Breaking News! Norwegian Joy Leaving China After Only 2 Years!

Breaking News! Norwegian Joy Leaving China After Only 2 Years!

oh here we go we are on the air how’s it
going everybody welcome to traveling with Bruce your jovial host here from
Creston BC hi guys doing today it’s a hot one here I don’t know about you guys
it’s kind of warm up here in Canada I am Preston today is in the 90s again as
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how you guys doing welcome to the show what is today July the 18th 2018
Wednesday the middle of the week welcome to the broadcast we’re here to talk
about cruise ships cruise ship vacations holiday ideas you name it you know we
love talking about cruising here I’ve been one busy cowboy today lots going on
I thought today I was gonna talk a little bit about the celebrity news that
was released talking about a new terminal being built for the cruise line
but oh no Norwegians stole the show caught a story
this morning and oh my goodness it’s kind of taken over my day here and while
I’ll be talking about it with you guys for sure today I did a video on it
already it was that important I put a video up this morning that if you get a
chance check it out well three minutes long and it deserved its own the special
video just to kind of fill in everybody what’s happening anyway welcome to my
channel we’re going to be 12 months old in about three weeks just incredible
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much we had a bit of fun yesterday I want to say hi to a cruising with wheels
I want to say hi to the guys out there they sent me a message this morning they
caught the replay of our show yesterday that we did at 5 o’clock Eastern Time
where we were talking about characters that you could
run into on a cruise ship in particular have you ever run into a character kind
of the personality of a Soup Nazi on a cruise they did in the haven of all
places on the NCL bliss I couldn’t believe the story we covered that
yesterday they gave me a shout-out this morning telling me they they saw that
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about the story of the day this is unbelievable
I came across the story this morning looking up some information for the show
today and first I read this I read two announcements I read one from a press
report then I read and it looked to me like the press report was really more of
a copy of a corporate press release more than an investigative story then I went
to Twitter and tried to find up find out any more about this story and then I
start putting two and two together and now I figured out what’s happening the
folks at Norwegian announced that they are moving the Norwegian joy cruise ship
which is the twin ship to the Bliss the the Norwegian bliss and the the
Norwegian escape and the soon to be next year or so you’d have from though the
Encore these are three ships all in the same class of size and design the
Norwegian joy was launched in 2017 the announcement made by Norwegian today was
that they were pulling that ship out of the Chinese market out of China which it
was specifically built for which this is a shocker to to those of us who follow
cruising closely in that Norwegian spent almost a billion dollars 980 million was
the official number so let’s call it a billion bucks a billion bucks to build
this beautiful vessel the largest ship to service the Asian market and it was
the centerpiece of Norwegians push into China into Asia all of the ships signage
onboard signage you know any little any little like for example in your in your
bathroom and then you have the plug in there it tells you don’t stick to metal
object in there you know to be dangerous uh all that all those little warning
signs are in every nook and cranny but it’s all in Chinese it’s it’s designed
for the Haitian market this ship was built specifically for China the hallway
hallway instructions fire instructions in the back of the door of your cabin
there’s English and Chinese I mean it’s it’s it’s all specifically set up all
the announcements the crew was hand selected for the China market the chef’s
the kitchens the the entertainment the decor the feel the vibe the entire ship
was custom-built for the China market and it arrived in China last year 2017
the ship has only been out there for barely a year and they are
going to have that ship located in Seattle Washington next April for Alaska
cruises but before the ship gets to Seattle even before that date this ship
is going into drydock for a 50 million dollar improvement and this isn’t to
make the ship prettier it’s gorgeous it’s a brand-new ship it’s two North
American eyes it they’re going to take everything out of that ship that has
anything to it for the Asia market that means a lot of ripping out and and then
cosmetically putting back in signage and and you name it
other decor to North American eyes this ship this is a huge expense this is a
inconvenience but the press release from Norwegian doesn’t talk about that they
talk about how wonderful it’s going to be for the Bliss to be together with the
joy out of Seattle next summer to do the Alaska cruising season the ship is then
destined to next fall it’s supposed to then do a Mexican Riviera cruises and
Panama Canal cruises through the winter of 2019 and 20 and then we find out
going forward what happens next I think this decision was made very recently
very quickly and I think this is as fast as they can do it without causing too
much problems I I don’t think they’re getting kicked out of China I don’t
think that’s what’s happening but I have a feeling that they are they’ve
corporately decided that they’re best place for this ship is not the China
market whatsoever and it’s shocking that if you read on these announcements that
have been coming up this morning the next ship that will be in China for
Norwegian that’s gonna replace this one it’s not even replacing this one because
this one is a full time of deployment this is 365 in China the ship that’s
going there next is their oldest vessel the spirit it’s going in for a dry dock
shortly it’s a 20 year old vessel next year so what it gets there and it’ll
only be in China seasonally and it can handle 2,100 passengers so
we’re talking about a cruise ship going from like 4700 capacity 4800 capacity
few really stuffed it up to 2100 and only seasonal China voyages something is
going on in the China area overall that is causing cruise lines to pull their
ships out and get out and Norwegian is taking a billion-dollar asset and
they’re gonna replace it with a ship that is worth maybe in today’s dollars
two hundred million dollars hundred fifty million dollars part time that is
a statement now is Norwegian doing it because they’re angry
