BREAKING NEWS !!! Mini Toothpick Crossbow by UncommonCarry

the mini toothpick firing bow from
uncommon carry allows you to refine your archery skills during those breaks in
work or study or engage in competitions with your friends to prove who has the
best archery skills the Bowman has been precision engineered to provide a
miniature replica that is capable of firing small projectiles such as q-tips
matches and toothpicks at targets up to 50 feet or 15 meters constructed and
machined from high quality stainless steel components the Bowman comes
supplied with a spare bow string and everything you need to maintain your bow
including a screwdriver and a display stand allowing you to showcase your
Bowman proudly on your desk or shell when it’s not in use
keeping it handy for those times when you need to practice your Bowman ship or
while away a little time during those thoughtful moments if you are searching
for a gadget to keep you entertained through those short down times during
study or work you may be interested to know that uncommon carry the original
creators of the mini toothpick bows have their awesome flagship product the
Bowman on sale now priced at just $24.99 offering a considerable saving off the
original recommended retail price of $44.99 the bowman is available in three
different finishes including silver black and gold and features a two-tone
design with the straight and front limbs finished in natural stainless steel
while the stock is finished in your choice of color and machine with the
textured grip the four grip of the bow is also finished with your color of
choice and arrow engravings along both sides as explained previously the mini
bow has a massive 10 to 15 meter or 30 to 50 feet range and due to its small
lightweight stainless steel construction can be fired using just one hand to fire
your bowman simply pull back on the metal string with two fingers to fully
wind back the bow cable and lock it in place then insert your projectile of
choice whether it be a toothpick match or q-tip take aim and fire at your
target by pulling the trigger while the bow is loaded your projectiles are kept
in place using a handy projectile retention spring which stops the
toothpick or projectile of choice sliding out if the bout title downwards
before firing

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