
anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the
prisoner and recovery of sight, for the blind.’ This thing, this verse contains the mission
statement of Jesus. How many of you work for a company, or an
office? If you’ve worked or if you’re working for
an office or a company you’d know what a mission statement is, right? A mission statement is one of the most important
things that define a company so much, so that a company will spend millions just to be able
to write that simple statement, you know, they would send their executives to a resort
or a retreat center spend two to three days just to be able to write about nine to twelve
words of what this simple statement is. To give you an example of what a mission statement
is, here’s the mission statement of Facebook. Facebook’s mission is to give people the power
to share and make the world more open and connected. Sounds very good, sounds exactly like what
Facebook is doing, yes. Here’s what Google’s mission statement, is
to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Those are very long mission statements. But there are brief mission statements like
just like Walt Disney what is Disney’s mission statement? Anybody? To make people happy. That’s right. You know, Ted TED Talks Ted the conference
the mission statement of Ted, very simple but very powerful to spread ideas. How about coca-cola? Coca Cola’s mission statement is to refresh
the world. How about the light of Jesus family or The
Feast, do you know our mission statement? if there’s only one mission statement that
you should memorize it’s this, all right? The mission statement of The Feast is very
simple, ‘to make disciples.’ Everybody say, ‘to make disciples’, that’s
right. Luke was saying is that this verse contains
the mission statement of Jesus. What was Jesus’ mission statement? Ask me what? To proclaim the good news to the poor. So simple. Some of you are probably asking, ‘but I’m
not poor do I look like I’m poor?’ Are you sure you’re not poor? Because listen to this, Luke when he said
that, he actually derived it from the prophet Isaiah and when the prophet Isaiah wrote it
down he wrote it in Hebrew so he didn’t write the word poor. Instead, he wrote, doesn’t mean that if you’re
poor you don’t have money it means that you are a person who doesn’t have value. So he’s not just talking about people who
don’t have money it’s people who don’t have value like people who have been neglected
people, who have been abandoned, people who are invisible, people who are not counted. Are you getting what I’m saying? In ancient times, there were five examples
of how it is to be poor. The first example are those who are materially
poor. We all know that that’s self-explanatory. The other example are the women and children. I’m going to explain later on why they’re
considered poor. The third one are the sick people because
they thought that they were cursed by God and then the fourth one would be the Gentiles
because again they were the ones who never obeyed God’s laws, they had their own loss
to begin with. And the number five example of poor people
are the sinners. Like the prostitutes, the tax collectors,
because they believe that God hated them for what they did. The first group belongs to those who are materially
poor. Everybody say, ‘materially poor’
See, here’s the honest truth guys, you all know this, around the world there are people
who are materially rich but there are also those who are materially poor and if you are
materially poor, I want you to believe this with all your heart, I want you to believe
that God is chasing you and that God wants to lift you up from material poverty. He wants to bless your life and make you abundant,
are we clear on that? You got to believe that with all your heart
every now and then. To somebody outside or somebody would message
me and ask me the question, ‘Brother Audee, why is it that you always speak in English? You know, you always preach in English. Can you speak in Tagalog every now and then? Because every time I hear you, you know, my
nose bleeds and you know if you come, if you speak in English all the time you’re only
going to attract a specific group of people, the middle class people.’ You know what I think about every time somebody
asks me that question I think all the way back to seven years ago the very first time
and the only time I tried speaking and preaching in Tagalog. They invited me to lead worship in Feast Manila,
how many of you here are familiar with Feast Manila? They like speaking a lot of Tagalog in Feast
Manila, right? So they invited me for their second year anniversary
and so I thought this is my first time to exhort in Tagalog so I started preparing diligently
and I put it down on paper and I’m so proud of it, you know, and so I came in early and
then for some reason I find brother JC Libiron who was going around and so I thought, ‘Hey,
maybe I’ll practice it on him’, and so I came to him and I told him, ‘JC can you
