Breaking News Philippines Latest PHILIPPINES NEWS DUTERTE August 8, 2017

Breaking News Philippines  Latest PHILIPPINES NEWS DUTERTE August 8, 2017

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surveillance and Christmas of Mindanao does enjoy an incredible man and China
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de algo para saga favorite rehabilitation and Malawi City my
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who phenomena forget sake the New People’s Army ha president is Rena diva
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Mindanao tomorrow infamy topography damaja believe that informations of
ammonia leak Oh Joseph Farah Pina a samosa Morita Morhaime anonymous
international broadcast standards apart a city at p2 for armed rule us by and
weekend una sappin mah a bolita resourceful
abuyin the Pioneer wananga padmaja Marine angry beer known and Australia
the term oolong soccer Glenn sobbed non terrorism in the now it is a given and
Petula no parachute Amana troponin pommel on labonza terrorism mouth a
samara we may have de tournay Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop top alumna
mana leader a tentative an invention ASEAN nozzle Ouyang Eden Arase Filipinas
may report see you nice amante a Panetta garden agnya now Australia SAP
additional sample when Sanka coffie Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASEAN nothing to be by a marital relation ito now you auntie auntie
marina pas plancha a maja comprehensive open Ocala solution semana issuance a
Maserati nakahara pneumococcal apitla banza particular Nibbana bonded ito yung
issued on Terror is most makalapa cabeza Guyana sign a Picasso Deborah Wilson de
now concealed handgun I own a unit Papa to deeper in an operation amadou diallo
knob inserted or Easton group own amount a Abu Sayyaf Aetna Yamaha foreign
fighters Asuma pedido Obama Hypatia an Isis Caliphate satima
Solana body nasha the threat of terrorism and violent
extremism transcends national boundaries directly threatening regional security
as we sing in Maui in this challenging strategic environment the role that is
strong and United Sen must play in support of the rules-based order
dialogue and respect to international law is greater than ever Lucas tuition
and parody smokeable Indies American tinnitus enter an ontology Anza
forgiving on Australia at the ASEAN I am solution nepeta Perry pardon me
cells the North Korea attempt at URI Tompa Gowalla Maga nuclear weapons Lamar
Allen Maha pecked Osama Benson Casa Pisa hacia Ito IRAs ordinary cell nuclear
weapon-free zone treaty NASA new solo namabhasa ASEAN Oh an obligation atonal
in Vemma kylajo sap Ogawa at Bethesda Maha nuclear
weapons sandal of Aetna bossman treatise on land ASEAN region Hindi Rena
character an elegant pas beaucoup Lo and possession of Australia
Sen Sandow Milan intention sir West Philippine Sea Mattapan donítö
abri-san Akali Posner ASEAN summit maganet Apprendi Casa filipinas Kabila
Samana began and backbone Ioan Cuza p.m. Guyana political security
goons an octave on partnering and asana Australia the counterterrorism this has
to relief at maritime security NASA Molinari in and Omaha bangin Paris upon
Papa Laguna economía sapa get an indelible Mansa Musa and a dirty diaper
in pond animal Australia subpoena Himalayan pinnacle Cunha than foreign
investment number urban Sanka coffie Sen as a near neighbor and as yawns
longest standing partner Australia will work even more closely with ASEAN to
support a shared interest in a peaceful and prosperous region
I’m Bonsang Australia I’m Peter Haruna dialogue partner in and ASEAN will not
own 1974 at Medina deal in Mattituck naka Algodones and sample bonza sapa –
Leena capable nya numbers on Australia’s awesome boom bang Santa Sabina Latvian
in a hominid Erica Ambu hasta maana Prieto hospital on social
economía a political la soupe or Tod own opinion Madigan a dialogue parte de
acción and Belgium Australia Samantabhadra Hickey Serena and New
Zealand Taliban and mana bands on hashanah contra very small be near Saudi
foreign minister Gerry Brownlee Saskia New Zealand dialogue Naga Naga Nina’s a
Philippine International Convention Center – Gemma v Nagoya netizen dong Sen at New Zealand
belladonna long fight demeanor participant Lebon son at Papa – Lina ban
Panama isthmus Fatimah Gilligan Asha Keenan permit Oni Indonesia foreign
