Breaking News Holland America Eurodam Stuck In San Diego 24 Hrs Due To Illegal Fishing Nets

Breaking News Holland America Eurodam Stuck In San Diego 24 Hrs Due To Illegal Fishing Nets

everybody is Bruce here was traveling
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store and ordering your traveling of Bruce item today it’s Bruce here with
travel with Bruce today’s date April the 29th 2019 got a story about the haul in
America euro damn she has been delayed from departing the port in San Diego by
24 hours apparently her azipods got caught up in some unmarked and probably
illegally distributed fishing nets on her way back from Hawaii she just
returned from Hawaii last night there are scuba divers underneath the
ship right now they’re cutting away quite an extensive fishing net system
down there it’s got all jumbled up and tangled up in her propellers and she
will leave San Diego tomorrow apparently to four-day cruise up to
Seattle and from Seattle she’ll begin her alaska summer cruising seasoned and
the story goes the ship will not be delayed she’ll make it in Alaska in time
and the passengers will be able to board her and enjoy the the it cruises out of
Seattle to go to Alaska all summer long anyway that’s the latest on the euro
damn every once in a while technical difficulties come up and this
is one of them illegal fishing nets in the Pacific not a good thing join me
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13 Replies to “Breaking News Holland America Eurodam Stuck In San Diego 24 Hrs Due To Illegal Fishing Nets

  1. Yikes. We’re boarding the Eurodam on Friday for a very short cruise to Seattle. Thanks for the update. Keep cruising 🚢

  2. Just departed Eurodam in San Diego this morning. Yes, fishing nets and hooks were discovered in the starboard adipod before we left San Diego on April 13th. Divers were down under the ship when we arrived in Honolulu and removed the fishing nets. The seals on the azipod were damaged. So we returned to San Diego early for repairs. Divers were under the ship bright and early this morning replacing damaged seals. Departure delayed until noon April 30th.

  3. My husband is one of the chefs in Eurodam. He called us when they are about to leave in Hawaii that there some problems with the propeller and stated that they will be OK. I told him to pray and everything will be ok. Me and my kids prayed here as well. Thank God they are safe. ❤️ they're in Alaska cruise now. I miss you hubby! Keep safe always❤️ we love you😙

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