BREAKING NEWS!!! Major Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109-113

BREAKING NEWS!!! Major Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109-113

We Just Got the mother of all spoilers coming Up Here for the one-Hour special and Beyond as We Just Got spoilers all The Way Up to dragon ball super episode 113 Crazy Stuff Here thanks to Herms 98 on twitter and Ken Xyro Let’s Jump into these spoilers Dragon Ball Super One-Hour Special outbreak of a super event son Goku’s Eyes are silver What in the world is going on Witness a shock-like of Which has never before Been Seen in dragon Ball History The tournament of Power Is heating up in this super anticipated One-Hour Special Goku and The rest of universe 7 wage a super fierce Battle against universe 11 and Keep Your eyes Peeled for something Big That’s going to happen to Goku Obviously His transformation son Goku and Gern the gray Finally Get down to Business What’s more Goku Puts a New technique into operation definitely Pay Attention to the eyes in the main Visual. So Guys I’m gonna Read off all This Stuff Because We Have so much Information and then i will get into dissecting It and What all of This means for the future dragon Ball super and the tournament of Power October 8th two episodes an Hour-Long Special With The tournament more Than Halfway over the Gods of universe 11 order Jaren To squash son Goku Goku Happily Braces Himself to fight Durin universe 11 strongest Warrior However as Jaren Unleashes His ki it Overwhelms All of The contestants i Guess Kind of Like kale Goku counters by Becoming super Saiyan blue and Raising his kaio-Ken To the Maximum Now we got a Slightly different translation Here on october 8th two episodes are being Broadcast Back-To-back with The title Autumn one-Hour Special This is the Number one ultimate battle in the Omniverse son Goku Vs Earrin Universe 11 Strongest Warrior Jiren Finally Goes into action His power is overwhelming and though Super Saiyan blue Goku Challenges Him by Raising Kaio-Ken Up to the Maximum it’s of no Use Goku has all his attacks deflected and is Knocked down However a Key never before Seen Erupts from his body all right and then We Got provisional Titles for episodes 111 Through 113 The first One is hit verse Jeering Like I Just Got a Clap Right Now cuz i did a Whole video on this got over a million Views and I’m really Really Happy This fight is Actually coming to Fruition Because This is something That Fans Really want to see now this means That Goku is not fighting anymore so we’ll talk about that in a Little Bit October 22nd Vegeta’s Resolved so it looks like vegeta is gonna have his moment Maybe against cheering as Well and on the 29th? Fighting Maniacs Saying Battle All Right Guys Let’s go back Real quick and dissect this because there is so much to talk about the first thing that i really noticed Here that Was different is that It Says That Goku and the rest of universe 7 wage a super Fierce Battle against universe 11 That means that Probably Vegeta go on piccolo a Bunch of universe 7 members are gonna be Joining in With Goku to take on Dear aunt opal and dispo so It could Potentially be you know The End of a Couple of These fighters i could See something like piccolo and dispo getting Knocked out I’m assuming that a couple People are gonna Get Knocked Out Here integral members of Both of these teams Now it also Says That Goku Puts a New technique into operation so What do they Mean By New technique well the last translations we had Said is spirit Bomb that could Potentially be Incorrect or This Could Be Incorrect and Maybe It Was Supposed to be spirit bomb if It Is a New technique it could potentially be the huh chi Because we did See Goku use that in the manga However if It Was the ho chi i mean he can’t you can’t kill People in the tournament of Power so he can’t like Just huh chi Joran and Kill Him so this is? Really interesting Stuff I Mean Goku may Have another New technique of His sleeve Guys That he uses on top of the twenty times Kaio-Ken So we Learned Here That Gerrans ki IS so overwhelming That Like Basically all of The contestants in the entire arena are gonna be crazy Surprised and Everybody’s Shocked and Just how freakin strong This guy is now i made a video talking about That 1:09 discussion and how fast Goku Just Turns into kaio-Ken Times 20 it seems Like Goku Just Knowing How strong Jaron Is once he unleashes His ki Goku Knows That he cannot fight in anything Less Than his maximum maximum Power being 20 Times Kaio-Ken However on the right Here we Learned That The Kaio-Ken IS no Match it’s of no Use All of his attacks are deflected and he’s Knocked down and then something interesting happens to Goku a Key and never-before-seen Erupts from His body meaning that the Whole Theory on the spirit bomb Goku the omni bomb omni god bomb Goku may not Actually be true The Way i Read this It Sounds like Goku is Pushed so far to his limits he’s basically like passed out and then Something? Strange starts happening to his Body so It does look like he’s Actually Awakening something From Pushing Himself so freaking far Against Jiren Alright Then Let’s Talk about These provisional Titles Guys provisional Means these Titles Aren’t set in stone But They’re probably Really close to what the Actual Titles are gonna be so if After The One-Hour Special Goku Doesn’t Win i think What’s happening Here is Goku is laying on the Ground? something strange It Starts happening to his body and then Geron Challenges hit Maybe to protect Goku or something like that and Wall hit is fighting Jiren Goku Is gonna be like Undergoing This Transformation okay and then It Looks Like so after seeing the next episodes title Vegeta is Resolved It Looks Like Hit will be Knocked off and then vegeta Will try and take on Jaron As well but Vegeta Is no Match for Jaron and then fighting Maniacs Say in Battle i Think this is when Goku Wakes up with his new form and takes on Jaron and then We Get Like The real Real Battle so It looks Like Goku’s New form Vers Jiren Is on october 29 That’s what i’m Guessing based on the information that We Have but you know These are provisional Titles we don’t have descriptions yet But Things are Like Going Crazy Now in the term and a Power we’re hitting the Climax I Feel Like even Though It Still Says There’s Like 30 Minutes Left or 32 minutes I Feel like with these episodes coming Up This is like the peak i mean This is the stuff that Everybody’s Been Waiting for you know all the integral members are starting to Get Knocked off and Challenging Jiren Like The Supposed strongest Fighter in the tournament Goku gets a New form and then he’s gonna Try and take on Jaron so Everything Is gonna Be Going down in the next month and a Little Over a Month so i’m still Working on my Goku Vs. Earrin Fan Animation Guys and with These spoilers i may have to change It a Little Bit? It’s Kind of Hard to a man animate a Story While the story is constantly Changing but i promise it’ll be exciting i have about four Minutes done so far so it’ll be Good Guys you Guys are gonna like It regardless if It Matches Up with What Actually happens or not People Really Like The first one so the second one you know It’ll be even Better Than The first one that i can promise All right Fellas have a Good one and i will talk to you Tomorrow We Got a lot to discuss i think gonna be breaking? Down a Lot of These Spoilers As single videos Such as you Know hit versed Jaron i may Talk about again i may also Talk about Vegeta’s Resolved That Seems Like a Real interesting episode in Fear stay in battle And Also What is Actually happening to Goku with this new information if the omni bomb theory isn’t a Thing and it’s not out of Anger What is this deep god power coming Out of Goku What Actually is it so lots To talk about this Week guys and i will be making videos this week and this weekend alright Guys Have a Good one and i’ll? Talk to you soon