are they not filling their ship up I haven’t heard that story that they can’t
fill the ship are they having booking issues are they having problems with the
travel agencies because in China Cruise Lines cannot operate their own websites
to sell their own cruises they have to go through Chinese based licensed travel
agencies and something tells me and my back of my brain when you have a a
government that is unreplaceable in a way and senior officials who have total
authority to run their fiefdom the way they want there’s a word that comes into
play sometimes it starts with a B and ends in bribe or is that the whole word
oh no and maybe the issue here is that Norwegian without being able to say a
word they can’t say it I can say it because I’m not employed by anybody they
can’t tell you what’s really going on and there could be an issue now there it
could be completely another issue the issue could be something to do with the
recent us-china engagement and overall atmosphere when it comes to doing
business together as in trade between the countries it
could well be that Norwegian is reading some tea leaves
looking at the future and the future don’t look yet this is a US listed
public company Norwegian cruise lines they’re publicly traded on the New York
Stock Exchange the shareholders of which are American pension funds and
investment funds and other investors around the world and this company is
looking at the atmosphere in this region and they are figuring out right now they
don’t like what they see they don’t like what they hear they don’t like what they
feel they don’t like what they’re absorbing and they’re getting out of
Dodge and the fastest and most polite way to leave this region is to do it
over a nine-month window from now until next April
but basically get out in March because they’re gonna go to drydock and then
have B to be in the Seattle in April and they can do it that way without
literally overnight pulling that ship out of there I’m I’m asking I’m guessing
I want your comments on this I want your thoughts on this what do you think is
going on why would a cruise line build a 1 billion dollar cruise ship hype the
bejesus out of this thing for a specific market which I grant you is the world’s
largest potential cruise market bigger than the United States cruise market in
terms of people and within a year get out I decide we’re getting out of here
where we’re leaving this this spirit that we’re putting over there on this
you know this ship that we’re gonna put up there for a few months of the year
that’s a token entry into the market that is a that is a nothing that’s a
nothing this 1 billion dollar vessel is the creme de la creme of cruise ships
everyone is telling me how much they love the Bliss how beautiful the Bliss
is the amenities the features fantastic vessel who is not happy
coming off the Bliss not very many people other than our friends at
cruising with whales who had the most unbelievable and bizarro event happened
to them up in the Haven Suites with that that soup fancy up there I don’t know
what’s going on with that guy but the ship itself who’s complaining about the
Bliss nobody and if you never run into that particular person you love the ship
no matter what the why would a cruise line pull up this
is what I’m asking and I want you folks to tell talk to me about it I am dying
to know what your thoughts are it could be an interesting couple of days weeks
as we go forward we’ll probably hear even more news about this I don’t know
if this will have anything to do with the on course future or not if Norwegian
got with a whiff of a slowdown coming in the cruise market or that they were over
capacitated that to its capacity would they pull the the encore what they hold
it back but at this point nothing there I can’t see them doing that that’s the
fourth version of the ship to me they should go right ahead and build the
encore keep booking it I’m sure it’s booking up nicely and designated to the
Caribbean or wherever they want to designate it to and it’ll probably
replace an older ship anyway over the next five years and so they’re only
adding maybe 2,500 capacity to their line something I’m sure they can handle
but right now for you out there is cruisers there could be deals coming now
this is the good news for you guys there are winners and a loser
there’s winners cruisers and one loser and that’s Norwegian Norwegian is going
to lose millions on this shift this is going to cost them a lot of money
however Norwegian will spin it around and say all this is greatness we’re
gonna bring one of the most preeminent preeminent ships we have one of the best
in our fleet to the hottest market in the world which is Alaska the United
States Caribbean you know they’re gonna put the spin on it that’s gonna be well
it’s gonna be peaches in green gonna be great
but that ship is not fully booked for the next three years that ship is booked
until next year February March and all bookings after that have been cancelled
because they’re not taking passengers in China anywhere to somewhere else in Asia
they’re out of there so all those bookings are lost now they
have to fill this ship up starting next April with the Alaska cruise market now
they’re gonna take a ship out of the Alaska cruise market to put the ship in
so the spin will be from Norwegian hey yeah we’re taking a shit but we’re
putting the ship in it’s no big deal yes but you’re adding twenty two hundred
twenty-five hundred births per week to your Cruise Line now maybe you had this
designed all along that eventually you’d have more ships coming
in there I don’t know if that’s the case other cruise lines are into Alaska
big-time as we know and Skagway how many ships can Skagway handle in the day how
many ships can Anchorage handle how many how many vessels will the governments of
Canada and the u.s. allow in the inside passage per day per week there comes a
point in time where you’re overdoing it um and then of course the next question
is after the summer season is over which is the easy season to sell it’s so easy
to sell summer in Alaska the trick it comes what do you do with the fall the
ship is destined to be in California we don’t know if it’s home porting LA for
sure if it’s home porting San Diego is home I’m not sure of this yet I’m sure
we’ll find this out shortly very shortly and then the Mexican Riviera while
you’re up against if you’re in Norwegian you’re now up against Carnival with the
panorama coming remember the panorama is coming to Long Beach 4,000 passengers
then we’ve got the ship that’s gonna be in San Diego
another carnival ship that’s new then we’re going to have we have princess
already in LA every week doing cruises if not a couple so the competition is