minister that number sudhi at New Zealand Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee
sassy and New Zealand dialogue meeting nagging Absa Philippine International
Convention Center 7 TC Milan impalpable on Kimmel and international foreign
minister Marceau D and Madiba in a strategic partnership Nang Adrienne at
New Zealand mullah panel 2015 socket Ania necessary silken and productive
embellish animal ito yung at via New Zealand plan of action 2016 to 2020 we
saw the out of 59 measures at our activities 52 has been carried out or is
expected to be implemented we also encourage the implementation of
other activities in the near future many new valor in see foreign minister
Massoud in a salad Papa – Lina Paquita pal pallie tonality opinion al-al’ama
director gana mana husband in an oceanic New Zealand – Osama’s effective and
positive alabanza monetary Stanko at Sepang pop on appeal in a colleague –
anna bohn a civilian Santa latina kilala Nnamani New Zealand Foreign Minister
Brown Bianca holiday Hanukkah occupied by a logo support Papa butene and
security measures mama sang well established regional community to
Lebanon ASEAN we see it as being a particularly
important body to represent the aspirations of a region of the world
that over the history of those 50 years has become progressively more
economically important to the rest of the world
Leto na keiki penny Foreign Minister Brown Deena semana sociable data on iPad
– Leena Gina album parenteral samosa Ossian casaba and progressive open
Godman economy generally or solely Finnegan being a foreign minister Lee
nahin jeena gamma Leon New Zealand chiffon Saporta semana target nama kami
sangat en particular Salmonella Ranga and political security economy at
socio-cultural jae-yong demand amman example ban fatima external partners
veto and vodka cob LED board member he owes support commitment Kanaka
bah-bah-bah guru guru Mathai para sabaha linear nominal Republic of Korea re
biome paka paka zanpakuto good nyam diplomatic Oh Samana kappa Kwon Sang
ASEAN will again be in South Korean foreign minister County my Nana gang
model gang model gang relation cannon bonza Saskia and para Appa Appa Appa
Appa Don and region nari to omreport we linking appear mana Cambodian Foreign
Affairs Minister Park so Conan Condon and ASEAN omocha trabajo and Babu
administration lip amalu moon jae-in and Republican Andrea upin la luna POC dia
and partnerships Apogee Tanana C&R ok Laguna pagana go man you might agreed
Bangkok tapenade nang micro small and medium enterprises
how about samus a monkey kilos Fatima bottom if in act on to a target meeting
200 billion US dollars Paris at alone 2020 sabaha gay and Republican and
Korea’s in a beanie South Korean foreign minister kang kumoi
latino to england key partner asean Aetna Honda Zealand pala vegan Park and
along diplomatic unforgettable nyan Vito our commitment in this regard should be
clear promptly after being sworn in president Mun Jane took the
unprecedented step of sending a special envoy to ASEAN
he reiterated the importance of ASEAN ROK relations by saying and I quote him
directly ASEAN is as important as our immediate
neighbors around the peninsula in Korea’s external relations unquote
daily DOMA heilige Paris a republic of korea nelu busan mapa lakas ng bagong
lions asean at sama bands ANCA subpoena to my government indeed seeks to
strengthen our ties with ASEAN in three directions first to pursue mutual
prosperity that is sustainable second to increase people driven two-way exchanges
and third to join hands to build a new East Asia that is peaceful and safe
Marie da hua hai paura sabayon Inasa hombu booty umbrella show namib
and sangmi embryonic Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN Saban
Santina te Mata pasta party Bahama minestrone calabasa messianism
Memorandum of Understanding Senegal I am is solo and ASEAN China Center
Nathan apartment along 2011 see joy guava ISA d’Italia Mull infinity by
incorporations edit 9 and ASEAN and China subpoenaed Mahal Memorandum of
Understanding the lion fighting in and support us Edina tag nasi and China
Center knockdown 2011 and ASEAN china center is an lugar consent in Abuja pan
and Papa lolli non-relational ASEAN and China particular Solara Gannon Carla
Colin atomo muna our good relations are anchored on strong trade and economic
ties which we are working to bring to a new level