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  1. By the way, Goku's new transformation might also be triggered by the 20x Kaioken. By the way, can we have a Toppo vs Frieza fight as well?

  2. 08 Oct 17 1 Hour Special: This is the Ultimate Battle in all the Universes! Son Goku vs Jiren!! Part 1

  3. Vegeta has been training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, remember? That's how he reached Super Vegeta. Well……….

    Jiren vs. Vegeta's Resolve: Super Vegeta Blue

  4. It would be fun if Saitama was in this toortament and serios punched hole atena to nothing and zenos tried eraze him, but doesnt work. Then saitama goes trough the void and goes to crosory story to SALE . #BestTheoryEver

  5. Well he is absorbing abnormal energy with his kaioken x20 maybe it's void energy and it possess Goku and makes him evil that would be some good shit.

  6. Hear me out on this, goku multi forms they go ssb max then 2 potara other 2 gokus fuse kiaoken then 2 different gokus Ken x 20 go God if base have all different moves and different duration

  7. Here is a possibility. He has been fighting that female warrior of love. What If their is something different about her power that is affecting Goku's body. He did say he felt weird or something like that when he was fighting her. It is like Beerus said when he got the original God form. His body had learned from the experience. In this case his body could be adapting to this new energy she was using. In the old days during battle no one fought with love they just wanted to cause as much damage as possible to beat Goku. The only way this change could manifest he had to be pushed beyond his limits and use up all of his normal power and only than will he see within himself that new power that was created from his fight with that female warrior of love. And he would grab it so he could fight more and win.

  8. I think goku is ok but he is stupid as hell though why the fuck does he keep trying to go all out fighting Jiren when he should be saving him for last why can't he be smart like vegeta and wait for the right time for opponent. Seem like he hasn't learned anything from whis.

  9. Goku doesn't have to use the Hakai directly on jiren, it could be that he uses it to counter all of jiren's attacks, essentially erasing any attack.

  10. Fighting maniac saiyan battle is probably gonna be kale cabba caulfia VS goku vegeta and gohan because there all saiyan

  11. What if gokus new form changes his personality? (Giving him the title of the "maniac saiyan") their natural monsters and are ruthless… I think it would be insane to watch goku go insane again

  12. I hope your theory is right with limit breaker vs jiren because I don't want goku go into his new form until the finale. I really hope that he doesn't go limit breaker in this special.