heating up for the Mexican market the Panama market is not a hot market as far
as hot competition there’s room for a ship like the joy to ply the waters of
the Panama Canal on a regular basis if every second week or so that’s a 14 day
cruise 16 day cruise between LA Miami Miami LA you can do that for four or
five or six in a row you can kill the winter wear that easily you can get
through the winter with that and then next spring
well maybe the ship will be repositioned to Europe maybe it’ll go back to Alaska
for 2020 we don’t know Mediterranean perhaps we’ll find out okay so as a
cruiser there might be deals for you there might be some offers on a really
nice cruise ship be a joy for Alaska and for a Mexico and perhaps Panama Canal
cruising so mmm there might be some dream cruises being put together here
we’ll have to see what’s going on I’m gonna say hi to my peeps that I’ve
ignored so far and get right up to all of your comments what do you think’s
your thoughts on this whole thing tell me what you’re thinking tell me what you
have what you what’s the going on here to me this is
big news Richard C said hi to me first telling me it was 90 in the Philly area
a little early he’s thinking well right behind you Peter hekima said hi and I
say his little Sun mostly cloud say in Tarpon Springs Florida a few afternoon
showers very humid 92 degrees you enjoyed trivia last night was a fun show
he was good time Robert Brandt I saying hi hey Peter hey Bruce and everyone 88
in st. Thomas he’s in st. Thomas US Virgin Islands the Disney Fantasy is in
port today with 2500 passengers on board spending money in st. Thomas wonderful
and Jordans here from Australia good morning Bruce its 24 celcius and
Brisbane cold and wintry Express so in hand the poor thing she’s freezing
through another brutal winter at about 74 degrees Fahrenheit
she’s freezing over in in Brisbane I love it I just love it let’s see here
everyone’s saying hi and everybody here let’s go through here
Richard’s he says I have over 2700 photos from my Mediterranean trip it is
fatiguing to go through them all and he’s referring to the fact that I have a
Facebook group page called traveling with Bruce if you want to follow this
channel after I’m off the air come on in the Facebook page and say hi to us there
folks are posting photos of their favorite cruises ships always you name
it and it’s just fantastic I welcome one and all to come on by that page and join
it if you like let’s see what we have here and Jordan I agree Richard so many
photos to put up the first photos I put up on traveling with Bruce were of the
the Mediterranean we also stopped in Vienna on the way home more photos there
Peter heck of us here Richard C can you imagine if you had to get all those
pictures to melt like in the days way back when we had negatives oh man can
you imagine 2700 photos you go bankrupt that’s unthinkable today’s today’s
adults I mean anyone who’s 25 and younger you’ve never paid to have
pictures developed I can’t imagine you would have hadn’t had to do it the the
the thought of you having a thousand photos from your holiday you’d have to
pay $800 to get them developed I mean Act
that’s insane oh yeah be done those days are gone digital thank God for that Paul
will this is here hi Bruce and all 80 and sunny with barely community in
Virginia Tracy don’t lap us here hi Bruce and all nine
to fair 962 humanity feels like 105 and Naples Florida right now I got up at
6:30 this morning it was 87 degrees opened the door and thought I was
walking into an oven oh my gosh it is that time of year Wes Morrison is here
102 and New Braunfels Texas great to stay indoors and watch you Wes welcome
back to the show you are doing it the right way my friend stay indoors stay
cool silo Steve buddy how are you hey y’all 74 and 60 for the high and low in
Seattle today much cooler than yesterday hundred one day still he is on The Haven
on the Bliss 550 days until he’s on the encore and the Haven in June January
2020 he’s talking about to the TBD days to the joy doesn’t wait he wants to go
cruising and why not Richard C happy birthday I watched cruising with wheels
not a fan on the language they used surprised YouTube didn’t bounce it on
yeah I’m you know they got a little ring they got a little Randy there you know
you gotta go there okay Nancy is here hi Bruce hi Nancy and
Jordan sing high and everybody Tracy any news on the house in Naples that’s right
our Robert is looking for a house in the Naples area and they’re committing on
that style of saying joy is now on the NCL site can’t book online yet not sure
what Collingwood do yet Sal oh I don’t think you want to bother right now I
think you want to wait a couple of days let them get their itineraries figured
out let them get all the logistics figured out and then they’ll start
posting cruises but by the end of the week and by next week it’ll be ready to
roll but this is a big shift for these guys there you got work to do in that
office oh my gosh uh Richard see a China requires a middleman to book a cruise in
China and they set the price if you look at majestic princess that too is being
phased away from China how about that free trade yeah
asylum I was talking to a bartender on the Bliss I mentioned how I wanted to go
to China the sale the joy he said it was hardly ever full hmm isn’t that
interesting again I I love it silo any kind of insight you can get like
that I love this any of you folks this is fantastic stuff see keeper hi Bruce
and all 89 degrees Fahrenheit pouring buckets thunder and lightning working
from inside thumbs up booked a cruise today I’m sailing on the NCL getaway
from Miami August 26th Western Caribbean Sea keeper dad
great cruise sila was wondering if he’s kind of hoping it’ll still retain the
china field well the joy retain it and retain that that the core was really
cool I don’t know silo what the plans are
there I can’t say DNG explorers good afternoon Bruce hi you guys how you
doing looking forward to working with you guys school jazz
hello Bruce nice cool day in the Apple today what a waste of money to refurbish
a new ship stockholders need an explanation and they’re not getting it
today they’re not getting that story that I’m giving you regarding what’s
happening here they’re getting the peaches and cream everything is great
story we’re bringing it to the United States and we’re gonna have a bunch of
Americans go on this cruise in Alaska with all people the world we’re gonna
smile and sing and we’re gonna go to the shore and sing Kumbaya around the
campfire because it’s gonna be fantastic yes 50 million out the door for
refurbishing a ship that it’s a year and a half old ah that is not kumbaya