China has been a science largest trading partner for the past seven years and
ASEAN and China have now committed to realizing our twin goals of two-way
trade and investments support Peter Mullan is a five-year memorandum of
understanding hindi chaya a Singaporean foreign minister Vivian Bala Krishnan
and Kenya Monica country representatives maragall Arnhem Akiba Hajis upon pupu
Lancome Papa anima gigging must effective on a-z and shyness enter
villain is an instrument on panko parish on salmon palace again an apathy and
shine a dialog meeting mulling Pina divine and Sen ethnic China and Carolyn
commitments upon poppin appeal in Ankara Japan pop allocation economy at Fogg
Papa labas non Turismo unit in Venus at opposed Ito annual ovo booting relation
and ASEAN at man China ASEAN and China are constantly looking
for new areas of cooperation in one area which we are currently exploring is
improving connectivity and achieving greater synergy between ASEAN master
plan for us and connectivity and China’s belt and Road initiative ticket seller
have Bennigan’s Vienna Singaporean Foreign Minister Bala Krishnan any
Sangma locking cap accompany Anza ASEAN China relation particular so subpoena
synagogue on territory Oh finally Arsen welcomes the finalization of the
framework for the code of conduct on the South China Sea in grey yang in June
recently this framework is very important and it represents the
culmination of effective and constructive cooperation between ASEAN
and China over the past year Sokka denying a ding dong bang Papa
John’s reaffirmation of respect on the freedom of navigation in an overflight
in the South China Sea bula-bula Tanaka booyah dampened octagon
Bottas phenomena Hana Tony in a Singaporean foreign minister Vivienne
Bala Krishnan Vilenkin Aparna Sen at me foreign minister Wang Yi Benson Sheena
guru Mathai para sabayon cthulhu in Amman and public Espanyol alone and
relaciones india sama bans on me M bronan ASEAN capelin Pilipinas a lobe
nanokarrin lemon pumpin Brigantine Indian Minister of State Vijay Singh
namaste and India 20 fear celebration a night pass all night namaste
photographers new album on IANA India’s mob alpha supremo Kiran and Asha Unisa
Mantegna goolies live – mangas nanki-poo en Pilipinas at a sample by Santa Sabina
Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN Picatta tapas Amanpour na
insu’s ministerial meeting a young upon subpoena engine Minister for external
affairs Vijay Singh’s Italian penal colony Prime
Minister agreed okay showed an equally bamboo aniversario de acción de on de
una de las a Pilipinas I&K minister since male yoona yoona mando a latina
mobbin Sanka coffie Sen Sibylla democracies Nadu merit in veto
particular ignominy tuna bangle young Asian financial crisis logged all 1997
Cuza – support – Tamil Malayalam alabanza ASEAN is mnemonic Abba Mona a
science a financial crisis title at Concord even I forty years anniversary
now Australia at Minassian dialogue Naruto in Amman and 25 years now ASEAN
dialogue relations abandon India mnemonic in bada Amano sapa goon lad
named bob advance’ papi Neapolitan an egg in fire engine
Minister of State for external affairs vijay kumar singh philippines as chair
is a blistering the golden jubilee celebrations and in the last two years
in your chairmanship we have had excellent dialogue on many issues the
overall theme chosen this has been partnering for change engaging the world
in is in consonance with what we all think about our 25th anniversary
celebrations that are coming of our relationship with ASEAN spanning 30
dialogue mechanisms including an annual summit and seven ministerial dialogues
at event plan now in Dunellen paddlin and sulla agency Indian Prime Minister
Narendra Modi say filipinas meet on a narrow magenta una adnap acid ito ample
support Alan Benson enjoys ASEAN la duper tomorrow desi Medina Kahala yumpin
in Iguala Mohammad Fahad agricultura at some akale namaha Piniella Unidos
limo Guinea Prime Minister and vodka shopping one-sided asean italki leaking
at a maximized and asean engine free trade area machina bible animal goods
services at investments American green say noodle his East Act policy
Quisenberry began fiery DeVito Amana bands asset amoxil era Asha Marita
Joseph content reveal llama – haha damn so bromby be gentle Agana importation
and burn some India and ASEAN de helicoidal a cotton awesome New Delhi
