BREAKING NEWS: Michele Bachmann Is Batshit Crazy – feat. Iwo Jima?!

BREAKING NEWS: Michele Bachmann Is Batshit Crazy – feat. Iwo Jima?!

when they get into the state of the
union shotgun let’s just start with clip number two from michelle bachman the future of the
republican party i want to bank a tea party expressed
anti party age deep for inviting me to speak this evening and here they request and not to compete
with the official republican remarks fifty party is a dynamic force for good
in our national conversation and it’s an honor for me to speak with you so understand what happened last night i
don’t know if you saw this but it to you and dasha you know i watched the speech but i did not hear
the speech and that’s not because i had it on the u
because i was so astonished by what i saw this is so fantastic so paul ryan this guy who has a farcical
of economic program which calls for privatizing social
security privatizing medicare cuts that are impossible to make a
multimedia with budget numbers that don’t add up and i think i had a regular with books
not named on friday but i don’t think he’s in abraham salaam the salon what’s what’s echoes named the
conservative out are now on parker spitzer and uh… we’re coming off a third of
arrives numbers are jump in on that represent well he’s agreed that if his numbers don’t
measure up he will raise taxes of up to uh… sixteen point nine percent of g_d_p_ which of course is the and i think it
may not be sixteen point nine percent pretty close which is the magic number that the cato
institute head udya nameless u gosh what was that goes in i havent yes i know i have it uh… up
on the wall there that kato report but it’s actually heee was a former head of the cato
institute and head realize that started this doesn’t
work when you cut taxes below a certain probe
percentage of g_d_p_ you actually get more government spending because constituents think they’re getting it on
the cheap they don’t think they’re paying for the
putting on a credit card you know that’s why people tend to spend more if they have a
credit card because uh… they don’t have to pay for
it right away and so basically what this guy was saying to me was that yeah
ryan’s numbers are all a joke but he’ll raise taxes if he has to get up to uh…
the point what we need well yeah of course that’s quite a uh… that’s quite a
short circuit he got going there in other words that we’re going to sell
the american public ability uh… ids and then we know will raise taxes on
many ways he gave the official rebuttal which u de souza not going to be president uh… paul ryan how you know he didn’t have to do a lot of work on
him to get him to the point where people trust this guy bike down what was really astonishing is that
c_n_n_ decided to carry michelle bachman ds speech a stance a bleed to what was a tea party
nation tea party departing tea party htcgi tea party h_d_ high-definition i’m not sure what it is two-party express i hang out at you know who knows bapu how these franchises work and c_n_n_ decided to carry this ault rebuttal which uh… some people found quite
controversial because the only reason why they did is because they have parted
paired up with tea party age dear whatever it is to sponsor a republican debate so they’re trying to give legitimacy to
this organization i think in the end it really really end
up hurting the republicans because it split their message it makes them
look did in nine unified and they also let the perhaps the craziest elected member of
there entire caucus as this is to put it uh… but it’s that’s a tough competition hiding bachmann could be the craziest and you know here’s a little too when you’re doing a do two camera shoot well amount rephrase this what should say this michelle bachman spent the entire time on her rub bottle that was broadcast on c_n_n_ talking into the wrong camera you understand what i’m saying there was some war on didn’t realize where we
should share the feed so they had to cameras one of the cameras had a teleprompter have we heard the republicans talk about obama’s nothing without his
teleprompter guess what engineer module at a more because that she was looking into the
teleprompter and the camera that was meant for the tea party h_d_ but the one that most americans were
watching was just off to her murrah kate and sellers is earth you were watching aid but i miss seems
feeder like they would do the documentary
michelle bachman this is when she was giving that speech except for nobody told you that this is
when she was giving that speech then dot but she was getting the speech do you except she was looking twelve to eighteen inches off-screen was a strange justice halverson and i couldn’t follow any of it and god forgive me i was a good to go back and
listen to it but uh… this part got uh… some somewhat while was from people and i’d believe that america is that indispensable relation of the world just the creation of this nation itself
was a miracle called intelligent once in a recall
again was appointed the indispensable nation of the world
war i don’t even know what that means were too big to fail i think yeah by displayed in the military authorities and i’d believe that america is that indispensable relation of the world deemed just the creation of
this nation itself within their call who can say that we won’t see america
again the perilous battled at the spot during
world war two in the pacific if you would you not with the battle against our content yet this picture taken with more live at the
very i’d want to know how they go back unit go back this is when somebody where she’s like
noticing people behind the camera it out and i excited like a tired of talking to
a teleprompter it is and i had very much difficulty one of the shows i did for alderman i could hear like the director talking
in the air the dat was distracting i am agin that when he got to the words
if you will we mylroie does legal would you mind you
were the what your mouth its job mein that that’s the moment where people are
realizing all my god she’s looking into the wrong care and so they’re running back and forth in
her eyeliner and she’s trying to focus and there so i’ll take this go back to solidify
one here say those words again but that was far during world war two of
the pacific if you would you not with the family kids dot on senate picture in mortal life that the victory
and once you guys over the incursion against the japanese levi’s young man
raising the flag came to symbolize all of america coming together to beat back the
totalitarian aggressor our current debt crisis we face today is
different but we still need all of us to play at
the gas but we’d and to in its that’s our co-op we will push forward we will proclaim liberty throughout the
land and we want to sell because we the people will never on this great nation he suggested michelle bachman thatcher crazy left apc let me tell you something those brave young diaz is when they put that flag of the
bill would ripple except for the indian yet bumper-to-bumper get isaac hayes uh… drinking cup don’t think about with me fuck the incursion of the totalitarian jetblue news peoples whose really important becoming a majority or a poor man’s yeah we all need too it’s a miracle that this show existence
echo and it’s different from a would you mind but at the same time mid isn’t so please
if you can become a majority report member do and also just coffees not like it would room it’s not it’s not at all like it’s different but even still if you go to just copy
dot call up and put tempered majority in the coupon
good he attempts at that just keep that in mind the