stories we got an issue here and we’re not getting the story as to why Nancy
Nolan thanks for a reassurance Bruce I was worried that the Bliss may now be
switched because there would be both ships during the Mexican Riviera
itinerary in the fall Nancy I think you’re safe yeah you’re not that the
Bliss isn’t going anywhere it is in its it’s set the Bliss is set its crews are
set the entertainment is set the staff is set all the holidays and contracts
are set for the Bliss I think they’re gonna be okay
something else we haven’t talked about with regard to the Norwegian joy the
staff on board the ship I will bet you that a very high percentage of that
staff on the Norwegian joy speak Chinese speak Mandarin and I don’t know what
percentage of them speak fluent English and this could be another logistical
issue that Norwegians gonna have to deal with regarding the staffing of the ship
that interact with the public they may have a number of folks to reassign on
contract between now and next April in Seattle so you know this is stuff you
don’t we don’t I don’t think about this on a daily basis but I know NCL is
thinking about it right now they’re dealing with it and it’s a biggie
let’s see Debbie man you Alice here hi Bruce and everyone hot-hot again a chica
106 yippie in Northern California Debbie hang in there
stay cool please let’s see Tracy let’s see her sorry see keeper has n CL joy
been built according to an Asian scale I mean to recall that the NCL spirit was
built like that and non-asian we’re finding everything too small on the ship
you know si keeper you make this you make a great point because I don’t know
what the bathrooms are like in the cabins on this ship where were those
cabins designed for people who are an average height of five eight five seven
five six I’m one biscuit short of a you know of some you know heftiness I’m a
I’m a healthy biscuit and gravy eating kind of guy and I’m small when it comes
to biscuit ground I’ve got friends of mine some of them are friends of this
channel who are a biscuit short of some serious numbers on a weigh scale I don’t
know how we’d fit into a multi-headed shower on a cruise like that so yes I
agree you’ve got a good point and that’s
something I can’t answer right off the get-go here Jim Thomas is saying
deddi take your 106 degree temperature one hour north it’s 111 where I am oh my
gosh Anderson is even hotter than she is unbelievable Anderson California Michele
Lucas hundred one degrees in grief Ridley California one week to the big
ass RV trip to South Dakota cruisin on the Harley fantastic Michelle and I hope
you’re gonna have a great time there DMZ explores it’s going to be a little bit
cooler today in Madeira California only 103 hang in there guys
silo if you have seen some of the youtube vids of the Chinese tourists
they can get beyond crazy maybe the ship got trashed
like Disney China well I you know I I don’t know this is also going to be
interesting stuff Maurice is here hello brucey ovation of
the Seas is leaving China too and heading over to Alaska that’s another
prestige cruise ship an absolute gem for the Royal Caribbean line out of China
out there is movement afoot here and in a serious business very interesting
thank you for that si keeper there are no bribes in China it’s called fragrant
grease and the squeaky wheel gets the grease
thank you sir you know what I learned on this show every day it’s incredible I
mean my viewers without them I wouldn’t know half of what’s going on Thank You
si keeper for that one I love it d ng explores the saying I and everybody
Peter I come on so many ships seem to be heading to Alaska there might be some
good deals ahead all big ships do Peter you’re right but I gotta tell you I’m
speculating what if one ship too many are shifted to Alaska and cruise lines
start losing money you know the folks at Princess had deals I was I’ve been
telling everybody about deals since May out of Vancouver British Columbia take a
one-week cruise on an inside room on on on a Princess cruise ship one week up to
Anchorage one week back to Vancouver we’re talking 350 bucks for the week
tell me you don’t go ahead tell me go ahead tell me how do you make money at
$350 for a passenger when you got a feed in breakfast lunch and dinner you got to
maintain those swimming pools you got to put gas in the tank of that cruise ship
you got to let these folks enjoy the entertainment um they’re enjoying all
the amenities of the ship uh you’re paying you know use a cruise line or
running that ship I mean deck run the back you’re running that ship up and
down three and fifty bucks a person they’re not paying they’re not making
you any money that you’re praying that these folks are losing money in the
casino you are praying that these people are spending money on specialty
restaurants you are paying praying that they’re going on especially or cruise on
shore excursions and paying top dollar to take a train ride on a Skagway
somehow you got to be getting money out of these people because you’re not
getting it from the base fare forget taxes and fees the ship can’t keep that
the tip money that’s debatable most of that if not all of it goes to the groats
what is the cruise line gonna make money from from a whole bunch of cruisers at
350 bucks a week and this was through May June July August all summer long
next year what’s gonna happen are there going to be 20 ships 30 ships up there
and are gonna be are gonna half of them gonna be on sale like this when maybe
balcony is gonna be 475 525 it’s great for us as consumers well it’s great but
I’ll tell you right now you’re gonna notice the difference in the buffet
you’re gonna know the difference in the main dining room
because of those cruise ships these older cruise ships I’m not talking about
the Bliss I’m not talking about the joy talking about the ships that are 10-15
years old that are up there – you go on one of those ships you might find that
burgers and pork and beans are available on the main deck there are no brats
anymore there are no nice European sausages up there anymore we’re going to
talk about pizza gonna be cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza and there’s your
selection of Pizza we may be talking about cutbacks all over the place to
reflect the the fact that you’re getting a cruise in the low 300s what do you
expect for a $350 cruise bill II mean you know for lunch you’re not getting
that they can’t afford that this is what I wonder about and then the next step
will be shift will be pulled out of there they’ll be over saturating that
area and they may over saturate other areas but then again consumer will be
the boss we’ll see what happens I don’t know how this is gonna play out this is
an interesting shift in the cruising business with with China