dialogues Omaha goose Apogee Tina EBIT eben bonza lagina tuna Babangida noggin
above an atomic engine leaders in Kahala Jahan and Vanessa Sen non-agenda an omen
or nan Maya man cultura number Solyndra the Nexus of in cultural highway Sevilla
show accessibility shown Lang Angelo came forward omen omen Oh Alvin san
andreas amis mariupol engagements at proyecto de acción de Lanka for
dialogue partner Neto tsubame sol sunet pencil
apparentiy Tosa pasa si te parece bien y nice amante para mi selamat EU nice
amante my mod and unbelief Adam an hottie dango beer Nolan Canada salmon a
Cap’n a Linda Benson Garcia Tito Cole salon ocasion Amato – Lanza
Campania Labonte Harappa Nelson Azul unum Robinson ASEAN Naruto Angela’s five
years ten million dollar Canada asking scholarship in educational exchange for
development program Messiah in an moon shoe and a Canadian foreign minister
Chrystia Freeland and I’m very delighted to be announcing here today a five year
ten million dollar Canada aliens scholarship an educational exchange for
development program called feed this is a program which will be open to all
a.cian countries it will equip students and mid-career professionals with a
particular emphasis on women with critical knowledge and skills to help
them to contribute to the fight against poverty st. in Agawam on our own ASEAN
Canada ministerial meetings in Obinna Freeland the nice National Invention
Alalu palapa D by pnina nyan sama band son Ian Brennan ASEAN is an apolog amp
R&D no Manito de abajo techhdarre one IKEA Patna Paribas Arianna ASEAN Canada
dialogue relations at Le Monde pool aniversario in an ASEAN EP neck did even
Benin Canada and Canadian 150s Confederation anniversary summit Allah
so similar hon chan han-pan Allah type in Agnes Freeland Anglo male in
population Amana Filipinos Saban’s on Canada Day land enema business long
weekend Filipino donor Mabuhay we Canadians feel very very
comfortable and at home in the Philippines we had a recent study a
recent survey showed that seven million Canadians count neither English nor
French as their first language and probably the fastest growing language in
Canada is Tagalog my pardon burns on Canada’s a poem a given a freelance
Danka Danka kirimaya semana para una Matai do lot naka go Luhan Samara we
let’s express my condolences to the people of the Philippines
those killed in morale at the hands of the – link terrorists this is really a
horror that none of us is immune to and we need to stand in solidarity fighting
it and you have Canada’s deepest deepest condolences Dioner in Sapa giving
trading nation of Canada Cinnabon if real and honest Iran Pallavas Impala
Joaquin amputee Deepika local on Sasha Gaza by didn’t possess a benefit even
Canada Salib on contra terrorized mo Morita mwah hey Paris abaya indeed among
sapa Glenn served on terror is mo an too low nepeta hello blog Australia’s a
Filipina Conde patinas a la Rana and eschewed its own inability Foreign
Affairs spokesperson Robespierre Bolivar sassy and ministerial meeting a laminate
Anita mo logic NS passante Laguna live Morita nojima atom 5 and Antonella raga
in the Department of Foreign Affairs acting spokesperson Robbie Oliver a
mahogany ministerial meeting a young era una Mahajan and again ministerial
meetings Appa Deaton and ASEAN advance on Canada I think I believe our model
donate and Canadian governments and some four million Canadian dollars parcel
scholarship program namana ASEAN member states poco de tous in a beep on Ebola
vana in in Vita Honda Pamela Rodrigo Duterte see Canadian Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau Parimal Impala Oh Hinson hottest on East
Asia Summit sedara Tina noviembre neguin Madigan padeen and Nadine ministerial
meetings Apogee Tanana Siana Korea consarn apakah Sandow an epoxy saloon
and small micro enterprises lop Ignacio and Jimena ministerial meeting and ASEAN
as New Zealand impalpable avec de maritime security Sergio as a glob on
Saturday more inna llaha in amman Sapolu non Australia at non ASEAN unpack a
Honda Sonata sedan special Sammis cessation of natural Kabila naman Cetina
la reina national china and composers appeal such a South China Sea particular
manner and Code of Conduct Casa Bonita Pompeians on Vienna Maggie Madigan
padeen Amana focused on ministerial meeting so venomous Matt even a relish
on a dog non-pom economy assertion on P Mozilla
