BREAKING NEWS: New Jersey Trying To Become First Communist State in America

BREAKING NEWS:  New Jersey Trying To Become First Communist State in America

I did not realize that we’re becoming a
communist nation what’s going on ghost squad. Trey here with Ghost Tactical to talk about
some disturbing news that I came across this morning out of New Jersey and it
sounds like that New Jersey is trying to become very quickly the first communist
state in America. A local legislator in New Jersey
Loretta Weinberg has proposed a bill that in essence would would take New
Jersey steps away from being a communist state and I want to go ahead and talk
real quick and I want to read this out loud make sure that I get the
information right but Weinberg has introduced a bill that’s labeled s 2 4 0
2…S2402 and it basically is going to try to
prohibit any state-sponsored travel to any states that do not currently require
firearm purchasers or owners to obtain permission slip or an ID card from the
state so basically what she’s saying is that in the language that’s in
the bill is a state agency shall not permit a state officer or employee a
special state officer or employee or a member of the legislature to engage in
any travel to be paid and whole or in part out of state funds or to be
otherwise sponsored by the state to any state of the United States if that state
does not enact a permit purchase firearms law this prohibition shall also
apply to any organization that receives aid from the state so let me get this
right you’re going to prohibit any quote-unquote sponsor state sponsored
travel by any of your employees to any state in America that does not require
their citizens to have a permit to own or obtain firearms am I missing
something here I thought that we were in the land of
the free the United States of America where we could travel freely between
state to state I didn’t realize now that we’re becoming
East Germany and the Soviet Union where they actually had to get permission from
the state if they wanted to travel to other parts of that country in East
Germany if you wanted to go to another sector of East Germany or over to
West Germany you literally had to get permission I did not realize that we’re
becoming a communist nation apparently Weinberg is kind of famous up
there for being anti Constitution anti Bill of Rights she’s thrown off some
crazy bills apparently in her past but is is New Jersey becoming the new
Germany is it becoming the new Soviet Union should we be referring to them as
our communist brothers in arms’ I’m not really understanding why it is that they
think that it’s right to restrict the travel of government employees my next
question is this what about the congressman and the Senators at the
federal level from New Jersey what if they’re traveling from New Jersey to
Washington DC? Washington DC does not require a permit to own firearms are
those senators and congressmen not going to be allowed to travel to Washington DC
to do their elected official job? I don’t understand this explain to me how you’re
going to restrict the travel of your citizens I’m telling you guys we’re one
step away from communism and if you don’t think that this is going to spread
there are going to be a lot of other states right now that will follow suit
if this goes through New Jersey is trying to ban the travel to up to 37
states of the Union so they only want you to go into the 13 states that
require a permit to own firearms this is as crazy and as is lethal of an anti gun
bill that’s out there she’s not trying to restrict guns in this but she’s trying
to restrict the government traveling to states that don’t require a permit
communism in it’s whole is it’s on its way to New Jersey so if you
live in New Jersey let’s make sure you get out there contact your local
senators and congressmen and make sure that bill S2402 that was introduced
by Loretta Weinberg is shot down I don’t know if you guys are aware this is going
on but we’re on a march to communism Until next time…. Semper Fi video is over just do a little cleaning
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27 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: New Jersey Trying To Become First Communist State in America

  1. Yeah this sort of law already passed in California. And I doubt it will be challenged since its only affecting the reimbursement of travel. And knowing NJ, this will pass and Murphy will sign off.

  2. Unbelievable to me that an elected official in our government would even let something as rediclious come out of their mouth let alone purpose a bill with her mind numbing stupidity in writing!!!

  3. Certainly not a good thing. My brother was just telling me how several guys he works with were giving him the whole “Why do you need that many guns” and “Why do you need THAT gun” argument. He ignored them, obviously, but it’s evident the complacency of the gun community is going to get us in trouble.

  4. Thanks for bringing this to Our Attention. I fail to see the point in this Bill, except like You say, to transform New Jersey into a Communist area. I hope the bill gets shot down.

  5. What about Holidays???? Does this mean they cannot go on holiday to these states? Ridiculous. Well let alone the fact they can't do it whenever. 🙁

  6. You are talking about a state the threw a man jail for driving through it with a 300 year old flintlock that wasn't registered in NJ.

  7. I believe this is the second time they've tried this. May have been another state. But I do remember hearing this around a year or more. Funny how they believe they are that important that other states will change laws for just them.

  8. Stuff is Really getting weird in the World to say the least……Never thought I'd see some of the things I have seen in America, much less my time on Earth already…..

  9. Ghost, you're acting like keeping the commies from NJ out of the US Capitol Building is a bad thing! I'm just trying to find the silver lining here…

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