BREAKING NEWS – Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail

BREAKING NEWS – Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has
been granted bail after a four-day hearing. The 26-year old Paralympic and Olympic runner
faces murder charges over the fatal shooting of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Magistrate Desmond Nair said the prosecution
had not made a case that he would flee, or that he had a violent character. Pistorius denies murder, saying he shot Reeva
Steenkamp thinking she was an intruder at his home. Mr Nair criticised the testimony of lead detective
Hilton Botha, saying he had not followed up important leads and had changed his testimony. But the magistrate also said he had difficulty
understanding why Mr Pistorius had opened fire in the way he did. The next hearing in the case has been set
for 4 June. Bail conditions include a ban on leaving Pretoria.

3 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS – Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail

  1. Yes, the Magistrate made it very clear why he granted him bail. Bail isn't about being guilty or innocent (as he said) and he gave very thorough (2 hours worth) of reasons as to why it he was released on bail, all very valid reasons. Just because he's a celebrity and people have made their own mind up whether he doesn't deserve bail? The world has truly gone mad.

  2. I heard a whole different story …. While R,S was sleeping O,P found a valentines present from an unnamed man when O,P confronted R,S about this there was no denial but he was insulted by " I am a women who needs a man not breathing DILDO" followed by a slap and push as she sent a message from the bathroom she was murdered…. Why did/is the man not coming forward??? He is married to a female who,s family would desroy him and if she was still alive he could take that risk but obviously he would lose everything….. Justice is blind…. Why was her mobile not retrieved? Even without this the mobile company could obtain the relivent material without the phone….

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