BREAKING NEWS: MAGA Bomber Captured! – Cesar Sayoc Jr. Trump Supporter?!

BREAKING NEWS: MAGA Bomber Captured! – Cesar Sayoc Jr. Trump Supporter?!

– The other day they
sent bombs to Joe Biden, Robert DeNiro, man. They tried to kill Rob DeNiro. They tried to kill Jimmy the Gimp. They tried to kill Sam Ace Rothstein. – Yeah but, nobody got killed. Bombs didn’t even go off, yo. – Domestic terrorism, man
you missed the whole point. This was a terror attack. (mellow music) Are you paying attention to this? – Yeah, a loaf of bread could
be a sandwich if you cut it into slices and stuck
a burger between ’em. – I don’t even know what that means, man. – No burger no sandwich, no boom, no bomb. – It could have went off,
it was a bomb, right. This was a terror attack. – Act of terror, this
wasn’t an act of terror. This was an act of desperation
on behalf of the Democrats. This here’s a false flag,
false flag is what it was. You want the sympathy vote. Yeah, get sympathy, “Oh
they tried to kill us.” Get everybody to vote Democrat. – Uh huh, ah. – No, no, no, no, no, no. You just don’t care man, you don’t care. – You’re always sticking
up for the Democrats. – Are you American?
– It’s cause you are a Democrat. – Look, I voted Green Party. Huh, huh, huh Jill Stein, Baraka. – You ever vote Republican? – Hell no, I don’t vote
for no Republicans. – Democrat.
– Then everybody who got a bombed or
attempted bombs, right. – Plantation Democrat.
– All of them are people that Trump picked on, people
that Trump was calling out. People that Trump was putting down, those were the people. Just admit it, it was
probably one of your Trump cult members doing the
dirty business for Trump. Taking care of Trump, defending Trump. – It’s probably one of
your alt left snowflakes, PC whatever you people
are, you know those guys. One of those guys did it. One of those guys had to
do it, that’s who did it. – Oh, but Conservatives
shoot up black churches and they blow up abortion clinics. That’s what they do. Yeah, but Scalise is an asshole though. – You just need to stop watching CNN. – All right, all right look
I’ll admit we don’t know who did it. It could have been anyone. – That’s fair, but I’m
not going to admit nothing because it was a false flag man. – Okay, all right. What’s with this, where are
you going with all this? – Oh, I’m going to the post office. I’ve got some stuff to mail. – Post office.
– When I was coming in I saw you had a package
on the doorstep man. – I’m good.
– You got mail. – I’m good.
(sighs) – Oh, you don’t think
I did nothing, do you? – Oh, man I wasn’t thinking that. – You watch too many movies, brah. – You’re my boy. (mellow music) – Um, FBI?
(mellow music) Uh-huh, I got a mysterious package. (mellow music)

26 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: MAGA Bomber Captured! – Cesar Sayoc Jr. Trump Supporter?!

  1. I didn’t know Tim had a twin brother who had a doppelgänger with an alter ego with a split personality ?. But I do know a a pathetic sympathy ploy framed as a psycho Trumper targeting top Dems…FBI prolly entrapped him…wouldn’t be the first time, won’t be the last…
    Btw Tim, volume is ok now but could be better, if you can..maybe it’s me, lol

  2. I find it hilariously amazing how everything concerning this "Dudgate" is neatly packaged for corporate media. Same goes for Sandy Hook Elementary mass killings, Boston Marathon Bombings, and STILL! No hardcore evidence that Iraq was ever involved with 9/11

  3. my mom's boss is a black supporter of trump and he kept trying to claim this was a false flag. First how any minority can support Trump blows my mind (Psssttt Trump doesn't like you). Secondly…this is not a false flag at all. The fact they lumped in people like Robert Dinero just proves a false flag wouldn't go that far.

  4. If this guy is actually an avid Trump supporter, he's the dumbest box of shit in the world. This act will only hurt the president. It doesn't make any sense. And of course, the FBI is involved with this to some capacity.

  5. Man I can't tell if Caesar did or did not do it but what I can see is his Barber Phucked up dude's hairline! ???????

  6. Seems like both sides just want to know "which side he's on" to start immediately pointing fingers.

    But at least he was caught quickly. Looking at his history, he seem much more a nut job than "an inside job".

  7. I want to see more videos of you two debating , absolutely brilliant idea. It's about time someone talked some sense in to Tim black, lately he's been riding the crazy train off the rails.

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