  13. If I'm not mistaken, the highest Goku has ever taken Kaio-ken was 100 times.
    When he uses it with SSB, he only goes 20 times. So when it says "to the maximum" i wonder if he takes 100 times
    So many goku doesn't lose to Jiren, but the "something happening to his body" is the adverse effects of Kaio-ken

  14. The fuck…Fucking lazy assholes are not creating any new transformations like before..They are just changing hair colors..And now eye colors..Fucking lazy assholes

  15. you would think that Goku's limit breaking form is actually just a Genki Dama absorb+SSB+Kaioken×20… it could be true because in the movie "Android 13"… Goku did absorb the Genki Dama blast

  16. Then it turns out, Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle is Gogeta Ssb Punishing Jiren with a Super Mad Dance. Lol, Vegeta's resolve is, do or die, fuse or die in this case. Am I right? Who knows.

  17. Goku is awakening the legendary super saiyan that his ancestors & vegeta talked about, all saiyans can do it but we will see goku as the first toa chieve it

  18. Im So Fucking Hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd level10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Holy S###

  19. My Guess:
    Goku is in trouble and hit comes in to help him.
    Hit vs Jiren happens. Hit gets overpowered
    Vegeta approaches Hit to fight to take revenge. 
    Sayans from universe 6 jump in to save Hit and kale becomes a maniac and fights Vegeta.

  20. What is the point of giving goku a new form if Jiren just gets to fight hit next week? That's just stupid. Though if it happens as 29th the form does set in then i guess it's okay

  21. Mane I love when Goku transforms it's so epic. I love his eyes there wicked!! Can't wait too I'm oozing with anticipation 😃😃😃

  22. This tournament is a lie. Angels are supposed to cease functioning once the God of Destruction dies. Yet Universe 9 & 10 Angels were perfectly fine even after their Gods were "erased"?
    Seems fishy. My guess is that they're all being teleported into 1 giant universe.

  23. Is it possible that Goku could absorb the spirit bomb, and fight with the energy of his friends?

    In other news, I would love to see Vegeta be the hero here. Someone suggested that Vegeta might suggest Fusion. That would be cool too!

  24. I dont think its a new transformation? Maybe its a new technique where he absorbs the spirit bomb which increased his energy level. And he may also absorbed some of the energy from the gods through the spirit bomb???

  25. Random theory. The reason why there are so few planets in universe 7 is because whoever wins the tournament will wish to have the occupants of the other universes come and live in universe 7 as super shenron may not be able to completely undo zenos work.

  26. Calling it right now, it's a true SSG form which has the power, speed from SSB, and stamina,health regen + zenkai from SSG.
    This was unlocked with the help of being hit by the spirit bomb, because a spirit bomb form would be kind of lame tbh.

    Predictions regarding to the episodes after the 1 hour special;

    Goku transforms near the end of the special, Hit probably thinks Goku was severly injured when hit by the spirit bomb so he rushes over to interfere before Goku transforms.
    Goku is confused of his own state, but quickly realizing what he has achieved.

    Vegeta rushes over to Goku and has a chat with him about his new form, and he will finally admit Goku is meant to be the one that pushes him to his limits and no matter how hard he tries he will never be superior but without Goku he wouldn't be where he is today and tells him that he has to beat Jiren.

    Hit loses to Jiren, while not as easy as people would think, Jiren still has a lot of strength left but will need to "meditate" and observe Goku.

    Kale turns into female-broly, caulifla charges in, so does cabba, to face off against Jiren, but is intercepted by Vegeta, Gohan and Goku.

    I'm only standing by my predictions at about 60%.

  27. Do u think that Goku will get knocked off but he gets his power then? Then the Zeno will let him back in to see the powers in action?

  28. Vegeta resolves, this episode is when vegeta will take down toppo. and will come right on time to help out goku.

  29. Whis is the angel of universe 7 and beerus is the god off destruction so every angel has an god of destruction in a different form sow the grand priest is an angel then it looks me obvious that the omni king is his god of destruction and we all know he can destroy. But every god of destruction has its limits the omniking has the greatest power but the weakest strength of all the gods of destruction that could play an major issue during the later episodes of dbz super. Freeza could have noticed this and get a crazy idea of trying to destoy the omniking and take over his place but thats to farfetched

  30. what if that red super saiyan thing in the opening of the show is the super saiyan form of the silver eye limit breaker goku?
    Sort of like super saiyan god and super saiyan blue

  31. Muito legal se VC pode coloca os episódio em sequência por favor e que ta muito confuso mais ta muito bom seu trabalho gostei de mais

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