there were growth plants serious growth plans for the cruise lines in China this
is why some of these cruise ships are being built at the extravagance they
were the way they were being built a lot of cruise ships were supposed to be
heading there in the next three years it may be all bets are off and that whole
region might be shut right down there may be no business whatsoever available
for cruise lines in China in an affordable setting and that means
thousands of births or thousands of cabins are looking for passengers
somewhere else Australia New Zealand Indonesia Vietnam the the remainder of
Asia Dubai they want the business Dubai once the business how many ships can use
Dubai as a home port you’re up pretty heavy and hectic now Africa would you
want to cruise near Somalia Ethiopia Sudan you want to be anywhere in there
that’s pirate territory in some of those regions not so friendly South America
and North America how many ships can he put in Alaska how many can you put in
the Caribbean there’s a point I will see what happens okay let’s go further here
DNG explores can’t wait for our bliss cruise great to hear the positive
comments Tracy Dunlop Robert Brent yes we will
definitely have to meet again meet when you come to Naples and are settled
people are getting ready to meet people this is fantastic
Robert Brandt aren’t the Chinese having trouble moving money outside of China
well yes and no depends on who you ask if it’s government approved it’s easy to
move if you’re trying to move money out of China and the government doesn’t want
you to you might be having problems that’s a whole other issue there’s all
kinds of people in the prisons in China who we’re doing stuff the government
didn’t want them to do they had their billions and they wanted to keep those
billions and not share government kind of stepped in and there’s issues up but
there are still many many more I don’t know what’s gonna happen there it’s just
not my turf let’s go here bliss silo Steve just don’t stay on deck
five of the bliss noise noise noise he says see keeper the only obstacle to
paying fragrant grease is how imaginative and creative your accounting
team is creative accounting can move mountains yes in Canada if you get
caught if you’re a corporation doing business in say China or any other
country and your corporation is preying paying bribes and it is found out by
forensic accountants back in Canada that you were doing that especially the
Government of Canada accountants you’re going to jail there are jails waiting
for executives here in Canada there aren’t even over there they’re here
they’re going to jail it’s rather difficult sometimes to do this kind of
stuff but in certain parts of the world business is done in a certain way and
for them it’s normal and it’s just everyday stuff yet with their program is
what they tell you if you want to be in here play here learn to play here I find
it abhorrent but it’s an amazing game I don’t know what what is going on in the
cruise business no one will know interesting stuff
Wes Morrison Viking christened the Viking Orion in Shanghai do you know if
Viking is leaving China market Wes I don’t I know your fan of Viking I love
biking cruise lines I’ll be watching that story closely I’ll be watching
biking closely goodness for Viking I guess Wes is if they wanted out they
only have a 930 passenger ship in this case because all of their ships are 930
passengers 465 staff very high crude a passenger ratio and for Viking to move
the Orion somewhere else piece of cake basically but we’ll see sir I’ll see
what’s going on Debbie manual saying TNG absolutely loved the
Bliss she is beautiful and so many things to do can’t see everything in a
week she had a great time silo doing the Mexican Riviera during
Halloween on the Bliss The Haven was almost sold out for every cruise so
adding the joy might be a moneymaker silo you could be right um they’re gonna
have to spend a lot of money in that Haven area to North American eyes it too
kind of I don’t even know if I’ve made that word up I just caught that word
this morning in my brain I’ve been using it all day North American izing this
ship is a top priority for our friends at the carnival or I mean that Norwegian
excuse me 50 million is being used to do this so 50 million bucks will 10 million
go into the Haven maybe it’ll be worth their while I agree with you I think
they’ll have a relatively easy time booking up the Haven to a pretty good
extent but the bliss took bookings for what two years prior to the first
sailing how long did you wait sorry let me start this again how long have you
been reserving your room on the Bliss for your sure Cruise was in almost two
years we’re now talking about the joy being
booked up by next April to start that’s in like nine ten months from now that is
short in the cruise business that is not a long time in the cruise business for a
ship being deployed into a new area surprise surprise it’s coming into
Alaska though the folks in the Norwegian booking department and the travel agents
out there are going to be pushed to get this done now obviously they’ll leave
Alaska and then do Mexican Riviera Cruises and Panama cruises they’ll be
you know they’ll cruise is available every week every two weeks for these
those a locations it should be interesting to see how this plays out
cheers one and all from traveling with Bruce by the way diet caffeine-free cola
what I like to call brown fuzzy water kind of keeps me hydrated and keeps me
going okay let’s see if what we have here Tracy’s thinking it would be kind
of neat if that if the jury kept some of its China decor cooljazz talking about his old camera
should I donate my a Polaroid camera to the Smithsonian I think they got a bunch
already but some some format of some form of Polaroids are back in the world
they do really get kind of weird Robert Brent the China’s sovereign fund
owns and buys a ton but the average person I think I don’t think it’s
descendants really what percentage of China make over $100,000 a year Robert
you know you make a good point there I would say 10 15 years ago very very
small number of Chinese made that kind of money today quite a number of Chinese
people make that kind of money and it’s growing quickly China is becoming rather
westernized rather quickly you’ve got the Hong Kong area Shanghai
Beijing and you take these populations and put them all together with the
metropolitan areas you’re talking two three four hundred million people that’s
a country right there there are enough people to satisfy the crews business the
problem is of course if the cruise line asked to cough up a large percentage of
the fare in order to get the passenger onboard because only one entity can put