100 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: Michele Bachmann Is Batshit Crazy – feat. Iwo Jima?!

  1. IWO JIMA? The battle against all odds?? WTF?

    It was 25,000 japanese vs 110,000 US Marines…and the IJA held off for 33 days…and the Marines suffered higher casualties…

  2. Did Bachmann write this speech herself? It's so odd and even gets history wrong–if not her speech writer is as dumb as she is.

  3. The irony is that Sam Seder – who I enjoy, for the record – is perpetually not looking at the camera in the Majority Report podcast. His focus is a good 60 degrees away from the camera, lol

  4. @Mahoivlich A must see "Michelle Bachmann prepares for her State of the Union Response" by d1g1ta7 video this is Michele Bachmann before her SOTU response it is hysterical one word, cupcakes!

  5. Michele Bachmann can't even answer direct questions from David Gregory without doing backflips to land on her talking points. She is not ready for prime time.

  6. Another miracle?

    That almost sounds like: if they don't get their way, then it's time to bring out the guns and have another revolutionary war.

    This guy is right about her being queen of the crazies.

  7. He regards privatization of SS as farcical nonsense.
    My uncle once told me about how the local govt job he used to have actually had a short-lived loophole years ago, where some could opt-out of SS and invest privately instead. The few that did so (including him) retired early with FAR more benefit than the average retiree of similar salary.
    Considering the way congress is hellbent on destroying our economy and future, I feel a bit jealous.
    Govt lovers can kiss my ass.

  8. I only disagree that this is breaking news, but she IS batshit crazy. The teaparty is an invention of Rupert Murdoch and anyone who believes any of the propaganda is a sucker of the caliber that Phineus T. Barnum made famous quotes over.

  9. Iwo Jima was a really famous battle, they made a ton of movies about it. One starring John Wayne and the most recent one that was directed by Clint Eastwood.

    I can understand a dunderhead like Bachmann screwing it up, but this guy is supposed to be educated.


    Alan Grayson (HD): "Which Foreigners Got the Fed's $500,000,000,000?" Bernanke: "I Don't Know."


    Man behind Barack Obama Part One.

    The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

    Mitt Romney and John McCain Smirk at Ron Paul During Reagan Library Debate

  11. @boosomentity Not getting the response you wanted? What now? You're going to try to act like a sophisticated person by saying, "anyone for tennis?". If this individual isn't 'drawing you into his narrative' then I suggest you try something like Cartoon Network, I hear Spongebob has the ability to draw in the most intellectual of individuals, especially concerning topics like.. Well, the ones you're interested in. I'll play Tennis, me vs. you; but I get the shotty' loaded with Rhodesian jungle.