hear what I’m going to say?’ The guy look and says, ‘Yeah, sure.’ I apologize for all those who don’t know how
to speak Tagalog. I’m going to do this in Tagalog. If you’re beside a Filipino, please translate
it for them all right? So, here’s my exertation. You want to hear my exertation? All right, here’s my exertation. I go, ‘Magandang Hapon, Feast Manila! Maligayang Kaarawan sa inyong lahat! Ako po ay natutuwa at inanyayahan niyo ako
rito sa munting selebrasyon niyo rito. Biro niyo, dalawang taon na kayo rito sa Feast
Manila na nagkakantahan para sa Panginoon. Dalawang taon na kayo na nagsasayawan para
sa Panginoon. Dalawang taon na kayo na naglalandugan –‘ Then
JC was like, ‘Bro, what’s that word that you just said?’ ‘Oh, ah, landugan.’ ‘What do you mean by landugan?’ ‘Oh, you know, it’s when people jump up
and down, ‘di ba?’ And JC’s like, ‘did you mean lundagan?’ ‘Wait, so what does landugan mean?’ And JC’s like, ‘I have no idea but it’s
something you never say in a religious event, okay? That was the first time and the last time
I ever attempted to speak Tagalog in any religious event. Besides the point, my dear friends, there’s
a reason why we have different feasts in different locations so that you can be given options. You know in our afternoon session, brother
JC and Brother Alvin speak great in Tagalog. They speak more Tagalog than me and Brother
Bo combined in a year so people who prefer Tagalog preachers love their sessions. you know, here’s the other thing that we believe. We believe that even if it’s okay that we
attract a certain group of people the middle class people, hey these are the same people
who are going to reach out to those in the lower class because that’s exactly what’s
happening today. That’s the reason why we have feasts in jails
and drug rehab centers, we have feasts for the poor all across the world. We have feasts in in Hong Kong, and in Dubai
for domestic helpers, why is that happening? Because the middle class people are learning
to love those in the lower class. We need to love the poor, my dear friends. We need to love the poor that’s what the Gospel
of Luke was saying that Jesus was all about loving the poor, my dear friends. There’s still some Christians out there who
don’t understand how to love the poor I’ll give you two reasons why. Because of two obstacles. The first obstacle is that some people think
they’re also materially poor because they like comparing themselves upwards. Everybody say, ‘upwards’ what do I mean
by that? Some people compare themselves to people who
are richer than them, who are more successful than they are, who seem to have it all. You know? They compare their lives to those crazy rich
Asians – to Manny Pacquiao and Kris Aquino and ‘how come I don’t have what she’s wearing? How come I don’t drive what he’s driving? How come I don’t live where he’s living?’ Just stop doing that. Can you pinch the person beside you and say,
‘stop doing that,’ If you want to see just how rich you are,
don’t compare yourself upwards. Compare yourself downwards because here’s
what statistics say, 21% of Filipinos live below the poverty line. So when you compare yourself downwards you’re
going to realize just how blessed and how rich you really are. That’s true. So don’t ever let us hear you saying, ‘Oh,
you know when I win a hundred million pesos in the lotto, I’m going to donate ten million
to The Feast.’ Here’s my answer to that, if you have ten
thousand pesos now donate 1,000 to the Lord because that’s enough for God. That’s ten percent, don’t ever wait and say,
‘if I’m going to be rich enough, you know, when I’m successful enough then I’ll start
helping.’ Hey, you’re rich right now so start helping
now. Amen. And the truth is, my dear friends, if you’re
not going to be faithful with small money, you’re never going to be faithful when you
have big money. The second obstacle that people find because
they don’t help the poor so much it’s because they think helping the poor it’s just an activity. Everybody say, ‘activity’ they think it’s
something you just do on a special occasion, like on a birthday, or Christmas. Like for example, in Anawim the home for our
abandoned elderly, you know, the busiest time in Anawim is it’s every Christmas. December to January for two whole months it’s
crazy out there, you know, four or five maybe even six groups would come and they’d be bringing
food so much so that all the lolos and lolas, they already suffer from appendicitis, you
know, when you eat too much. There’s so much people there already, that’s
why we organize pilgrimages every second Sunday of every month. Luke wrote in very sophisticated polished
Greek so his target was really the more affluent, the wealthier people, the wealthier Gentiles. You know what, this message was loving the
poor is not what you do instead loving the poor it’s supposed to be who you are, it’s
supposed to be your core being, it’s supposed to be your calling, it’s supposed to be your