the passengers on the ship one government licensed entity can do it
Royal Caribbean and Norwegian are making a statement saying we’re not doing it
we’re not playing that game anymore we’re out of here Burt sorry we’re not
gonna you know go away so we can move the ship somewhere else this is not a
Chinese ship it’s our ship we’ll go elsewhere
interesting stuff silo wondering if Norwegians retiring a ship sending that
crew to the joy I haven’t heard that and I don’t think they’d want to do that I
think that would be a really negative hit on their stock price the analysts in
Newton Wall Street would go Batman shit crazy he would go crazy on that one so
they wouldn’t want to do that that would be a last resort Robert Brandt did they
use the number four on the joy it’s a no-no in China I do not know uh Brittany
Lockwood is here hi Bruce hi Brittany gayleen Davidson hi Bruce 33 and
Summerlin group cruise on joy how about that Brittany Lockwood China might not
be the right choice for a new agent Richard seedy Alaska cruises you really
need to be sure that they have Glacier Bay in the cruise they are limiting how
many go into that Bay at one time and this is what I’m wondering about is is
is Alaska going to become like the Cayman Islands where you have a
beautiful place safe nice people came in the Cayman Islands loved the island
sometimes you have six or seven ships parked off the shore doing the tender
game coming on and come and getting off it’s a nightmare for the tourists the
Cayman Islanders love the business but they’re killing their own Island with
with too much tourism what’s happening in Mille Aska I wonder about that too
many ships in there there’ll be restrictions we’ll have to see how this
plays out and Jordan salesteam FN CL is starting in China MSC is also in China
as well I don’t know if MSC is actually in China they aren’t in a big way I
don’t think so and this will be an interesting few months going forward
silo Steve sounds fun call it a pirate hunt cruise and you can bring your own
weapons and ballistics let’s go to Somalia and shoot it up oh my gosh
unbelievable gilina sayings joy has no studio cabins
that’s not happy she’s not happy about that
let’s see Britney you’re too kind my choice for cruise news is traveling with
Bruce not cruise critic thank you so much silo Steven wonder if the refurb
will include studios then I don’t think so silo 50 million with what they have
to do I don’t think there’s enough in the budget for that there and I don’t
think they have enough time they need another week or two that is serious
logistical reduce and I don’t think they’re gonna take that kind of time
just my guess Diane Jean not sure if you shared this but I read the Joyce home
port will be Seattle will also undergo 50 million refurbishment to make it more
like the bust I you have read that and we know that to be a fact certainly for
the Alaskan season but after that I’m thinking it might be LA but we’ll find
out shortly Marissa here’s part of it from cruise critic website other newly
revealed deployments include Norwegian jewel and Norwegian Jade moving to
Australia New Zealand and Asia for the winner of 1920 as well as the region
spirit moving to China spirit has to be refurbished first spirit will not be
moved to only China spirit will be in China seasonally the other two ships
will be in other areas seasonally as well there are shifting going on
silo pictures of the current Haven on the joy looked slick maybe bigger beds
uh I don’t know if they’re bigger beds smaller people they had smaller people
on those beds now they’re gonna have bigger people on these beds I don’t know
I don’t have the stats cooljazz Aidan Becca will be the new guy on the joy uh
yeah the The Soup Nazi the haven Nazi even Becca could be deployed to the joy
because that’s the new cruise ship the new haven being offered wouldn’t that be
something oh wait wait told cruising with wheels
finds this out oh my goodness I I don’t know well I love it
Maurice I’m going on then we can escape next month I will ask the the crews of
the people on the jury I’ll ask them cool jazz well since they sending a
smaller ship to China maybe that was the issue lots of empty cabins on too big a
ship well yeah cool jazz the problem is though you take a billion dollar or a
luxury liner that maybe is three-quarters full half full I don’t
know if that’s what it was and you replace it with a 20 year-old cruise
ship that’s just like a 20 year old cruise ship hi you’re gonna drop off the
demand it might only be half full at a thousand passengers it’s a lose-lose
situation and you can’t charge the kind of money
you were charging on the joy the joy you could ask for top dollar you had that
all the amenities brand-new everything not on the spirit we’re talking 1999
construction here even with a refurb there’s only so much you’re gonna get
we’ll have to see with what works here gayleen I cannot afford the Haven so
would be safe on so I would be safe on the joint Brittany Lockwood my reason
for it is so many opinions make it so much more interesting thank you a DNG
explores we are with you gayleen david’s um let’s see here
and Jordan lots laugh out loud at cooljazz he loved it
Chevy in first hey y’all 91 and sunny here today in Atlanta I believe 66 days
and Counting till Carnival conquest I have officially started packing my bags
right now get on it 66 days your time’s running out that’s
it fantastic ball will go I hope Canada to worry about the environmental impact
of too many cruise ships because we know that the US federal government won’t
well this is the thing Paul there are national parks up there that have the
you know waterways under control and I don’t know a Robert the ultra-wealthy
aren’t using they charter their own yachts correct sir Maurice is saying do
we know what they’re going to put on the Norwegian joy what are they gonna put on
it Maurice no I we haven’t got any info yet on real details just the shock
announcement that came out today see keeper 39 days to the Gateway to get
away and I’m already counting already you bet you see keepers start back in
tomorrow get ready and get going this is fantastic stuff well I got to tell you
folks it’s a it’s a shocking story to me cruise lines do not they do not like
building billion-dollar assets for a specific market and then within a year
and a half or so having to take that asset out of this market that you can
imagine they were thinking about putting that ship in there before it was even
built why when it was just an image on the architectural drawing table they
already had it figured out that the joy is headed for that market over there
that China market we want in we’re gonna show the Chinese we’re for real