  12. try and accept that in the last 50 years nothing has changed regardless of who is in office. the electoral system is just a formality ; a circus show for the masses to have them believe in all the rhetoric that has been spewed from these insignificant pageant queens. can we stop stop wasting our time judging the mental status of incredibly flawed human beings in suits.when the game is rigged it's time stop playing. not a fan of sponge bob, i much prefer fairly odd parents.

  13. well you are wrong about the teleprompter (that the GOP would stop with the "teleprompter" insults toward the president), in fact just a day or two ago the Bachmann creaure screwed up another basic fact and then covered for her ignorance with another teleprompter rip on Obama. I mean, she COULD admit when she makes a flub like a normal, decent, rational person but hey man, that's too boring for the tea party.

  14. @MerlinAmbrosius17 As soon as the country has a population the size its was back in the late 1700s, we can implement all the changes the Tea baggers want!!!

  15. I were a women, I would be totally pissed off and irate that this women gets on tv saying I want to be next your president even though she knows nothing about constitution! What a shame and set back for women everwhere.

  16. @GrandInquisitor7 Yeah cause we should do everything the bible says! There would be world peace without organised religion.

    Praise Humanism!

  17. @GrandInquisitor7 Your Bible also says you have to stone to death people who break Sabbath. What are you doing this weekend?

  18. lol im from europe (germany) and i just want to say one thing, your way of making people follow you, or have your point of view is funny like hell. in america, the way you get the multitude of people follow and bellieve in you is to put someone like her (quite good looking) to run for whatever she runs for. i hope it wont be the next pres of your country, cus then the whole world would go to SHIT!!!

  19. That would never happen. The two of them do not share anything in common. Bachmann is a neocon, Paul is a paleocon.

  20. Well let me say this.. As a German, Im not allowed to conduct in American politics, nor can i vote for a a world leader who clearly is and always will be "The President of the United States!!
    But to be honest MegaDoom, I think all candidates are full of shit.. Especially Mitt Romney.
    In my opinion, and in many others, I think Ron Paul is fit to take command of the sinking ship. For his ideals and views are morally correct and I bellieve he speaks the truth about American foreign policy

  21. yeah he seems like a legit man and to be honest i was going to vote for him but i looked into what his real wants are and there making the gov't small so that if a product were laced with a toxin and a consumer died its the consumers fault not the company's. yes barack obama may suck, but i'd rather have him then take chances with that rule

  22. Geezer you spent a whole minute trying to explain what some bloke (Whose name you couldn't remember despite it being written on your wall!) had said to you and you still hadn't even started to tell us what he actually said!!
    I still haven't subscribed to your channel despite trying to watch several of your videos?
    Sorry mate, not trying to be a troll just thought you may like some feedback because I would like to hear your opinions I just have real trouble getting past you…sorry!

  23. The thing is that Paul Ryan is just as extremist as Bachman and now he is Romney's running mate. The Tea Party is the direction that Romney is going in, in terms of both social policies and economic policies.

  24. As a fellow human being, please accept my apologies concerning the existence of Michele Bachmann and her representation of your political party. May God have mercy on my soul>

  25. yeah, that's half of it, the other half is to say you like jesus and hate brown people from other nations, then you're pretty a lock for a house seat at the very least

  26. So where exactly is the bachman clips i know the first one plays for all of five seconds followed by five minutes of him trying to explain why she is wrong as though we needed his help.

  27. Wow!! I am bat-shit -crazy too!! along with the majority of America!! Oh man I have never been so proud in my life!! YOU FUCKING PEOPLE ARE A DAMN JOKE and all of us Bat-Shit-Crazy people are coming for you in 2016 so laugh it up HAhahaha !!

  28. No, you're a homophobe. You are weak and pathetic, why would God hate something he created? Are you saying that homosexuals aren't human?

    Praise God and may He please undo all science advancements. I loved the Dark Ages <3. Burning witches and crusades, how beautiful Christianity is.

  29. It's proof that people are just homphobes, but they can't just come out and say because, obviously, it would look bad. But wait! If they use an extremely outdated line from the Bible, that makes everything alright!

    I think before people like that demand others to open a Bible, perhaps THEY should do so first and, as you pointed out, they'd clearly see that there are MANY other things listed as "abominations" too, but we don't take THOSE seriously. Why? Because we know they're RIDICULOUS.

  30. Absolutely, and thank you for giving me a bit of hope in humanity. I was quickly gaining doubts as to whether anymore people like you exist, as the church is indoctrinating all of the kids these days.

