Hello there my wonderful IMP Nation how are
you??? I’m so glad you could make it today this is MamiGasem Aka Mami reporting for duty
and I shall be you imperfect host for today hoi hoi hoi Now I just want clarify before this video
begins much of whats in this video is speculation noting is officially confirmed yet aside from
3 things which I will get into here in a bit but the information I’m about to reveal to
you is information that has not been fully translated yet so
it could change later but I’m going to give you guys information of what we do know
and my speculation on what I think this means for the future of Madoka Magica Anyways so I came across a very interesting
post on twitter that possibly suggest that the creators have now officially begun
production on the 4th Madoka Magica Movie as announced on this twitter account that
you see on your screen SHAFT producer Mitsutoshi Kubota confirming
that preparations for the new “Madoka” anime project are underway And this is an official Brochure from a Japanese
event called MBS. JP ANIME Historia as you can see on your screen this is the
website of the event itself so this is confirmation that this information is not fake Now I know right away some of you might be
thinking that this is related to the Magia record anime that’s coming out
later this year but I’m going to explain to you in a minute here why I don’t think
Magia record is whats being talked about here. Now one major issue about this brochure is
the fact that its not translated in English during the time
of this recording so I’m not completely sure whats being announced
however there is one very important clue about whats written here which does confirm
this is in fact a sequel to the Madoka Magica Anime and that is this Kanji right here Now I had someone copy and pasth this to me
and slipped it in google translate as you can see here Which does confirm in this pamphlet that they
are suggesting that this is news related to a Madoka Sequel now this is potentially big because
as many of you know the Magia record anime is slated to be released some time this year
but there is no official confirmation date during the time of this recording however
its doubtful that this brochure is related to Magia record because Magia record is not
a sequel to the original Madoka Magica anime its a a spin off of the original Madoka series
meaning its not continuing anything so the fact that there is something in this brochure
that suggest sequel and not spin off means there is a possibly that there not
talking about Magia record here at all and that there is a very big chance that the information being released here is confirmation
that the creators are officially working on the production of the 4th Madoka
movie right now However this is just speculation on my part
because while a new Madoka anime is officially confirmed to be being worked on right now
that is a sequel it is technically not confirmed that this in fact a sequel to the madoka series. However since Magia record is a spin off and
not a continuation of madoka that’s the reason why my speculation theory is that this news
on a new Madoka anime is related to a continuation of the original Madoka Magica anime and not
Magia record though noting is official confirmed because this has not be fully translated yet
aside from that one letter I shared with you guys so I could be wrong and maybe this is
related to Magia record. if anyone who is seeing happens to know Japanese
let me know in the comments below if you understand the full meaning behind
this announcement All I know for a fact is that there is a Kanji
for Sequel so there is a good chance this brochure is talking about a Madoka Sequel
and not Magia record though that’s only speculation anyways this is a currently developing story
and and I will uploading another video the moment I hear anything more so be sure to
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I get any news about this announcement of a Madoka sequel or anything related to Magia
record or any other Madoka content I upload on this channel so your made aware of new
information right away and I’ll catch you guys later


  1. If this is an announcement that the Madoka sequel from concept trailer is in production then that means it hasn’t been in production all these years O_O. Wtf have they been doing!?

  2. Some fans are saying that a sequel cannot happen because PMMM already ended with the third movie and the creators in SHAFT are sadists.

  3. I just translated it in google translate so it might not be the best but this is what I got…

    “I think that it is a work that I got the courage to try new things, including me, since the original planning has increased since then. Thank you 111. Please give a message to the fans who participated in the event last. Kubota "Madoka" is still in preparation for the sequel. Please look forward to it! Kubota and Mitsutoshi animation production company · Representative director animation producer shaft. main…”

  4. Actually im kinda sad because they decide to release SEQUEL instead the continuations of the story but anyway I'm still happy for the good news 😭 don't angry at me for my opinion

  5. Best thing is to wake up and watch a video notification from mami sexual and a confirmation of madoka magica sequel AAAAAAAAAAA

  6. I just want to give a random shout out to whoever is recently sharing my videos to facebook….I have no idea who you are but just know I love and appreciate you so much for taking the time to share these videos since it really helps the channel thank you so much <3333 And thank you to all who support these videos by commenting and liking I love all of you so freaking much(':

  7. yo i'm very skeptical abt this, id say this abt magia record until it's 100% confirmed otherwise (this info from the studio dude is worded soooooo vaguely omg) but if it really is abt a sequel to rebellion….im gonna go sicko mode

  8. I wonder, if they are really making the movie.. then, will the music still be produced by kajiura and sung by kalafina? I've heard kajiura left the agency… and kalafina disbanded already.

  9. Honestly I think a concept movie would be much more interesting and valuable than spamming more magical girl outfits into a new anime. tbh while magia record tells a cool story the concept movie would answer soooo many questions.

  10. UNPOPULAR OPINION: Can some fans please stop saying the excuse of the magia record anime (or the game) of "they need more funds"? The earnings from magia record will certainly end inside their pockets, not to fund the Concept Movie/Sequel. It's SHAFT; goddamnit, not dreamworks.

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