oloppor nd international media center DTOs epatha City Auto posting NS % a
para sabayon Salameh Kenneth passion teh MacLeod a
bus and Department of Foreign Affairs and burgundy say Noonan pasaporte Ito
demote aposematic Danny pendulum Rodrigo Duterte ambitous nanak pop Eloisa
passport validity 900 sample towel iron suggest a target near on mile Abbas and
Barbuda sayin passports a 2-0 data on Nilayam mass Magilla cassava mimic a
Yamaha gamma gamma Tito summit on I pivoted and sa national inerrant in a
plan Chang implementing rules and regulations naan kadavul of exhibition
angle opposite ort a celebration and golden anniversary in an Association of
Southeast Asian Nations a Martez Maggie Ginn Majuli Ozma in a Paris our enemas
make business agreed a die on say NCR PO and NCR Pio
make a ragam Allah Syria Fernandez ma-kun lie at my na I’m agin celebration
in Kalamazoo an event Arianna Adrian’s a goes to Rho a las dos nine – Boxey
Simona empanadas Mona’s a Lunetta patron cultural center of the philippines occp
una separa dance Ahriman afloat ljubljana Muhammad ellos la Adam is
Lancaster Oh Donna Botti Bob Burns’s a team of solana Asha Sally Courtney Tony
Pinnock mama laughing Gigantes Mangano Rizal the Susan Dana street dancers at
marching band the CCP grounds manga yari and lighting
ceremony nice as a gallery so might become poems showed that municipal
Edith’s ability Nos my spoken word that song performances
window on Willis Ozzie and pop stars caboodle Nang Pinoy balladeer Nancy
christian bautista in a Cihangir Diloreto alma official ministry at
delegate on on ASEAN in Anya and in on public on and Omaha so what we wanted to
do was to really break down what’s golden about the action region the
smiles the resources the grain of rice – beautiful Mekong River etc etc and I
was one of the things that I really wanted to do was to really marry both
what is traditional and what is contemporary saponifier global city in
Amman and when you know afterparty honking – Gabby this is really intended
for the younger crowd for the mill Daniel so that they will also be aware
of what’s happening well on signal Jam pero te llamas McGee McGee Tang
seguridad summer tez laughs namaste aunty RPO Police Director Oscar
al-bayada Samarra lista nakooma re Iowa’s animal protest acero Neto de un
monde Eden Afghani lanky EMTALA benin lugar para SE kiddos protesta lettuce
show to the whole world I am Makeda Isha Noah Chino support Ahana Tina tuna
science amat Samant allah azza Halawa begat Nidal Union traffic Osaka Gaeta a
las dos song – Hong Kong a las nueve Linda be Dehesa Marissa Sarang Calzada
at stop-and-go scheme dial Geneva to topaz and rock bands Amanda Connie Stan
rota aha leap imma airing demands alternative on rota RIA Fernandez para
sabayon Karina – too low Angus patos need Osama
Bonsang ostia antica Dylan until Athena’s busu detour numata Padma
Hungarian an American Amica to Lucifer drop an appeal in a cop I upon convinced
upon agree on hidden permit only Malaysian Foreign Minister Anita Aman
bossy stop I agree US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson the joy grata in Agulhas
alive Maurice of Tanaka deepest nanana blunt
absolute basis neti pot bulldong see US state secretary Rex Tillerson Samuel
Oschin a koala example bonds and Mahajan Agassi an Italian mismo Sonya is i tompa
to- a garmin pinaka holiday hana Estados Unidos angulation ito sigh sang Mattapan
original community sati Bugzilla an Asha Keenan firmani a Malaysian foreign
minister an ephah Amman incognito needler son at belong Shyam Kanagawa
legacy and Senegal op nyazian us ministerial meeting me on arrow
aiya penis a la mattina an America’s a Patna decadent pnina is neato nama
Catalan Japan commit a spell poppin Attili non Copiah pan de un rinses papa
ping nangka under ansari on the grandpa John village nd marine at kill illallah
Nia Malaysian Foreign Minister Oommen I’m not Italian contribution and America
piranha Maggie Assange rule-based regional architecture and ASEAN Nanjing
tena koe compromiso and me Thomas moaning asean centrality
at unity Sally umma a Sangala one component of a to lean upon booty
non-canon angulation Allah Lucy la pelota non bahamas effective on solution
sama gossip in particular young issue non Turismo cyber security maritime
conflict immigration and climate change solution Morita Yamuna at in pinnacle in
Gulas live mole Apprendi Tosa international media center yoga mata