  31. Yeah, I was raised to be a Christian (27 in 10 days), but despite Sunday School and Church, I actually questioned a lot of what I heard and got nothing but answers like, "Just believe", or "there's no proof needed because it's God's work", all things that require you to NOT question and just buy into everything, and then in school, learning about things like the Crusades, the Witch Trials, and other fanatical actions done in God's name just further reinforced the idea of religion being by man –

  32. Actually, I wonder if Americans have her around so that can have someone to point to when they speak to their daughters and say "see, if you don't pay attention in school and give your teachers a hard time, THIS is what you will turn out like." Just do as we do, call her what she really is, "the floor of a cave called, it wants it's batshit back" Bachman. A crack whore has more dignity than some of the MILFs of the right, actually radical right. I hope we never become that stupid.

  33. She had zero shot to get elected to anything except a batshit crazy right wing congress seat. She barely won her seat even though outspending her opponent like 10 to 1. She won 50% to 49%. I do not think she will be re-elected

  34. Lets compare Teaparty to Occupy Wall street.
    Teaparty = zero arrest
    Occupy wall street = 1200 arrest + , charges of rape, drug possession, violence, theft and destruction of private property.

    Tea party a well focused group funded through personal donation
    Occupy Wall street = funded George Soros, un organized distraught group

    Keep going lefties you look like wingnut fucktards

  35. My church is to Republican for me. Democrats reach out better to people. I cant vote Republican because of my views on NRA and im UNION . That don't mix with Republican party. I found out Regan screwed working class.

  36. As for the Japanese 'incursion' into Iwo Jima, maybe someone should tell her that Iwo was *Japanese territory*. We were int ones doing the 'incursion'. Other than that, she was entirely wrong.

  37. that is improbable that she "raised" 20 orphans working as she dose, dose not allow for that, think about it. how much time could she give those children. true Motherly nurturing could not have been given by her. they were raised by nanny's with government financil assistance, and in her own self interest. they most likely they would have been better off in a smaller family were they could have a real relationship with their Parents

  38. I used to be all for this guy, but he's an idiot! Listen to this at 7:50 How the fuck is he credible if he doesn't know what Iwo Jima was, as it was probable THE most important battle of WWII on the Pacific front! I know this and I'm an Argentine who moved here about 9 years ago… And I'm not a history major or anything, I'm studying Engineering! How can a political pundit be credible if he cannot pronounce one of the most important moments of HIS OWN COUNTRY'S HISTORY!! Btw, I'm a liberal…

  39. I live in USA but I am an Argentine who moved here a few years ago, and you are absolutely right! Here people are very strange in deciding who to follow! I've heard this from a lot of people… When deciding on who to vote they vote for whoever they think it'd be best to hang out with! That's why people told me Bush won! Not b/c of his policies, not bc of what he stands for, but bc of his charisma! In Arg we vote on whoever we think will fuck up the country the least, haha

  40. Ha Ha! you must mean when the Argentine military allowed the people to vote at all, or when the citizens weren't out in the streets cheering for a fascist dictator and his hooker wife.

  41. No, the dictatorship ended decades ago… Now the main issue is corruption!
    Also, NO ONE was ever in favor of the military coups… Even some of the military officers were against it!

  42. Give me a break bro… I know what the Battle of Midway was, but Iwo Jima was also very important… It allowed the USA to breach the Japanese Empire defence and be at a position to directly attack the main island for the first time in the war… I'm a foreigner (moved here a few years ago) and hadn't studied US history before… And the fact that I know what it is and what it implicates, while he.. an American journalist, doesn't even know how to pronounce it is truly frightening

  43. Which is also how a lot of us here vote LeBandaRoja9…..we're not so stupid (not all of us anyway) to vote for the guy we'd like to party with. So same here, the majority of us vote for the one will think will fuck up the country the least.

  44. I happen to agree with him and I am a Canadian center-right conservative. Bachmann is a roflol full of bullshit idiot and is just one example of a larger cancerous problem with the Republican party which is that the Republican party has gone so far right that it is off into loony toons land. So long as people like Bachmann are in Congress they are the reason why the Republican's will never again win a majority in the United States without a shift back to the center.

  45. Im sorry you were SEVERELY bullied growing up. You r doing better now I see. Remember in 8th grade when Randy pantsed you and they nicknamed you " stage 1" from the puberty stages health book we got? Good times man , Randy still lives with his mother….lmao

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