Breaking News: EMUI 10 is coming on August 9

Breaking News: EMUI 10 is coming on August 9

hello everyone we have a very good news
for everyone this is about the next version of EMUI now we have a launch
date for the EMUI 10 just like emui 9.0 and emui 9.1 the emui
10 will have many important features a the opening keynote of HDC 2019 Huawei has
added EMUI 10 in its keynote with a tag line of linking the future of the
world the keynote of EMUI will be delivered by dr. Wang Chenglu the
president of software engineering Huawei Consumer Business Group you can say
he is the caretaker of emui the EMUI 10 is based on Android 10 Q which is
currently under beta testing and expected to go stable in August
somewhere around the HDC 2019 Huawei developer conference 2019 will start
from August 9 and will end on August 11 this is a good news for every Huawei and
honor users Huawei has already confirmed several device for emui 10 software
update we will share the list of compatible device for emui 10 software
update the emui 10 will bring many important features to your device those
features will be unique and new the new version of emui will have all those
features come with Android q and it will have additional features which will be
only available for huawei and owner devices thanks for watching don’t forget
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57 Replies to “Breaking News: EMUI 10 is coming on August 9

  1. We'll see I will be very surprised if we got it in August my P20 is still on the April security patch I must say though my P30 Pro got an update today but it says nothing about the security patch

  2. whoopty doo, nice when you shelf out top dollars for top of the line Huawei Products. Frustrating when you own mid-range products of which Huawei stated they would support, just like Google, don't. Greed before support is the 21st century motto for big tech

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  4. For those saying the don't got EMUI 9.1. There's a high chance that Huawei will skip updating to 9.1 and release EMUI 10 directly instead! 😁

  5. Huawei said this July they will roll out to Emui9.1. Today it's July 12.& i didn't receive that update yet 😑😑🙄

  6. Well done Huawei, we have a say that when your chasing a man like you remember to reserve what will bring you back and that man didn't have any left in his tank, now he is crying and asking for your forgiveness, you have to be wise this time

  7. Hello Huawei and Honor thank you for update for the
    coming EMUI 10, and i already updated MUI 9.1 on my HONOR V20 i love it cheer up!

  8. If the rumor is true, I think huawei mate 30 pro screen 6.7 inch is too big and hard to bring in the pocket as a men

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