character. It’s not just an activity but it’s your identity. Can I get an Amen? [Applause] Second group of people who we considerto be
an example of how it is to be poor are the women and children. Because in ancient Jewish times, women and
children were considered to be unimportant, you know, they weren’t counted, they had no
role. They couldn’t own property, in fact, one of
the Gospels say that when Jesus multiplied bread and fish they said that there were five
thousand men present that day but not including the men the women and the children. Whoever counted that group didn’t even bother
counting how many children and women were there because they thought they had no value. Women were not even qualified to be eyewitnesses
in court. That’s why there was a big controversy with
one of the Gospels when it said that the first eyewitnesses to the resurrection of Jesus
were women that single most important and pivotal event in our Christian faith were
witnessed by women that’s why they got so mad but you know Jesus, Jesus loved the women
from the very beginning did you know that Jesus had followers that were not men but
were women. The Gospel of Luke says, it says the twelve
were with him and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases Mary
Magdalene from whom seven demons had come out, Joanna the wife of chuza, the manager
of household Susanna and many others that those women were helping to support them out
of their own means. You see, Jesus loving the women and it wasn’t
typical during that time in that society you couldn’t educate women, you couldn’t teach
women, and you couldn’t disciple them but here is with what Jesus was doing, he was
inviting the women to come follow him so that he can disciple them. Luke even goes as far as saying that the two
sisters Mary and Martha were disciples of Jesus. You remember the story Mary sitting at the
Lord’s feet listening to him, hearing his teaching I really need to preach this to you
guys because this is not in the past I’m afraid that even up to today we are still treating
women poorly. Statistics would say that one out of five
women have experienced physical abuse. If you are still experiencing this, whether
it’s physical abuse or emotional abuse even verbal abuse, don’t ever be too afraid or
too scared to ask for help, alright? We have a pastoral care center, we’re going
to display the number here. You can call this number you can take a screenshot
of that maybe it’s not for you, maybe it’s for a friend, for a family member but look
for help seek counsel. We want to be able to pray for you and walk
with you, alright? Just a few questions that some of you might
probably be asking on the context of abuse, ‘So Brother Audee, doesn’t the Bible say
that wives should submit themselves to their husbands?’ Yes, it does. Raise your hands wives, submit yourselves
to your husbands just as you do to the Lord. Can I get an amen from all the husbands? Amen. Yeah. But before you guys start celebrating hear
this out, skip a few verses, verse 25 here’s what it says about the husbands, ‘Husbands,
love your wives just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.’ Now, can I hear an amen from all the wives? Amen. Yeah I love it. It’s not just the wives submitting themselves
to the husbands but it’s also the husbands submitting themselves to the wives it works
both ways. Another question, ‘So brother Audee, if
The Feast is so big on women, how come we don’t see female preachers or builders on
stage, you ever wonder that?’ I’ll tell you the truth we have amazing female
preachers globally and they’re amazing. They’re actually better than me some of them
but locally, the reason why we put a lot of men on stage is because we discovered in our
culture this was many years ago we discovered that when we put female preachers on stage
all of the women come but not so much men, but when we put a male preacher on stage both
the women and the men come. So it’s not really a theological reason but
it’s an attraction. There’s a reason why we did that, because
we want to attract more sons and more fathers and more husbands to follow Jesus so that
they can lead their families as well to Jesus. Amen. Another question, ‘So brother Audee, do
you really think that women are more inferior to men?’ Let me tell all the women, here can I hear
from all the women, alright? All the women, listen to this. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you are
more inferior, that you’re less important, that you’re the weaker sex and that you’re
unimportant because in the eyes of God, you are special. You are unique, you are talented, and you
are beautiful in the eyes of God. Can you touch the women beside you and tell
them, ‘you’re beautiful. You really are in the eyes of God.’ Brothers and sisters listen to this, in the
eyes of God we are all created equal and I love what Matthew 22 verse 30 says about this,
hold on, and listen to this. In Matthew 22:30 it says, ‘At the resurrection,
