BREAKING NEWS: Gordon Ramsay tells how coca is rife in showbiz

BREAKING NEWS: Gordon Ramsay tells how coca is rife in showbiz

Gordon Ramsay claims cocaine use has
become so commonplace that diners have even asked him to sprinkle the drug on
their puddings now the TV chef has warned that use of the class a drug in
his industry is out of control I saw cocaine quite early on in my
career I’ve been served it I’ve been given it said Gordon I’ve had my hand
shaken and left with little wraps of foil in it I’ve been asked to dust
cocaine on top of souffles to put it on as icing sugar cokes everywhere it’s
spiraling out of control in a new documentary for ITV Gordon
Ramsay on cocaine the celebrity chef will examine the drugs devastating
global impact in a preview clip ahead of the program’s airing on October 19th he
visits a coca farmer in Colombia who covers the leaves in cement powder
sulfuric acid petroleum and battery acid as the farmer processes the drug Britain
is Europe’s biggest cocaine customer importing around 30 tonnes of the
potentially lethal product every year I’ve cooked some serious s T in my life
but nothing quite on this level the chef added he has also witnessed the drug
wreck the careers of colleagues including close friend and protege David
Dempsey who fell to his death after having a bad reaction to cocaine in 2003
Ramsay said with soaring cocaine deaths in Britain and along the coke supply
chain I’m determined to understand the criminal business behind this deadly

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  1. This is word for word copied from Veuer's video. I guess you put alot of hard work in to this bud. You know that this is ture, i just watched the video and nkw i just watched this one. Reported.

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