BREAKING News Out Of Iran- It’s Happening

BREAKING News Out Of Iran- It’s Happening

Iran could be preparing to attack U.S. and
Israeli forces, and perhaps even arch-rival Saudi Arabia, though such assaults would not
come directly from Tehran’s forces. The news site noted further:
Two senior intelligence sources said that QassemSuleimani, leader of Iran’s powerful
Quds force, summoned the militias under Tehran’s influence three weeks ago, amid a heightened
state of tension in the region. The move to mobilize Iran’s regional allies
is understood to have triggered fears in the US that Washington’s interests in the Middle
East are facing a pressing threat. The UK raised its threat levels for British
troops in Iraq on Thursday. While Suleimani has met regularly with leaders
of Iraq’s myriad Shia groups over the past five years, the nature and tone of this gathering
was different. “It wasn’t quite a call to arms, but it
wasn’t far off,” one source said. The meeting has led to a frenzy of diplomatic
activity between US, British and Iraqi officials who are trying to banish the specter of clashes
between Tehran and Washington and who now fear that Iraq could become an arena for conflict. The gathering partly informed a US decision
to evacuate non-essential diplomatic staff from the US embassy in Baghdad and Erbil and
to raise the threat status at US bases in Iraq. It also coincided with a perceived separate
risk to US interests and those of its allies in the Persian Gulf and led to a heightened
threat that more than a decade of proxy conflicts may spill over into a direct clash between
Washington and Tehran. Leaders of all the militia groups that fall
under the umbrella of Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Units (PMUs) were in attendance at the meeting
called by Suleimani, the intelligence sources claimed. One senior figure who learned about the meeting
had since met with western officials to express concerns. Once bitter enemies, Iran and Iraq have drawn
closer since the U.S. deposed Saddam Hussein in the early 2000s. Since the U.S. largely withdrew its forces
from Iraq under President Obama, the Iranians have been working to infiltrate and influence
the Iraqi government to Tehran’s advantage. As for Suleimani, he’s been Iran’s most
influential powerbroker for about 15 years in Iraq and Syria, leading Tehran’s efforts
to reshape the region in its image. Meanwhile, Reuters — quoting the semi-official
Fars News Agency— reported that a deputy chief of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards
Corps said that short-range missiles fired from Iranian territory were more than capable
of reaching American warships in the Persian Gulf. “Even our short-range missiles can easily
reach (U.S.) warships in the Persian Gulf,” Mohammad Saleh Jokar, the Guard’s deputy
for parliamentary affairs, was quoted by Fars as saying. “America cannot afford the costs of a new
war, and the country is in a bad situation in terms of manpower and social conditions,”
he added, perhaps responding to published reports regarding political discourse in the
U.S. as well as a military that is stretched thin. In addition to Iraqi militias, Iran supplies
and helps train other groups including Hamas and Hezbollah, both of which have a heavy
presence throughout the Middle East. Both groups are

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  1. Need to investigate Feinstein's phone call to Iran and also need to investigate Kerry. Logan Act!

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