para sabaha Aramis Aramis joy GU Mathai big-time oil
price hike specific da-da-da-da-da signaling go at DNR if in a particular
operation Sofia past on site and Italia parabolas non-european weekend name again Thank You mr. Salim Adama
cusamano pins international broadcast endures in emerita at America’s
mountains in the national media centering America Simona beretta
dtopping bonza I’m once again your host Josefina consult upon Manasa local Nepal
Mahalo anima a leader number now it papers apiece and rehabilitation Samara
VCB my d’Italia sorry for NATO’s sweet Lumina Philippine Information Agency
sweet dina Lohan and actions affinity and were no leaders consultation some if
it was a Legion PP Pusan I’m a upon apostle among participant ace nabiyev
Allah Mohammed people mayor’s at provincial officials
Tanglin elder sir khaki button an internal development authority and
presidential adviser for overseas worker at testa open Mikado on and dialogue for
peace and rehabilitation the Union Anna sobbing the yellow gonna marry me honey
body balm opinion Asuncion Oman opinion on nag representa para semana resident a
Nomura VCT Vinny yang di nominee secretary Gillingham on Jong and testa
nella Union Anna hensch anima beginnin trabajo uma IDPs bill important and
program on rehabilitation para samara ECT massive wish we have only got a
pistol lingual Jesus provisional okay Lana after Italy too far away
okay now follow us on a pariah and began national enquirer
kidding Caramba Gandhian initial modulus Venetian phenomena Puna boya balmy or
dr. lamp upon D Anka boy Anna problem on and Lanao del Sur comes an Asian buffet
and in Napa namul Annika Gullu won a Turismo my presentation was the totality
of the problems in flannel suit that brought about this terrorism and this
violence from the netting and Natalie’s with the devastation of murabbi City we
are hoping that we can turn this into an opportunity to really improve the
Murano society in Crystal pond imagine not opposed Mustafa and hoping that this
can be finished by the approval of the VBA young monk discrepancies NATO will
be addressed so now but beginner and in opinion quest for determination a self
self determination and Latin mana in my life
in Manila so my incorporate poor not insulation mainstream Muslim Odom
Arenado society finally wanna nominee Johari be IO am participation and civic
and social organizations Paris Anna sobbing dialogo
we as a civil society organizations and participation dominions a young coach
Josh systematized on Pacifica and relief young Hindi Mahmud namaha of a bayonet
in Kamara backwards from evacuation center literatura home-based young for
an racism are begin pumping disease or nama locating ma San this entire
Mindanao para sabayon streets of money Philippine Information Agency Molina
pool my own presidential spokesperson Ernesto Berlina Baha’i Navi leg dignity
griddle Samantha an annealing me Pamela Rodrigo Duterte Nadella wampum live on
Sunday low iron geobella D deeply poor monitor semana lugar satin bands upon
sonic Papa – LuAnn Banta Sociedad on deployment onion and ropa samaarambhaam
bana lugar Satine banza verdigris Linda Nevada partner making Villante
mettaton dong annealing impulsive on gray so on Karol Bagh empresa de una mas
apni baahon van Thanh Antares mo soething bonza
– Armani AF is chief of staff general Eduardo an EO a military commander
samurai we sit in a update until an urban warfare doctrine Dickinson Lily
cumin Angela hot Nam observation at carne asada Maison de Luna hemoglobin
Sumati terrorist group I own KP public affairs office chief Colonel at guard
Edgardo Arevalo missile before Visayan Parana Manzanilla conveyed on Doc Lena a
manga Naruto – Nana – Andales operations a murabbi an urban warfare net in Ottawa
cyan LeBaron Kunsan gamma tominaga beedo imam al-ghazali at bhai belong ventaja
lava so troponin Pamela on Holi phenomena the people on campus or non
person and NPA or New People’s Army sub all die eponymous make fitna Sakura dad
nothing about the Patna militar someone aboard N and L began
I&K Philippine Army 47 infantry battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel
Yu prosciutto al Malik jr. is an hominin upon attending insurgent preamble nan
nan and egg present an amulet Somali company mohammad own individual nana
Matano Mahna Mahna lugar de pinna Penelope amumu Garen namaha militant n
grupo Shaka Zulu Yan a in Aden para la pomme
