Breaking News! Oosterdam collides with Nieuw Amsterdam in Vancouver BC Canada

Breaking News! Oosterdam collides with Nieuw Amsterdam in Vancouver BC Canada

everybody is Bruce here was traveling
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here with travelling Bruce I’ve got an update here may the 4th 2019 it seems he
can’t keep friends apart in Vancouver we have a story developing here there are
two cruise ships both with Holland America the new Staten Dam and the
oyster dam they have well bumped into each other some of the headlines say
they collided but well the newest at dam was in port first oyster dam was coming
in she turned around and was backing in to the same pier that the Staten dam was
tied up in and the well the ship’s kind of bumped into each other
you can see the damage here it’s not too severe but you know there will be
repairs done here the good news is the repairs will be probably done while the
ship is at sea they’re not gonna have to cancel cruises but you know cosmetically
it doesn’t look good the crew are out taking the photos for the insurance and
to report back to head office and he’ll point fingers at each other and try to
blame the other guy but we’ll see what happens anyway join me Monday to Friday
5 o’clock eastern Saturdays at 2:00 we talk cruise ship six days a week
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19 Replies to “Breaking News! Oosterdam collides with Nieuw Amsterdam in Vancouver BC Canada

  1. We just left Vancouver yesterday in the Eurodam. Things happen and the ships will be fine. Keep cruising 🚒

  2. Nieuw Statendam is in Holland, isn't it? The Nieuw Amsterdam is in Canada. At least I thought they were. Just wondering how they bumped into one another when they're suppose to be in different countries. :O

  3. Ok, I just checked, The Nieuw Amsterdam was already docked in Vancouver, and the Oosterdam came in and hit it. The Nieuw Statendam is in Holland.


  5. One wonders "Will heads roll?" over this mini-disaster? Thanks for the interesting update Bruce.

  6. I was on the Oosterdam on Saturday when this happened… Our Captain made no announcement but heard about the accident from follow passages so we all went and took a few pictures. I Heard the Captain of the Neiuw Amsterdam asked all aft passages on decks 3-5 to move to mid ship immediately. The Oosterdam seemed to be having its share of issues during this 22 day cruise. We experienced 3 fire alarms Two having to do with the incinerator and one where a air conditioning gear froze up and filled several floors with smoke. We also had a minor scrape going through the locks in Panama which they quickly repaired and painted at our next stop. Hope our next Oosterdam cruise into two weeks goes better. 😊

  7. Bruce, sorry, you can’t even get the ships names correct! It’s new Amsterdam and oosterdam, not Statendam! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  8. I saw the Nieuw Amsterdam docked at Canada place on my ship tracker app. The stern was way back well into the other berth and the bow was not even close to the end of the pier where it should have been. I thought that is a terrible parking job, you would think a large ship would stay clear of any impairment to a docking space like this. The next day I saw the crash had happened.
    How incompetent are the port authorities for allowing the ship to incorrectly dock in the first place. What captain with any sense controlling such a huge vessel would not make every attempt to make sure its in the clear at its berth. Lastly how bad do you have to be when bringing your incoming vessel to port and you cant see the other ships stern sticking into your berth. That captain was incompetent because he never should have hit the ship that was already there.
    They are all at fault here, I noticed after that the ship that was hit had pulled ahead to its correct position. This is nuts isn't there a local Pilot in these things that makes sure they dock correctly. Don't they have camera's on the stern so they can see what they are backing up to.
    Pretty idiotic I could see something was not right hours before this happened. These guys have GPS positioning much more sophisticated than the tracker app which is surprisingly accurate
    Doesn't give you much faith in who is in control of these ships, looks like more Francesco Schettino's out there not just on the Costa Concordia.
    We are sailing off with the Cunard Queen Elizabeth when it leaves here after its Alaska runs end of June. The Captain is a Lady, hope she is a better commander than these two idiots!

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