here at Norwegian we’re gonna bring in the jewel the crown jewel cruise ship
will be the largest cruise ship in Asia the most luxurious we’re gonna get that
wow factor and we’re gonna put a billion bucks on the table and put that baby
over there and in 18 months the decision is made get it out get it out now get it
over to Seattle by April next year after it’s been refurbished for almost a month
and cancel all bookings after a february property of next year all book is will
be cancelled get it out of there take it CL and bring it up to Alaska that is not
what I built a billion-dollar cruise ship for generally speaking but that’s
what’s happening here and now Norwegian has 2 1 billion dollar cruise ships in
the same market at the same time the bliss and the joy there are only one
group of winners that’s you folks out there probably gonna find some pretty
good deals I’m assuming now yeah I could be wrong I know that the
folks who were booked on the Norwegian ship for next year that weren’t on the
Bliss that were on the other one that’s being pulled out they’re now gonna be
put on the joy they’re gonna be happy they’re being upgraded onto a brand new
cruise ship but the remainder of the rooms 2,500 rooms a week or 2,500 people
it’s 3,500 people a week have to now be found additionally to fill that
Norwegian joy cruise ship up to the brim that is the effort that’s the issue and
we’re talking ten months from now for the first sailing will there be a media
blitz for the week prior or two maybe they might invite cruise writers and
media to the joy be given the Grand Tour maybe they can get a one or a two day
cruise to Victorian back get a little freebie cruise to be you know shown all
of its you know all of its finery and then they put the passengers on right
after that we’re gonna find all this out pretty shortly the marketing department
they’re up they here at work the booking department they’re up to here in
cancellations and rhe bookings and new new firsts to figure out the blitz is on
to travel agents every travel agent in the Norwegian family out there is being
contacted immediately by Norwegian big news big news big news and get on the
floor get on the phone get on your computer again on your foot you know
you’re you’re texting and get a hold of your favorite clients because the joy is
going to be in Alaska and then it’s gonna be in Mexico and through the
Panama Canal starting next year we’ve got you know we got deals and I want to
see how this all plays out this is a major major move and right now it’s all
just peaches and cream it’s Norwegian those you look at the PR department
release oh it’s a wonderful news it’s wonderful the joy is coming home do you
North America’s fantastic see me great okay let’s see here see keeper so they
said Britney another reason for for or it is not all news stories make it to
cruise critic and I love all kinds of stories having to do with all kinds of
things cruise ships see thanks for another great show Brucie
on Thursday thank you Richard C and Jordan awesome Chevy first have a great
time on the conquest Robert Brandt if they paint everything gold they can
rename it the Trump joy and it would be a hugely Bigley extraordinarily deal to
be on oh my goodness al Paul will just laugh my ass off but it’s true Robert
let’s see sorry I couldn’t resist he said siloam Reese the NCL site shows the
joy may be shadowing the Bliss schedule uh everyone’s like like in that comment
from Robert uh Paul Lagos me do most of the time Robert um we’ll see how that
goes the only other news I had that I have to talk about today just to change
the subject ever so briefly it was about the Celebrity Cruise Line um a celebrity
made an announcement that they’re gonna build their basically building their own
Troost terminal in in Fort Lauderdale at the at Port Everglades
it is a dedicated terminal for celebrity it’s actually a celebrity dedicated
terminal it’s replacing an old terminal that they’ve been using and it will
allow the the celebrity people to bring in the edge the celebrity infinity the
reflection and the silhouette using the same terminal so obviously a four ships
over a you know weekly schedule right now the port everglades port or fort
lauderdale handles 335,000 celebrity passengers a year that number is going
to go up to 500,000 passengers a year because the edge the celebrity edge is
coming out towards the end of this year so port water fort lauderdale is all
excited the port everglades they they’re pumped they’re just jazzed about what’s
happening there that port is growing miami is growing we already know that a
new norwegian terminals being built royal caribbean is building it’s all
just happening unbelievably so Miami is growing Port Canaveral
we know that port is being expanded new terminals are being built old terminals
being torn out Disney is getting three new ships in the
next 3-4 years I’m sure one or two of them will use Port Canaveral as their
home port though that’s going to be a big for business
there Soquel florida the state of miserable Tampa’s numbers but the rest
of the airports are growing significantly and that’s a reflection of
the business but there are times where there are hiccups in the cruising
business and today this was a big indicator this little announcement from
the region is a huge indicator that something is going on and it’s not good
right now out of the Chinese cruise market okay Maurice I’m going on a
celebrity edge in January looking forward to a report from you sir and
Jordan lucky you Maurice a TNG explorers a lot of exciting news in the Cruz world
can’t wait to hear further details about the joy changes Maurice but I heard the
celebrity edge is going to Florida then I think in April she’s going to Europe I
wonder why she’s moving to Europe they’re all a reposition her which is
not uncommon they’ll have her in the Caribbean for the winter and they’ll
take her to Europe for the summer that will be typical they’ll get top dollar
in the Mediterranean for that brand-new cruise ship rather than keep her in the
Caribbean against all the other competition look at em SEC side the
folks at MSC thought well we’ll build a brand new ship perfectly built for the
North American market does this sound familiar or not we’ll build a ship just
for the North American market for the North American Cruiser just like
Norwegian did for China and we’ll bring it in and out of Miami once a week and
the Americans will just come flocking to this brand-new billion-dollar cruise
ship that we made here called seaside and it’s gonna be wonderful peaches and
cream and they forgot a couple of things they forgot that the cruise director you
should have got a North American kind of cruise director to the entertainment