Allen grupo an Tina Bible on hanumana sobbing individual than in evil animals
governor Edgar chat una Ambika la una casa Oh Massa site in the Technion
countryside Development Programme poro power movement and Ellen balloting Dean
Amamiya quantum a communist on grupo sacani on provincia supremum fog Pataki
Butuan City Regional Trial Court branch poor judge Gouda Prado able junior at
Sasha Juanito an analogue Armitage nikumans imatra Dada
Gerwin and mala lemon investigation da Queen Amana metacognitive para Poornima
suspicion modesty mod Pamelia Cognito NP NP Kerrigan a special
investigation passports para poor man man guna
Sanaa sobbing investigation Henry presence been busy Abul an alum new on
the surface of extortion na ne ha young ji sang sorry
– Amman and San Franci hardened Assad non-party naseeb or B Rivera Mota
Bastogne Bonanza Las Pinas k grid Pinella barrel and cozy hallabong Papa
labas 9sm Saad mole at bituminous a NASA parking area is a las piñas cheapo
policy or intended Marion valium long night dominant Amman Ambala saludo at
cattle Cervera lie so good pasa Asian hospitals Alabama
Muntinlupa am victim innate immunity Edina guru poonam on dead on arrival
ballistamon on policia ambulance Paganica agua de turismo senator
incremental impact battalion Anila and on Nikita Lila motivo senator on
parinama dr. flooey anything and man and las piñas city police and city become a
run or install sabaha Guinea essence of Montrose on venereal say pass a city
councillor Bobby Rivera a la policia healing Lhasa de mama Hallinan Mowlam
opine on CCTV footage paruppu Maha Chohan and lipkin senior NASA liquid
Nana sobbing Thomas Lennon casaba raposa investigation police
Yamuna security guard and mall it’s a salmon man and family one our process of
the Philippines requirements nan promotion and drug testing is a SP
public affairs office chief colonel Edgar Arevalo Heba
para por man Matias novel on Sunday lute admin empleado civilian and mohammad
non-legal de Drogo cidade upon arrival una Baja giving me tonenpaul moon one
and air pin emerging drug-free workplace on Santa Tanaka’s Casa Bonita pinnable
on a revolution a possible in massive a so servicio Amazon de la positivo Saba
Hameed and raga – philosopher modern an ephah mullen
Rodrigo Duterte and Papa Barnum mas strict on Purusha ito a Samana hospital
not Matangi Samana passante Valen my deposit Oh or Hindi Makka pakka began
and Poonam bad Suhani lamp Apogee mo dito Paganini
Italian report NATO Molokai Juliet’s a mental hospital Samaras ‘no percent a
Muallim Perrin pan depósito de metallic donna nipa Mullen Rodrigo Duterte bilham
batas an Republic up number ten nine three two found in agreeance Jenson and
by hospital deposits law if you had hananim Baba Tahsin fog pattern and
pollution possible angle nan a pat hand on an another own semana pasada hospital
human genome deposit o open and biood bog we admit Agha Mouton emergency
patients Bobby are in amana’s a hospital named Alton mullahs and Andy Bohannon is
an medium P so deny be D&D not Oregon Department of Health nabob in an
ascension a hospital not a tumble smelly mobile Sabattus NATO minion denote a new
unit on boolean dominance upon upon analogous Appaloosa ganang manuh ma-ma
on la luna a monomer Alita many give Nana hyena ganito
now honoree Tony logged on Jennifer Malone Duterte villain Bottas ambien a
part of the neoliberal tuition semana state colleges and university Juliet
caronian Paris sabayon then a four and five Mahalo and an axon
and Valentina uses Gandhi omicron chillin amagad my Sahara is upon Panera
banana two pods are bland and mahira novella Guyana hada labo I a no classing
get them Polly parrot opening up in malachite laser by Delia if you seen an
ELISA distantly Bandera Marcus will you done in the pond opinion someone and set
it to cancer voila no power and animal my residency
here some agreement without abortion Alitalia Simula no engine optimized Emma
epic music an umbrella and a messy one aprea Tomas Ajo initiate their own path
of the gala bar for angle measuring – an apple and a store’s cosmic a Lampoon and
a superior pump it in a uniform and Ebro way of writing for no no processor I’d
stick for disaster figuring for multiple axis mundi Nevada Maine ol mo sono
palace analysis a fog Alabama evolving in Nevada hadiyyah-lah macho Italian gb3
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