Breaking News! Oasis of the Seas Damage May Be Severe Sailings Being Cancelled

Breaking News! Oasis of the Seas Damage May Be Severe Sailings Being Cancelled

it’s Bruce here with travel if Bruce
have got an update on the oasis of the seas yesterday April the 1st 2019 a
crane crashed into the ship and she began to list on her starboard side we
didn’t know what caused all of this but it turns out that it’s a domino effect
that took place and take a look here here is the crane crashed into the back
of the ship right over the seating area where the Aqua shows take place every
evening on board the ship we don’t know what extent other damage was here but it
is this is already millions of dollars now we’re finding out other issues if
you take a look at this holder right here this is a photo of the azipods
of the Oasis of the Seas you can see how the ship is powered there are three of
them at the back of the ship these are all taped rain or 60 degrees and the
worry is that the way you see the ship listing off to her starboard side it
could well be that the ship is resting on one of her as a pods or more over
here on the far right you’ll notice dock number two that is where the ship is
right now inside that floating dry dock in Freeport Bahamas here’s another shot
of the same area that the bottom of the screen
it’s another Royal Caribbean ship in that floating dry dock now the ship
right now is floating inside that drydock in water but you can look at the
entire length of the ship listening to one side that drydock has been badly
damaged the report is and that we think caused the crane to actually fall into
the ship the ship listed first and then the crane crashed into her now the
question is what caused the listing in the first place the worry is that the
work was being done on the azipods at the back of the ship and they feel that
some structure gave way and the entire ship listed onto her side and now the
damage assessment is being done cruises have been cancelled I think for at least
the next month from what I can tell you I can’t book a cruise on Royal
Caribbean’s website for this ship through all of April today being the
second of April it wouldn’t surprise me that the
five to ten cruises will be canceled if this as a pot issue is as serious as
feared the ship may have to be towed to Europe for repairs rather than go there
under her own power I do know that the staff of the cruise ship all the crew
were evacuated yesterday under an emergency they’ve have not been allowed
back on they are now staying in hotels in the Bahamas while the cruise line
tries to figure out what’s going on so this is the latest update from the oasis
of the seas it does not look good it does not sound good and I fear we may
have 10 or 15 cruises cancelled at five thousand people per cruise we’re talking
75,000 passengers inconvenienced in one fell swoop we’ll have to follow the
story see where it goes join me money to Friday five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at
2:00 we talk cruise ships six days a week and we’ll stay on top of this story
we’ll talk too late everybody bye for now

100 Replies to “Breaking News! Oasis of the Seas Damage May Be Severe Sailings Being Cancelled

  1. I think they should just do all the dry dock work they were going to do in the fall and rebuild the whole ship even if it means they have to cancel for 3 or 4 months

  2. Oh my Thank God People we’re not on board hope no injuries and that the crew is ok . This is sad but that’s life

  3. SO Sad 😭 She is Such a Beautiful Ship 🚢 We had Such a Great Time when we Sailed on her in February 😕

  4. Poor lady. I sailed her and all of her sisters in each inaugural year. I so fondly remember my first Oasis class experience on the Oasis, back in 2009, she broke the mold of build it bigger and they will come. This is a serious repair issue and yes, she will have to limp back to a European shipyard for repair.

  5. These new mega ships are hideous. They might as well be floating apartment buildings. They sacrificed styling for extra bodies.

  6. Looks like she has had it… if the pods are fucked the seaworthiness would be shot and without being able to go back to proper dry dock either in Florida ( where ? ) OR anywhere this could be the END …

  7. I travelled in oasis of the seas 7 years ago.
    A beautiful Cruise Ship.
    Love it.
    From Miami to miami… went to some Caribbean islands.
    Hope can cruise again and Quickly. Best Luck.

  8. There are no cruises booked in April, she was being Amped… you don’t have to cancel cruises that aren’t available 👍

  9. I feel for all the cruisers who have commented here. Then…insurance for the vessel…lawyers…and how about thousands of anguished phone calls ("your call is very important to us") for travel insurance claims…oh my. Transfer to Celebrity EDGE–just loved her in March to BVI

  10. if its any help most ships are more stable upside down, and for those left you've the whole hull with uninterrupted all round views left to enjoy

  11. These over sized cruise ships are huge disasters of biblical proportions just waiting to occur…I'll never go aboard any cruise vessel.

  12. I am from the grand bahama shipyard. It was just an unfortunate accident due to the weight of the ship. The ship will be able to move on it's own as it sails for Spain some time this week

  13. Such a gut wrenching sight. She is the queen of the seas, such a shame and waste to be sitting damaged in dry dock.

  14. Because of these monstrous floating malls people think driving electric cars will "save the planet". Just 15 out of the largest cruise and cargo ships in the world produce more pollution than all 770 million cars / suvs on the there's an estimated 350. People get criticized for driving gas cars yet this crap is a growing market…

  15. Could be they were transferring fresh water/oil from one tank to other readying the empty tank(s) for survey purposes, causing the ship to list to the shore side pushing against the shore crane, in turn causing the shore crane to fall over on the ship ?

  16. More, bigger, longer, taller, heavier, just keep booking folks, nothing to see here. Amazing how we demand things requiring more and more care and attention and responsibility yet culturally we value those attributes less and less.

  17. Cruises are nice…but all those climate fear mongers out there… almost all of you gladly went on a cruise. Total huge climate impact. Burning all that bunker C to burn holes in the water. Worse now, all ships have to run diesel. Not enough world capacity to make enough….

  18. I work in a shipyard.Progress can be painfully slow.Your predictions are probably right.It will be more than a month I can tell you that now.

  19. Ban travel period. Disease, sickness, pollution abound around them. Pathetic that people are that stupid to continue on these death traps

  20. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed our 1st cruise, on the Adventurer of the Seas about 14 yrs ago, and have since cruised on 2 other lines' mega ships, does anyone think it might be time to stop building bigger & bigger ships all the time? Do any of us need THAT MANY activities on a 7 day cruise? How can a crew meet the needs of 4,000 people at once? When is enough enough??

  21. I can't stand these ugly pieces of ship. Not one elegant line on them. Total eye sore. I prefer the Ocean LINERS not these ugly Cruise shits. I'm glad to see this one injured. Scrap the whole damn thing.

  22. Ship left this afternoon thank God. We got the crane completely out of it and the caps for the azipods are on. It left on it's own power with it's hybrid bearings aboard to get changed in Spain

  23. Everybody throwing up on one side from the norovirus 🤢🤮they contracted on the cruise. Need a deck engineer to balance the load.

  24. You have no idea what your talking about. She is under Her own power now to Cadiz, please update your remarks, it's your responsibility .

  25. We supposed to go on that cruise ship April 14th. But now we stay at home. You can't book anything for normal price. Vacation is wasted.

  26. They probably didn't brace the ship properly. That's the only way it would fall over like that. So basically it hit the crane, and it fell as a result of that. Sad really, just good no one is hurt.

  27. My friend who was supposed to go on this ship was reimbursed 100% and Next Cruise they get will be Free.
    I think the reason they did that, so you don’t go on another different cruise ship. But glad they reimbursed her.

  28. The day after this video was made, the entire ship flipped over on its side. They are going to chop it up and scrap it now.

  29. You wouldn't get me on a cruise no matter how much money I had. Looking at the size of that ship can you imagine how many people are on it? I hate crowds!

  30. What I love best about cruises is that feeling you get when you wake up each morning, wondering if this will be the day the explosive diarrhea starts.

  31. Cruise ships……. Nothing but problems and we always see and hear about it they try to make them bigger and bigger and make a more top heavy but yet still wonder why problems happen.

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