people will neither marry nor be given in marriage. They will be like the angels in heaven.’ I’ve never been to heaven, have you? But here’s what we believe, alright? That in heaven there won’t be such things
as husbands and wives so if you stretch that a little further it might mean there won’t
be such a thing as male or female, there will only be angels. See, if you think about that that’s a very
interesting thought because the most contentious issue that we’re facing today, whether that
person is heterosexual or whether that person is homosexual will no longer apply in heaven,
why? Because in heaven, there won’t be straight
or LGBT we’ll all just be children of God. Amen. So even today here’s what I urge you to do,
even today, treat people as persons please don’t treat them as labels. Treat them as people, as a person of value
of words that God loves and you know we’re going to continue to preach and going to continue
to urge you to live a chaste life but even if you don’t we’re still going to pray for
your wrists, going to still love you because, hey, we all come from one Father. I want to close by telling you the last group
of people who we consider poor in this world and these are, I believe all of us, it’s a
group called sinners. I’m a sinner, you are a sinner, the person
standing next to you shockingly is a sinner. We’re all sinners in the sense that we have
all fallen short from the grace of God and we need Jesus to save us this is what we’ve
been talking about, about all series long how Jesus loved to dine with sinners how Jesus
loved to hang out with tax payers and prostitutes and cheats and Liars. And Matthew wrote this in his gospel where
Jesus was hanging out with tax collectors and the Pharisees got mad at him but Luke
also talks about the same thing except in a different attack. You know, it says here in Luke chapter 15,
‘Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus but the
Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, ‘this man welcomes sinners and eats with
him and here’s how Jesus responds to this accusation, note that only Luke wrote about
this none of the other Gospels wrote about this, Luke proceeds to tell how Jesus tells
the Pharisees about the parable of the prodigal son you know that parable it’s about the story
of a young son, of a young boy, a young brother who chooses to ask for in his inheritance
early on in life and then so he sets out his journey but because of his own stupidity,
because of making the wrong decisions he ends up or he ends up with no money and he ends
up without a father.’ I want to end with this personal story and
then I’ll go back to that prodigal son. I’m going to take you back all the way to
1990 when my sister and I and another friend were in a major car wreck accident along Ortigas
avenue, it does the first time you know that my sister had barely begun how to drive so
she really didn’t know how to drive but the one thing that we were so terrified about
was because we never asked permission from our parents. I was about 12 years old and my sister just
invited me I didn’t even know where we were going but we got in a major car accident because
there was no brake and smashed into the car behind us and that car smashed into our car
and then another car and another car until eight cars were involved in that accident
and we got out. Thank God we were safe, all body parts were
complete, guwapo. But I know, praise the Lord and you know what
you saw in the car and it was in a total wreck and what we were so afraid was because we
were so guilty. Because we made a mistake and we stole the
car we didn’t ask permission. But my sister know exactly what she needed
to do she calls up my parents in the middle of the night and then tells them all about
what happened and then she put the phone down, it was the longest 15 minutes of our life. Our parents arrive and you see them in the
distance they go down the car and they were running and so we were all more afraid. We were running backwards, you know, here
comes vengeance but in our hands, in our thoughts, we were expecting something like punishment,
screaming. But that’s not what they did, instead, they
hugged us, they embraced us, they kissed us and they said, ‘I’m glad you’re okay. We don’t care about the car we care about
you.’ And it took me all the way back to that point
in time because I was reading the prodigal son again this week I just remembered how
the son realized what he had done and he remembered that in his home he was so comfortable and
so with whatever dignity that he had, he swallowed it and then he stood up Bible says he got
up and went to his father but while he was still a long way off his father saw him and
was filled with compassion for him. And he – his son threw his arms around him
and kissed him. You know, in ancient Jewish society, fathers
don’t run because it was beneath their dignity, you know, they don’t run to their children. It was the other way around but Jesus deliberately
