BREAKING NEWS!!! Expendables 4 Is Back on Track with Sylvester Stallone?

BREAKING NEWS!!! Expendables 4 Is Back on Track with Sylvester Stallone?

it looks like the expandables 4 is back
on track last year Sylvester Stallone and
franchise producer avi Lerner ran into disagreements about the direction of the
fourth and supposedly final movie in the action franchise since then the project
has been dead and didn’t seem to be on a path to revive ‘el however Stallone has
taken to social media to tease that Expendables for is still happening he
didn’t have much to share in the way of details but Sylvester Stallone shared an
teaser from the original Expendables on Instagram in his caption he made it
pretty clear that the proposed fourth movie is going to happen new image
millenium have produced and financed the expandables movies up to this point last
year studio head Abby Lerner in Sylvester
Stallone who co-wrote started and directed the first movie in the
franchise disagreed over the script for the Expendables 4 end among other things
who is going to direct the movie apparently those issues have been worked
out it looks like Abby Lerner was right to
be optimistic Stallone is currently busy working on Creed 2 which is set to
arrive this holiday season on Thanksgiving once that’s over with he
should be free and clear to work on the Expendables 4 Jason Statham Jet Li Dolph
Lundgren Randy Couture Terry Crews Steve Austin
Arnold Schwarzenegger Bruce Willis jean-claude Van Damme Chuck Norris Mel
Gibson Wesley Snipes Harrison Ford and Kelsey Grammer have all starred in
previous installments of the franchise as for who’s going to be on the roster
this time around your guess is as good as ours at this point to date the
Expendables franchise has earned more than 800 million dollars worldwide with
three movies to its name however the pg-13 Expendables 3 was a big step in
the wrong direction bringing in a series low 214 point 6 million dollars
so it’s very likely that the expendables four will return to its r-rated roots
it’s unclear at the present time who’s writing the script and more importantly
who’s going to direct but if this latest post from Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram
is to be believed the movie is happening

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  1. Stick with the base ingredients. Expendables 3 was OK but it had its flaws with these fresh young faces including Kelsey Grammer. The third movie was really trying to go in a comedic direction. The Expendables is based on Hollywood's used and abused action stars that were thrown away when Hollywood had no more use for them.

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