opera seven nights a week tour five nights a week during twice a week maybe
too much opera that might not go over with the American crowd the food um
gotta kind of spice it up a little bitch got to kind of make it North American
like we’re some Mexican food that’d be a good idea ah bar-b-q is a darn good idea
if you’ve got a cater to the north american market out of Miami I’m not so
bland spice it up and variety what about the you know the other issues on the FC
side here’s a cruise right now they kept that ship there
year-round you can get right now a balcony cruise on the msec side for
August September October November you tell me the month you want what month
would you like how about a balcony for six hundred bucks a person and if that
ain’t good enough you want better than that I’ll tell you I’ll do it I’ll do
you one better I’ll give you $75 credit for two people each yeah I’ll give you
each a $75 credit $150 cab and credit I’ll give you free Wi-Fi how about that
give you free Wi-Fi that’s not good enough I’ll throw in a drink package
which includes the coffee and the soda and unlimited drinks how about that deal
that that brings that balcony cabin to three hundred and twenty-five dollars
for a week in the Caribbean you want to go in October November December you just
tell me the month that’s the deal that’s the problem that celebrity with
the celebrity edge does not want to enter they don’t want to get into that
game that’s gonna deliver the edge in November December to Fort Lauderdale
they’re gonna cruise the Caribbean until next April they’ll do a repositioning
cruise to Europe and they’ll get top dollar in the Mediterranean they’re
gonna get top dollar in Caribbean they get top dollar in the Mediterranean the
first year that that ship is sailing it’s gonna get top dollar they’re not
playing the MSC seaside game they’re not getting into that the only glitch that
could screw it up for celebrity is if there are mechanical problems on the
ship like celebrity had experienced for a while if that is happening with the
edge then people are gonna be upset and we’ll hear about it but if the edge
comes off with a nice launch and relatively smooth sailing no issues
there they know how to cater to the North American Cruiser they know that
market they should be okay and we will not get a deal on the edge for the first
year that that ship is at the sea we won’t find a deal you can’t get a deal
right now on Celebrity of the seats you can’t get a deal on that ship right now
Royal Caribbean knows what they’re doing when they launch a brand-new cruise ship
and in the Oasis class like the symphony it’s the fourth or fifth one they know
what they’re doing that ship will not be cheap this spring in the Caribbean
that’ll be top dollar but the msec side is up against these guys and they’re
getting their butts handed to them right now and it’s costing them so they’re you
know anyway a couple of thoughts there um Maurice
let’s talk about that Marisol say speaking of story cruises they want all
their ships to be like the edge all of their ships are going to be into drydock
in two to three years Maurice this is not a shock we talked about this a
little yesterday celebrity and all cruise lines every cruise line takes
their ships into drydock every three to five years anyway this is nothing new
what’s new is that celebrity is going to upgrade their ships to kind of a newer
standards they’re going to go right down in some of the cabins in almost in
almost every cabin on board they’re gonna strip the cabins down to the steel
structure they’re gonna rip the floors out they’re gonna rip the walls out they
can now put in brand new wiring brand new lighting and in the bathrooms
they’ll strip them out to write down to the pipes brand new fixtures everything
in the cabins on these so ships so it’s a big budget it’s 50 plus million per
ship for ships that are 2024 hundred twenty-six hundred passengers
twenty-eight hundred passengers in size it’s a big budget for that kind of a
ship size but they’re spending that kind of money because the folks at celebrity
haven’t brought a new ship on board in six years the edge is the first one in
six years they’re behind the curve here with regards to their competitors and
they have to catch up so they’re refurbishing first and ordering new
ships behind the edge behind that that’s what’s going on there we’ll see what’s
going on the MOC seaside cruise director is from North America I think is a new
one I think that’s a new cruise director that replaced the original cruise
director from what I was told a few months ago and he’s from he or she’s
from North America yeah should have done that in first place anyway what are you
gonna do there you go there’s the show I hope I haven’t bored you folks I think
it was okay I think you folks had a lot of comments today I appreciate all of
your input into this topic we’ll keep a close eye on this Norwegian story with
regard to the Norwegian joy we’ll see what happens I did a video earlier today
on the joint check it out if you like it’s been posted I hope you
nor yet and I did post a video yesterday as well that that had a little story to
do with something else you know I can’t remember what that video was when you
get as old as I am and you start cranking out all this work I’m cranking
up you start going what I talked about yesterday anyway check it out if you get
a chance and enjoy my channel thank you for watching me today I hope you like
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have a good one everybody goodbye for now

7 Replies to “Breaking News! Norwegian Joy Leaving China After Only 2 Years!

  1. Why move the same type of ship to the same market. The move should be Bliss in Seattle, Encore in Florida, and Joy to NY. Spread them out…

    I see a change coming…

  2. How about using it for some California to Hawaii cruises of the 10 day to two week variety? I’ve been seeing some not so great things about the Pride of America lately and that would give a longer cruise option. Or maybe just replace the Pride altogether?

  3. I already got an email from NCL. My Alaskan cruise on board the NCL Pearl on May 18, 2019, has been changed to the NCL Joy. They will email me back with my new cabin accomodations. Wonder what happened. But I'm glad to get the bigger and newer ship.

  4. Check out some of the videos on YouTube about the Chinese tourists and how they are very overbearing. NCL May very well be trying to save further damage to the ship.

  5. Joy is too large for Chinese market. I was onboard in August – during Chinese Summer Holiday and it was still not full. Not that profitable for a flagship, especially compared to their Bliss.

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