Breaking News NASA: Name Of Prophet Mohammed on Mars Miracle of Islam

Breaking News NASA: Name Of Prophet Mohammed on Mars Miracle of Islam

MOLA is the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter, an instrument currently in orbit around Mars The instrument transmits infrared laser pulses towards Mars at a rate of 10 Hz and measures the exact altitude of the surface beneath satellite. Range measurements have been used to construct a precise topographic map of mars that has many applications to
studies and geophysics the resolution of the mars orbiter laser
altimeter up to thirty seven centimeters reveals changes in the topography that
were not seen in previous images this This MOLA image shows ridges and craters that
were not visible in earlier images these images of new features give
scientists a new look at the surface of Mars with the red on the scale refer to
20 km high and blue -5 km low these old images of a huge crater on
mars called Valles Marineris its length equals the distance between
New York and Los Angeles and covers one third of mars surface the edge walls are
higher than Mount Everest this is new image scanned by MOLA for this beautiful
crater and it resembles the name of prophet
mohammed in arabic language now talking about this as a mericale, the
probability of having these letters rather than any random figures, four
letters no more or less written in the sequence, orientation, and a certain word out of the entire vocabulary of a language, is one over

100 Replies to “Breaking News NASA: Name Of Prophet Mohammed on Mars Miracle of Islam

  1. It is like seeing Jesus face on a toast or Mother Mary's face on the bark of a tree. It is superstition 101 and used by swindlers in the past to con the ignorant. By what standard should we used to judge this? Muslim's claim versus those who do not believe that it looks like it? What a wonderful "proof" for God.

  2. why name on Mars? why not in the hearts of non-muslims of Earth?

    and how this is going to help downtrodden masses of Muslims from Mauritania to Myanmar?

  3. اللهم صل علی محمد وآل محمد وعجل فرجهم قایم آل محمد علیهم الصلواة والسلام والتحیة والبرکة والاکرام

  4. i think​ donald trump and other people who hates​ islam has a fire on there hearts


  6. "Glory to Him, the Exalted."Name of the prophet Mohammad peace be upon him is quite visible, its not an idea of a single person but the findings of our honorable scientists.
    Nice post. Thanks

  7. Islam is continuously showing miracles as we can find many scientifically and logically proven researches which were already mentioned in Holy Quran 1400 years ago. To understand them we need to hv strongly believe on Islam. subhanAllah

  8. mashallah subhan still need thousand years to explore & to reach upto certain level but islam already showed & expressed everthng many thousand years ago.

  9. Show the non Muslims millions of sign and they still won't accept, because as Allah described them in the Quran deaf and blind. They're now enjoying, but at the end they'll have a great torment for not believing. May Allah help & save us all!

  10. it can not be. If it so clear then there will be no test of faith. It goes against the philosophical stand of Islam. There will be no clear or undisputed prove before kiamat. It is not that difficult to understand.

  11. i just want to know where are the islamophoibs, would be funny to see their reactions lol

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