inserted that line because he wanted to show you that God the Father runs to you when you’re
in need. But I don’t want to talk about that God
ran. I want to talk about why God ran because I
put myself in the shoes of this young boy who found himself wanting to go home and walking
towards home but I tried to imagine a guilty person walking home. He wouldn’t have been running right? He would be afraid. He would be walking at a pace, he would be
walking slowly and then the story goes that he sees is not him but the father sees him
from the distance and then runs to him. So maybe the reason why the father ran was
because he saw his son so here’s my point, when God sees you coming he’ll be the first
one to come running wherever you are because I really truly believe that there is no guilt
in your heart that will ever be greater than the grace of God. And here’s what my parents taught me that
day, a reflection that I only figured out up to now my parents were their actions when
they hugged me they were telling me, ‘it’s not so important that you stole the car, my
son, my daughter, and my child. Because what’s more important is that you
were safe.’ So I came to announce to somebody here today
who has maybe walked away from God and maybe you have squandered the inheritance that God
has given you and maybe you’ve walked out from the destiny that God has given you and
maybe you’ve made some mistakes and you’ve had some failures and you’ve had some shortcomings
and you had some weaknesses in your life but I came to announce to somebody here today
that God is telling you that it’s not so important that you left because what’s more important
is that you came back. That’s what’s more important to God that you’re
here right now in the very presence of God. And I really believe this with all my heart,
that hearts are going to turn in this place. Souls are going to shift in this place and
backs that up it turned against God I’m going to finally turn around and start making your
way towards the presence of Jesus. Because what if, think about this, what if
all it takes are just a few steps for you to make that turn and face God because when
God sees you in the distance just like he saw his son there wasn’t any punishment, there
wasn’t any vengeance, instead God came running. God came running, God came running and I believe
God is going to come running. He’s going to come running in this place and
give you the tightest and the biggest kiss because He’s miss you, my child. He’s miss you my son, He’s miss my daughter. So clubbing the presence of God with an open
heart, with an open heart. Say, ‘I’m ready to come home.’ As you worship, let’s just take everything
we have in our hearts let’s just lay it down at the feet of Jesus for we know that it’s
only by His grace and only by His grace that we get to do what we do that we get to love
and all because he loved us first so, let’s just worship give it all to Him today. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] If you brought your novena to God’s love,
can I ask you to lift it up? If you didn’t, if you have it on your phone,
you can use your phone, but if you did could you just lift your hands? If this is comfortable for you, this is your
act of surrender right now that you’re saying, ‘God I put my trust in you.’ Everybody say dear Lord, come on, everybody
say, ‘Dear Lord, I am a sinner in need of a savior so I need you to save me. I am putting my trust, putting my confidence
in you because I know you will not disappoint me. I believe that everything I need in my life,
it’s already provided for I believe that all my dreams will come true.’ [Applause] Today, I’d like to pray to Jesus the Great
Physician he is, our healer because there are many parts of our lives that need healing
not only our physical but also our psychological, our mental, emotional, and spiritual and you
know after living in this world for the longest time now, half a century, I’ve noticed that
our sicknesses are all connected to one another. So let’s pray for healing, for physical, spiritual,
and emotional. Let’s do that right now,
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray for every person watching this show that you will receive
the touch of God and that the Great Physician Jesus Christ heals your body, soul, spirit,
and emotions that need to be healed. Your imagination that needs to be healed,
your memory that needs to be healed. Every cell in your body that needs to be healed. Receive the touch and the power of Jesus right
now. Amen and amen. In the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen
So good just to be able to be here. It’s amazing how we’re connected even physically
we’re not because you’re far away from me but no, there is no distance when it comes
to prayer, in the presence of God. Join us next week, this is Bo Sanchez here
in Kerygma TV. Live a fantastic life! [Music] [Music] [Music]

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